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Do’s and Don’ts of Waiting in Line at Disney

When planning a trip to Walt Disney World, we often dream of no lines and easy access to rides and experiences throughout the four Disney Parks. The reality is, no matter how much we plan, eventually, we will end up in a line during our trip.

Because this is a reality of a Walt Disney World vacation, some dos and don’ts need to be understood before arriving in that line. We want to share these with you so you won’t make any significant mistakes when you find yourself in that Disney line.

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Do Check the Wait Times BEFORE You Get Into Line

When getting ready to enter a queue (line) for a Disney experience, make sure you double-check the posted wait time before jumping in. Think about what you have coming up in your day before committing to the wait. Do you have dining reservations or special events, such as the Festival of Fantasy Parade, that you don’t want to miss? Make sure that the posted wait time won’t interfere with those experiences.

Make sure you determine if the wait time will work for everyone before you enter the queue. It is much easier to step away upfront than get out of the line later.


Don’t Park Your Stroller Anywhere

If you have a stroller, don’t leave it anywhere when entering a line. Walt Disney World provides clear stroller parking areas to help prevent congestion and blocked sites. Before you enter the bar for a ride, make sure you take time to determine where the stroller parking area is in the area. Use this to drop off your stroller before entering the line.

As a side note, make sure that you cover your stroller as well when you park it. You never know when those quick storms will pop up. Covering it will keep it dry and keep little critters out of it.

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Do Come Prepared

As you prepare to wait in a line, ensure you come prepared to do so. If traveling with little ones, consider what items might be needed during your wait. Do you need a snack, water bottle, fan, or other things to help you wait?

Consider what you carry in the line and ensure you can load the vehicle. TRON Lightcyle Run has lockers for storage, but most other rides require GUests to board with their items. If you are carrying a large backpack, this might be not easy on rides such as Space Mountain.

Finally, think about where the line will have you waiting. For indoor attractions such as Soarin’ in EPCOT, staying in an air-conditioned building isn’t bad. In Disney’s Hollywood Studios, waiting for Slinky Dog Dash and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway can put you in the sun. You might consider bringing a fan or umbrella to help you stay cool as you wait.

Make sure you are prepared as you enter the line. This will help the time go faster.

Don’t Send Some of Your Group Ahead 

We understand that sometimes there are reasons why part of a group is sent ahead. Maybe a little one needed the bathroom room. Overall, it is wrong to send one person to wait in line and then for several other people to come and join them, basically cutting ahead of everyone else.

This situation frustrates many Guests; in some areas, Cast Members will speak up about the case. If your group gets split up, step off to the side and wait for those further back to catch up with you in the line. This is the most polite strategy to use.

The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh

Do Look Around

Many of the Disney rides have excellent, well-themed queues. Take time while waiting in line to look around and take it all in. The queue areas are all part of the magical experience. Some sites, such as The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo the Flying Elephant, have play areas for kids to enjoy while they wait.

Other rides, such as Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Big Thunder Mountain, and Haunted Mansion, have interactive queues with hidden details that add to the overall experience.

Take time while in line to look at all the unique details. There are some pretty amazing things to notice. One of our favorites is Expedition Everest at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Even the updated queue for Peter Pan’s Flight is interesting as it brings different scenes to Guests in a beautiful way.

Don’t Spend the Whole Time on Your Phone

This is easy to get caught up in while waiting in line- being on your phone. However, your phone is a great way to stay entertained while in line; take time to be in the moment. Talk and interact with those you are with, take in the theming we mentioned before, or even talk to other Guests.

These experiences are all part of the Walt Disney World magic, so don’t miss it by always being on your phone scrolling.

family riding Dumbo
family riding Dumbo

Do Be Kind

Finally, when waiting in line, be kind and considerate to those around you. Have fun, but be mindful of those around you as you wait. Remember that you are in a place full of children, so make sure your conversations are respectful and that you aren’t ruining the magic for anyone as you talk.

Consider that many Guests around you might have yet to be on the ride. Don’t spoil it by sharing too much as you wait. Have fun while you wait, but also be respectful as you do so.

Waiting in line is part of a Walt Disney World experience. Ensure you are prepared to do so successfully by using these dos and don’ts during your next trip.

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