How to Tell if You’re a Disney Fanatic: 20 Tell-Tale Signs

Chances are good that if you’re reading this list, you’ve already self-identified as a huge Disney fan. Here’s 20 tell-tale signs that you are a true Disney fanatic. How many can you relate to?

20. You spend a lot of your time online doing Disney-related things.
Whether it’s reading articles like this one, taking quizzes (“Which Villain Are You?”), or shopping for Disney merchandise on eBay, your online activities are definitely Disney-fied.

19. You are in a constant state of planning your next trip.
Whether you have actual dates planned for your trip or not, you’re always planning and thinking about the next time you visit. I have a 2 month old baby, and I’m already thinking about what we’ll do when we visit when he’s 2 or 3!

18. You are totally up to date on all the changes happening at Disney World.
You know Pandora: World of Avatar will be open (hopefully) in time for your 2017 trip. You look forward to the new “Rivers of Light” show at Animal Kingdom. You remind your friends that such and such restaurant or attraction will be closed for refurbishment during their trips.

17. When someone you know goes to Disney World, they come to you for planning advice.
Heck, you’d be happy to plan their entire trip, and they know it!

16. … And when that person is in Disney World, you text them constantly asking what they’re doing and to send you pictures.
Hey, sending you pictures and their daily activity play-by-play is the least they can do in exchange for all your expert advice, right?

15. You have Disney “stuff” displayed in your home or car.
Mickey kitchen towels, collectibles, animation cells, pins, and other housewares can be found throughout your home. You probably have those little Disney people on your rear car window, don’t you?

14. You wear Disney clothing outside of Disney World.
Mickey hoodie to the football game Friday night? Check. Goofy t-shirt to the supermarket? Check. Donald hat everywhere you go? Check.

13. You have figured out a way to incorporate mouse ears into your daily life.
Maybe your Halloween costumes are created around your newest ears (or Maleficient horns, perhaps). Hat day at the workplace? You just have to decide which pair to wear.

12. You shed a tear when a Disney commercial is on TV.
I’m guilty of this one, too. Usually it’s because I’m too far away from my next trip, and I just miss being there.

11. You think about your trips to Disney World on a very regular basis.
I’m talking about a daily basis here. Whether it’s thoughts of your next trip or fond memories of a past one, you think about the most magical place on earth almost every day!

10. You look at your Disney vacation photos often.
You love looking at pictures of your family enjoying Disney World, but you can picture it so well that you don’t even need the pictures.

9. When you are at Disney World, you give tips to other guests.
You have the know-how, so it’s nice to try to help others. But are you also guilty of informing other park guests (who are complaining about wait times, lack of dining options, etc.) that the reason that they are not having a good time is because they failed to plan properly (“Did you arrive at rope drop this morning? Did you try to reserve that meal 180 days ago?”)

8. You notice “Hidden Mickeys” in everyday life.
Hey, look at that cloud! It looks like a Hidden Mickey. Did you see the coffee ring on the counter? That’s a Hidden Mickey too.

7. You are a member or follower of multiple Disney fan sites or message boards.
.. and you read all the articles, take the quizzes, reply to others, and spend loads of time on them!

6. You’re convinced that the best use of Google Earth is to check out Disney World from the air.
… and you’re right! If you’re a real fanatic, you probably look at Disney from Google Earth more than you’d like to admit.

5. You have strong ideas about how the “real” world should be more like Disney World.
Wouldn’t it be great to pay with you rMagic Band at the grovery store? How about getting a FastPass for the DMV? And if the store clerk would just wish you a “magical day”, that would be superb.

4. You maintain some type of Disney collection.
Whether it’s pins, Vinylmation, collectible figureines, or jewelry, you have a Disney collection and you love it!

3. You enjoy Disney-related fiction.
If you’re a true fanatic, you’ve probably picked up one of the Kingdom Keepers books, Hollow World, or The Key to the Kingdom. And if you haven’t, you’re downloading them on your Kindle right now!

2. You know how long the wait time is for the Haunted Mansion right now…
And you are not at Disney World. You’re just obsessively checking the wait times on the My Disney Experience app because you are curious.

1. … and what’s more, you discuss the wait time with someone else.
…who is also not at Disney World. “Doesn’t 60 minutes for the Jungle Cruise seem really long, especially this time of year?” “I can’t believe Space Mountain has a shorter line than the Astro Orbiter.. it must have just been down for a bit and reopened.”

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