Where To Buy Disney Merchandise When You Can’t Get To The Disney Parks

Shopping when taking a Disney vacation is a certainty. Browsing the Disney stores allows you to look for a perfect souvenir to take home. For those who aren’t shoppers, you’ll enjoy taking a break from the sun and cooling off in the AC. However, there are plenty of stores to find Disney merchandise when you are far away from the Disney Parks. Whether you are looking for something for yourself or want the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, knowing where to shop is good. Here are some of the best places to find Disney merchandise when you can’t get to the Disney Parks.

World of Disney, Disney Springs
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Shop Disney

The online Disney Store is our first port of call when we need Disney merchandise. Shop Disney is the best place to buy merchandise, that is also available in the Disney Parks. You will find collections exclusive to Walt Disney World and the Disneyland Resort online. You can order everything, from apparel to homewares, plush toys, stationery, and more.

Look out for discount codes online that will help you to save money on your purchases. Shop Disney allows you to buy merchandise before your Disney vacation. Alternatively, if you’re short on space in your luggage, you can order your souvenirs online and have them shipped home, so you have something to open when you’ve returned. Shop Disney is also ideal when you decide after you’ve returned from your Disney vacation that you should have bought a piece of merchandise.


You may know Hallmark for its greeting cards. However, Hallmark also has an excellent selection of Disney gifts you can buy for someone else or treat yourself to. You will find the full range of Disney merchandise online, while your local store will stock a selection of pieces. Pieces of Disney merchandise include photo frames, plush toys, mugs, statues, and more.

Additionally, from July onwards, Hallmark is known to release their Keepsake Ornaments. Every year, a new collection of Christmas ornaments are released. They feature favorite Disney characters, Disney Park attractions, and movies. Your local Hallmark store should stock all designs. However, some decorations are popular and sell out quickly. If you need help finding an ornament in store, check online.

Hallmark Disney
Credit: Hallmark

HomeGoods & TJ Maxx

Can you spend hours browsing HomeGoods and TJ Maxx? Us too! We especially like to browse the stores for Disney items. The jewelry sections are a great place to find discounted BaubleBar x Disney pieces, such as earrings and bag charms. We also enjoy browsing the kitchen section for Rae Dunn Disney mugs and kitchen storage jars. If you are still looking for something in one store, it’s worth checking another local HomeGoods and TJ Maxx store; no two stores receive the same deliveries.


Like HomeGoods & TJ Maxx, Burlington is an excellent store to browse for deals on Disney merchandise. Burlington stocks plenty of discounted Disney items. While the available pieces vary between visits, you may find Mickey Ears, clothing, pet accessories, bags, ornaments, mugs, and more. The store has even been known to stock Spirit Jerseys from the Disney Parks. We recommend visiting Burlington early in the morning for the best chance to find some Disney bargains. If you see something, don’t wait to purchase it; it may be gone the next time you visit.


We love to treat ourselves to bath bombs, body scrubs, shampoo and conditioners, and more when visiting Basin in Disney Springs or Basin White in Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. However, if you run out of goodies, the good news is you can place an order online to replenish your stock. The entire collection of Basin products is available online, including their Disney collections. Furthermore, new products that are released in-store are also available online. Check for discounts if you are placing an order online.

Basin Bath Bomb, Basin White, Disney's Grand Floridian Resort
Credit: Basin


If you hope to stock up on Disney clothing before your Disney vacation, Uniqlo is a shop to consider purchasing from. While their selection of Disney products varies throughout the year, apparel from Uniqlo is reasonably priced. The designs can also be unique, allowing you to buy products you won’t find elsewhere. Uniqlo has Disney collections for women, men, children, and babies, so you’re sure to find something for all of your family.

Petunia Pickle Bottom

If you or somebody you know is due to welcome a new addition to their family, they may have heard of Petunia Pickle Bottom. Known for its diaper bags and accessories for new parents, Petunia Pickle Bottom also features a range of Disney designs. Their collections include Winnie the Pooh, the Disney Princesses, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, and Disney Pixar. Complete collections are shown online, making it easy for you to compare products to select the one that will work for you.


When wandering the Disney theme parks, you will see multiple Loungefly backpacks, purses, and bags in various designs. You may even be a Loungefly collector yourself. The good news is that you can source your Disney Parks bag before your Disney vacation. The Loungefly website displays the full Disney and Pixar collections. You will also find exclusive designs, upcoming designs, and their release date online. Additionally, Loungefly ear headbands can be purchased online, allowing you to expand your collection before your next Disney vacation.

Kate Spade x Disney

Kate Spade New York has collaborated with The Walt Disney Company over the years to create luxury bags, purses, jewelry, and clothing. Minnie Mouse and 101 Dalmatians have inspired collections. Pieces are available to buy online and in-store. If you have a local outlet mall, browse the Kate Spade store next time you visit. You may find discounted pieces of the Kate Spade x Disney collections, providing you with substantial savings.


It may not be the first online store that comes to mind when you are looking for Disney merchandise. However, Amazon features exclusive pieces of Disney merchandise. There is a wide variety of pieces available through Amazon. Some of our favorite Disney merchandise on Amazon include jigsaw puzzles, collectors’ plush toys, apparel, and books. If you hope to buy a gift for a Disney-loving friend or relative, you may find a bargain.

