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4 Essential Aspects of My Disney Experience

An essential tool that all Guests heading to Walt Disney World need is the My Disney Experience app. This is the official app of Walt Disney World. It is through this app that Guests will be able to see their reservations, enter the Disney Parks, their Disney Resort room, see wait times, Park hours, and so much more.

My Disney Experience holds so much vital information for Guests heading to Walt Disney World. The issue with the app for some is that it becomes overwhelming. We will dive into four features of the app that can help you have a more successful Walt Disney World vacation. Remember, there is a lot more that the app can do, but these four features are a great place to start.

mobile order walkthrough

Mobile Ordering

Mobile ordering has become more popular throughout the restaurant industry, and Walt Disney World is no different. Guests can place mobile orders at Disney Parks, Disney Resorts, and Disney Springs.

Guests can find mobile ordering in the My Disney Experience app by clicking on the plus button at the bottom of the screen. From there, they will click on order food. Guests can search for specific dining locations, such as Casey’s Corner in Magic Kingdom or Everything Pop at Pop Century.

Guests can choose a return window once they have determined where to eat. We highly recommend planning when it comes to mobile ordering your food. Don’t wait until everyone is hungry to place an order. You will often have to wait an hour or so before you can pick up your order. Instead, put those orders early to ensure you get a window that will work for your group.

Once it is their selected time, Guests can choose “Prepare My Order” in the app, and their food will be ready shortly. The great thing about Mobile Ordering is that you can practice before arriving at Walt Disney World, allowing you to get the hang of it before you have a food meltdown in the middle of Magic Kingdom.

Mobile Ordering can be a great way to avoid long lines during mealtime. Put your orders in early to ensure your dining location and time.

Map of Magic Kingdom showing Tron
Map of Magic Kingdom showing Tron


This might seem silly, but another great feature within the My Disney Experience app is all the maps. It doesn’t matter if you are at a Disney Park, shopping at Disney Springs, or exploring a Resort; the app will have a map of the area.

Maps are found by choosing the location button on the main bar of the app. It will pull up your location in Walt Disney World or default to Magic Kingdom if you are at home checking it out.

We have fun at home thinking about our vacation using the maps to see where everything is located. It makes it easier to navigate once we arrive at Walt Disney World. The maps will also give you walking directions which can be helpful if you aren’t sure exactly how to reach your destination.

The map feature has a variety of different options within it. The default option will show you a map of Magic Kingdom and the current wait times. You can use the drop-down menu to have the map display something different. You can choose to see where the bathrooms are, what entertainment is nearby, and what snacks you could enjoy.

Like mobile ordering, you can check out this feature within MDE from the comfort of your house to get familiar with all it has to offer.

Credit: Disney

Disney Genie

A newer feature found within the My Disney Experience app is Disney Genie. This is a unique, free planning tool for Guests. Disney Genie will provide Guests with a personalized itinerary, tips, and suggestions for their day in a Disney Park.

For Disney Genie to provide suggestions for your touring in the Parks, set up their favorites, interests, and priorities before their vacation. By doing this, Disney Genie provides the best suggestions for your Disney Day.

Disney Genie is an excellent option for those needing to become more familiar with Disney. It can help Guests navigate the Parks during their visit.

Credit: V Mills/Disney


A paid feature that Guests can choose to use within the My Disney Experience app is Genie+. Guests can add Genie+ to their Park day starting at midnight. Once paid for, Guests can then begin booking Lightning Lanes at 7 a.m. in the app.

Once you select the ride, you are given the next available time, which you will see listed. This differs from the previous Disney Fastpass+ service, where you would choose your time to ride. You can continue to choose more selections throughout the day as you use them in MDE.

Guests are now also able to modify Genie+ selections through the app as well. This is a significant update that makes Genie+ a lot more user-friendly.

Even if you don’t use Genie+ during your vacation, it is essential to be aware of it in the app. You will often get prompts to purchase Genie+ throughout your trip. Knowing what Genie+ is and how it works can help determine if it is a suitable investment for your trip.

Those are four quick, critical features of My Disney Experience. There is a lot more that My Disney Experience offers Guests; however, these four are the ones we feel are the most useful to Guests. If you have more time before your trip, continue to dig into all that My Disney Experience has to offer. Also, learn even more about Genie+ and how it works. If you purchase Genie+, you will want to make sure you get the most out of your purchase, and we have tips to ensure that happens for you.

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