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Purchase These Items Before Your Walt Disney World Vacation

We have talked a lot about what to pack and not to pack for your Walt Disney World vacation.  We have suggestions from pros as well as items for your Disney Park bag all to help you know what to to have on your Disney packing list.

When looking at how to prepare for your Walt Disney World vacation, there are a few items that you should purchase ahead of time to help save you time, money and frustration while on your Disney vacation.

We hope this list will help you be even more prepared for an amazing Disney vacation.

Portable charger
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Portable Charger

Technology has become more and more essential for Walt Disney World vacations in the past few years.  My Disney Experience, the official Disney app, allows Guests to see wait times, enter their Disney Resort hotel rooms, find dining locations and now access Disney Genie.

Because Guests will need access to My Disney Experience, a portable charger is extremely important to have before arriving at a Disney Park.  Even though Disney does provide Fuel Rods throughout the Parks and at some Disney Resorts, they can be hard to find and are more expensive.

Instead, consider purchasing a portable charge (or two or three) from Amazon prior to heading down.  Not only will you find ones that fit your style and need more, but they are also cheaper.  Having them ahead of time will allow you to have them while traveling which can be a huge help as well.

We highly recommend getting those portable chargers ready to go before heading to Walt Disney World so you don’t have to worry about having a dead phone in the middle of Magic Kingdom.

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Weather Items

We have talked about packing for weather and how to handle the rain, but we want to discuss this once again.  Make sure you pack items for weather no matter what the app says before you leave.  Weather changes quickly and you will want to make sure you are prepared.

Make sure that you have weather gear when you head down.  This means having umbrellas, rain jackets, ponchos and even stroller covers.  Having this with you will make those pop up rainstorms easy to handle.

Also, make sure that you toss in items to help battle the heat and humidity.  Bringing a portable fan, a cooling towel, and even hydration packs to add to your water.  These items can make a huge difference when you are battling the heat of the summer months.

If you are heading down in the fall or winter months, make sure you have some layers packed as well.  There are evenings in Walt Disney World that get cold and you might need a coat, hat, mittens and even scarfs.

Making sure that you have items to help you battle the weather so it doesn’t slow you down in Walt Disney World.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Walt Disney World does a great job at having hand sanitizer around the Disney Parks and Disney Resorts, but we still recommend that you pick up some before heading down.

We like to have small bottles of hand sanitizer attached to our Disney Park bags as well as having a few back ups if they run out.

Check out Target’s Disney themed hand sanitizer or bring your favorite brand down with you.  Bringing some hand sanitizer with you will not only save you time finding it throughout the parks, but also money and stress  if you feel like you need some in your park bag once there.

Hand sanitizer is a must have for us in Walt Disney World so we bring it with us on vacation.

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Yes you can find snacks around almost every corner in Walt Disney World from the amazing spring rolls in Magic Kingdom to classic Mickey ice cream treats in all the Parks and Resorts, you can find something almost everywhere.

Even with this in mind, we still recommend having some small snacks with you.  If you have a little or big kid that always has cheerios or goldfish each afternoon, we recommend bringing those items with you to ensure that you have them.

Having snacks from home can also save you some money during your vacation.  It is also nice to be able to toss some snacks into your Disney bag so if someone needs a snack while in line you have something to help out.

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This might seem silly, but you might want to consider purchasing some glow sticks or bubbles before heading down to Walt Disney World.

Children will see the amazing bubble wands and want their own.  Which is great until the bubbles run out.  Come prepare to restock with bubbles from the dollar stores in your area.  This will keep the magic going without costing you lots of money.

Also popular with the kids are the glow bracelets, necklaces and more.  If your family will be enjoying a nighttime spectacular, consider packing some glow items to help celebrate the show.  These are fun for kids to play with and wear during the show and are super cheap back at home.

These are all items that can be extremely helpful to purchase prior to heading down to Walt Disney World.  They can save you  money, time and stress by having them ready to go when you arrive.

These are some of the top items we would recommend purchasing before you head to Walt Disney World for your magical vacation.  Having these items with you will help you save money, time and avoid some frustration trying to find them in Walt Disney World.

Check out additional packing suggestions by seeing what pros pack HERE.

Want to know what most people forget when heading to Walt Disney World?  We have that HERE!



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