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Ultimate Guide to Quick Service Dining at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Ensuring everyone remains fueled during your Walt Disney World vacation is extremely important. Today we will look at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. This Disney Park hasn’t always had the best quick service options; however, significant changes have been made recently. This guide will help you determine which quick service locations to focus on during your trip and which ones you want to skip.

We hope this will help you prepare for your next visit and prevent any meltdowns due to being hungry. Knowing the pros and cons of the different quick service locations can help you make the best decisions for your family.

Credit: Disney Hollywood Studios

Ronto Roasters- Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

This unique dining location is in Batuu, serving breakfast and lunch. If you want to experience the iconic ronto wrap, you will want to make sure you plan to get there early with the limited hours.

Pro:  The ronto wraps are some of the best food in Hollywood Studios. The morning wrap includes an egg, pork sausage, cheese, and a delicious peppercorn sauce in pita bread. This is a great way to get protein in the morning. The lunch ronto wrap removes the egg and adds roasted pork and a tangy slaw. Both are outstanding, so get your mobile order in early.

Con:  Once again, those mobile order windows fill up quickly because it is popular. Also, closing at 3 p.m. can limit when you can enjoy these wraps. Check, as sometimes you can get the wraps at Docking Bay 7 after 3 p.m. There is also a minimal menu here. If the whole family doesn’t want a wrap, it might be hard to find something to enjoy.

ABC Commisary
ABC Commisary

ABC Commissary- Commissary Lane

Over the last few years, ABC Commissary has grown and made significant strides in food options. Here Guests can enjoy both lunch and dinner options.

Pro: A significant bonus for eating at Commissary Lane is the air conditioning. This might seem silly, but many quick service locations at Disney’s Hollywood Studios are outside. This can be hard to deal with during the summer months. Enjoying the air conditioning and ample dining area is a huge pro for this quick service option.

The other pro with ABC Commissary is the unique menu. You can find various options, such as shrimp tacos and a highly recommended buffalo chicken grilled cheese sandwich. Check out the menu on the app to see all your options. Since it isn’t as busy, the mobile ordering windows seem to stick around longer, which is nice if you forget to order from Woody’s Lunch Box or Ronto Roasters early on in the day.

Con: There might be a better place for picky eaters. You won’t find it here if you are looking for basics like chicken nuggets and hamburgers. We have seen the food improve extensively here since reopening, but we know that ABC Commissary hasn’t been a top recommendation in the past, but we are hopeful it will remain on the list moving forward.

Totcho's, Woody's Lunch Box
Credit: Disney

Woody’s Lunch Box- Toy Story Land

Back in Toy Story Land, Woody’s Lunch Box offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner for Guests to enjoy back in Andy’s backyard.

Pros: There are some excellent comfort foods to be enjoyed at Woody’s Lunch Box. The grilled cheese, tots, and fun lunch box tarts are delightful, delicious options.

Cons:  Woody’s Lunch Box gets extremely busy during prime dining times. This means that those mobile ordering windows go quickly, so plan. Another downside of Woody’s is that the seating is all outside. Although super cute and well-themed, it doesn’t offer any protection from the elements. Order early if you want to enjoy a Woody’s Lunch Box meal.

Backlot Express restaurant
credit: Disney

Backlot Express- Echo Lake

Hiding back in Echo Lake, Backlot Express is a vast dining location for Guests at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Pro: The vast Backlot Express makes finding a table to enjoy your meal easy. Also, mobile ordering doesn’t fill up as fast because it is more significant than Woody’s Lunch Box. Backlot Express will work well for your family if you want basic food options. Here you will find chicken nuggets, burgers, and salads.

Con:  Even though there are a lot of seats here, not all seats are located inside. Even though most are covered by the sun, it can be warm if you end up in these seats. Sometimes during busy times, the food can suffer as they try to get it out quickly.

Docking Bay 7
Credit: Disney

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo- Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Another option back in Batuu if Ronto Roasters isn’t your thing is Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo. Here you can enjoy both lunch and supper.

Pro:  It is nice that Docking Bay 7 is opened later, providing an option in the evenings in Batuu. The food options are unique, giving Guests a different choice than burgers and nuggets. For supper, you can find the beloved ronto wrap!

Con:  The food options here are different, which might be difficult for those with picky eaters. The entrees’ sizing can also be lacking, so keep that in mind when ordering.

Knowing where you want to eat while visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios is integral to your planning process. Although this Disney Park has stepped up its game regarding quick service options, some options might still be better for your family than others. We hope this guide will help you determine where to eat during your next visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.



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