Top 6 Meals You Must Try At Walt Disney World

Fried Chicken

There’s no denying that food is a huge part of life—and there’s certainly no denying that it is also a huge part of any and every vacation. On a Disney vacation, this rings particularly true, because the food that you are being surrounded by is just as magical as everything else is! If you’re more excited about the food at Walt Disney World than you are about the rides, then you should definitely indulge on your trip. However, not everyone is a food connoisseur. If you’d rather be going on rides, seeing shows, and meeting characters, then you should be able to get Disney’s magical foods without making it the main focus of your vacation. If you are part of this second group, then your work is done! Here are six meals and/or dining locations that will guarantee you some memorable Disney dinners.

6) Turkey legs. This treat can be found in a variety of locations—DinoLand, U.S.A is a favorite—and is satisfying in every single one. When you’re in need of a solid snack that is more substantial than a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar, yet not as time-consuming as a sit-down meal, the turkey leg is the way to go. There is something liberating about ambling down a street, chomping on a piece of meat and feeling like the world is your oyster (or, in this case, turkey). What else could that be but Disney magic?

5) Grand Floridian Café. The Grand Floridian Resort is renowned for its luxurious atmosphere, and while some of us may prefer the cozy nature of a cabin to the spacious elegance of a spa, a meal at the Grand Floridian can still appeal to people from every background. After all, everyone wants to experience a little luxury—or at least be in its vicinity—at least once in their life, right? You may not be staying at the Grand Floridian, but you can still walk its grounds and eat some fancy risotto.

4) Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. This restaurant is one of the first places inside the Magic Kingdom, so you might not notice it at first (most people tend to be distracted by the impressive castle up ahead). However, don’t let the restaurant’s location fool you—Tony’s is a showstopper (and, in the end, this location makes for a very convenient late-night reservation). Prepare for some serious Italian food! Tony’s restaurant is full of two things: one is parmesan, and the other is references to its origin movie, The Lady and the Tramp. Try to eat light before you get to this restaurant, and prepare for some difficult choices; you may be more of a spaghetti fan, but that is no reason to turn down Tony’s lasagna. Heck, while you’re at it, why not have both?

3) ‘Ohana. This restaurant is located at the Polynesian Village Resort, which is one of the best resorts to visit for an authentic tropical feel. You may not be at the resort to see Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Show, but ‘Ohana still gives you opportunities to eat some original Polynesian dishes that you would have gotten there. You might see some favorites on the menu, too; try the Banana-Caramel Bread Pudding!

2) 50’s Prime Time Café. If you are a lover of comfort food, then there is no better Disney restaurant than this café. The same goes for any vintage fans; entering this restaurant really is like entering a 1950’s home! Dine on some classic dishes like fried chicken—with some excellent desserts like the Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake—and be surrounded by pastel colors, sweater-clad waiters, black-and-white television shows, and staff who are not afraid to remind you of your manners. Whether you were alive in the 1950’s or not, you’ll leave this café feeling like you’ve just been there!

1) Chefs de France. There is really nothing to compare with the invigorating aura of French luxury that comes with this meal. This restaurant is located in Epcot’s France and may not be as overtly fancy as the Grand Floridian, but its authentic French feel—and, of course, the French chefs—allow your meals here to feel like transcontinental ones! With tender meats and rich cheeses, Chefs de France is really one of the top Epcot experiences to have. Try to get a breakfast reservation too, so you can get into Epcot when it’s quiet!

It’s no secret that Disney’s food is fantastic, so you really can’t make any mistakes when it comes to your restaurant choice. However, this list will give you a head start in your planning—especially since there are so many Disney meals to go around! Just remember to make reservations, and keep in mind that a vacation is about experimenting and having fun. If you’re tempted to try something ambitious and unusual, forgo your traditional entrée and try what’s new! Disney’s surprises are always extended to its dinner plates.

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