Top 12 Iconic Park Rides at Walt Disney World

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

3. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Perhaps the most popular ride of Frontierland, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a runaway train coaster set against the backdrop of the American southwest. Hang on tight as your mine train bobs and weaves over mountain peaks and sandy mesas in this western themed coaster. Easily a favorite amongst Disney fans of all levels, this coaster is always a must do for anyone visiting The Magic Kingdom or taking the mountain challenge. Coaster fans love its dips, jerks, and hills as the train rumbles through the mountains; and Disney buffs will love its wild west charm and rip-roarin’ atmosphere. Even the mildest of ride enthusiasts will find something great to say about Big Thunder Mountain. With so much thrill and charm, it’s no wonder it’s practically the face of Frontierland.


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