BoxLunch Gifts

BoxLunch is a specialty retailer that celebrates Pop Culture and offers a wide selection of licensed and non-licensed merchandise. If you have visited the Florida Mall during a visit to the Walt Disney World Resort, you may have been inside the BoxLunch store. BoxLunch stores are also found in malls around the United States. The retailer offers an extensive collection of Disney merchandise, including clothing, homewares, accessories, and bags. If you are a collector of Disney pins, you may also be interested in their exclusive collections of Loungefly enamel pins. Additionally, you can shop for Loungefly design backpacks and bags that are exclusive to BoxLunch. Your local store will feature a small collection of products. However, you will find the entire collection online.

Hot Topic

Like BoxLunch Gifts, Hot Topic sells a wide selection of Disney products. The store celebrates Pop Culture, and so you’ll find apparel, backpacks, toys, accessories, homewares, and more for many different Disney characters and movies. Similar to BoxLunch Gifts, you’ll find a selection of pieces in your local store. For a greater choice, you can browse online.

Target & Walmart

If you are in need of a wardrobe update before your next Disney vacation, Target and Walmart are great stores to browse. You’ll find clothing and accessories that feature favorite Disney characters. You will also find items for other members of your family. If you can’t find what you are looking for in store, make sure you check online to see additional products that are available to buy.


For Guests who are young and young at heart, the LEGO store in Disney Springs is an exciting store to visit when vacationing in the Walt Disney World Resort. The excellent news is that the LEGO Disney collection continues to grow, with brand-new pieces being released regularly. The Disney sets are collector’s pieces, as they are only available for a while. We recommend keeping the box and guidebook if you buy a set. If you choose to sell at a later date, you may be able to get close to what you paid for it. Alternatively, place it somewhere in your home that you can admire regularly.

Disney LEGO, Disney Springs
Credit: LEGO


Are you looking for fashion inspired by pop culture? Cakeworthy has many unique pieces of clothing inspired by your favorite Disney characters and movies. The brand releases new collections throughout the year, including Halloween and Christmas collections. Which design will grab your attention? The Cakeworth pieces are fun, comfortable, and feature bright colors.

Tommy Hilfiger x Disney

Tommy Hilfiger is the designer brand that most recently collaborated with Disney. The DisneyxTommy collection features items for women, men, and children. While the pieces require you to make an investment, the designs will stand the test of time. You can enjoy wearing the items you buy for years to come. The DisneyxTommy collection is available to buy in-store and online.

Pandora x Disney

Do you have a Pandora bracelet? There are not many people we know who don’t have one! The Pandora x Disney collection is ever-growing, especially now that Pandora has paired with The Walt Disney Company and features in every Disney Park. While some charms and bracelets are exclusive to the Disney Parks, a wide selection of products can be purchased in your local store or online. Check online for news about the release of new Disney collections.

Disney Pandora
Credit: Pandora


If you hope to add some Disney books to your bookcase, then Books-A-Million! is the store to visit. However, you may find other Disney merchandise to browse and purchase in the store. Look out for tables around the store with a selection of Disney pieces, including games, notebooks, stationery, mugs, and other items. Treat yourself or make a purchase to gift to a friend for their upcoming birthday. A selection of Disney products is available online, but we recommend browsing your local Books-A-Million! store to see pieces in person.

Vera Bradley

You may be familiar with Vera Bradley from browsing the Walt Disney World Resort stores. Vera Bradley has released several collections featuring Disney characters. Pieces include backpacks, bags, purses, blankets, and more. The good news is you don’t have to visit a Disney Park or Disney Springs to add a Vera Bradley to your collection. The Disney items are available to buy online when you’re away from the Disney Parks.

Lilly Pulitzer

Likewise, Lilly Pulitzer is another brand you may recognize from Disney Springs or the Disney merchandise locations around Lake Buena Vista. The brand is known for its Resort wear, dresses, and swimwear, featuring brightly colored and pretty patterns. While pieces from their Disney collection are not available from their website, you can find their Disney items on Shop Disney. 

Lilly Pulitzer, Disney Springs
Credit: Lilly Pulitzer

Tommy Bahama

In the last year, Tommy Bahama collaborated with The Walt Disney Company on a collection of Disney pieces. The collection, known as The Adventure of a Lifetime, features a selection of shirts, t-shirts, shorts, dresses, polos, and more. The full range of pieces is available to purchase online, and some may be discounted. While the pieces of clothing may be an investment, we’re sure you’ll get your wear out of them when taking a Disney vacation for years.

BaubleBar x Disney

BaubleBar regularly releases new jewelry collections, earrings, and bag charms that Disney inspires. You can add seasonal bag charms to your collection. The whole collection is available online. In Walt Disney World, BaubleBar accessories are available from the Every After Jewelry Co. in Disney Springs and in Magic Kingdom Park.

BaubleBar Bag Charm, Ever After Jewelry Co. Disney Springs
Credit: V Mills/BaubleBar

Next time you need a Disney purchase, check the stores we’ve detailed here. It’s the perfect opportunity to add a little Disney magic to your day when your next Disney vacation seems too far away! Do you have a favorite place to buy Disney merchandise when the Disney blues set in? Hopefully there are now more places you will go to before or after a Disney vacation.

Victoria Mills

Victoria is a Disney-loving, tea-drinking, Math teacher from Liverpool, England. Her motto is 'work hard, Disney harder'! Having taken part in the Disney College Program back in 2010, Victoria's love and appreciation for Walt Disney World only grew, and it's the place where she feels most herself - it's home!

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