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Here’s Why You Should Do a Disney Cruise Without Children

Disney might be considered a “brand for children,” but that could not be further from the truth. Walt Disney created Disneyland for grown-ups. He wanted there to be a place for grown-ups to get to experience really fun things just like the kids. Not only that, he wanted grown-ups to be able to tap into their inner child and experience the magic like a kid again. A Disney cruise provides adults with just that.

A comment I hear often is, “I don’t want to go on a Disney cruise because of all of the kids.” Or “Why would I go on a Disney cruise if I don’t have any children with me?” I have been on a number of cruises, both Disney and non-Disney, as a single adult with no children. And let me tell you – Disney cruises far exceed any other cruise line I have experienced.

Let me walk you through a few reasons I think you should book your next childless vacation with Disney!

cove cafe on a disney cruise ship
credit: Disney

Adult-exclusive areas

If you take nothing else from this article, hear this point LOUDLY! The Disney adult-exclusive areas of the ship are AMAZING and completely childless.

Take the Disney Magic cruise ship for example – on Deck 9 Forward (at the front of the ship) there is a grown-up only section that includes a pool, two hot tubs, an outdoor bar, coffee shop, spa, and a gym. In all of the times I have spent time in these areas, I have never had issues with children being in these areas. It is monitored and if children do enter, they are kindly asked to leave.

A few years ago I was on a non-Disney cruise and attempted to go use the hot tubs in the adult-only area. I got all nice and cozy and relaxed, and all of a sudden two kids hopped in with me. There was no grown up supervision. The children proceeded to have a cannon ball competition in the hot tub, and no one asked them to leave.

Oceaneers Club - Toy Story playground
credit: Disney

Child-exclusive areas

One of the big reasons I think the Disney adult-exclusive areas work so well is because there are really amazing child-exclusive spots. There are really fun places for the kids to go that their parents aren’t allowed.

I hear stories all the time from parents who say the only time they see their kids is at dinner. It’s apparently like pulling teeth to get the kids to leave their clubs. There are places for them to relax and watch movies, play video games, or just hang out. Crafts are always available, plus different games and even an animation class. It’s like heaven for them!

The kids areas are such an amazing spot for the children to make friends with others their age. The adult-exclusive areas just seem boring to them in comparison to the fun themes and activities they have at their disposal (where icky parents aren’t allowed!)

Palo on the Disney Dream


I personally LOVE the dining rotation system on a Disney cruise. Every night you are in a different dining room with a different menu, and you don’t have to decide where to go! It is so hands-off and stress-free. Plus your server team follows you to wherever you go, so you can make a great relationship with them. By the second night, our servers already knew what we wanted to drink so our drinks were on the table before we even arrived.

There are two dining times – an early and a late. You are automatically assigned one of the times, but it is easy to request whichever you want. For the best non-children experience, I highly recommend eating at the second seating. It usually is scheduled for around 8:30 p.m. so most of the families eat in the earlier seating. This helps you avoid the small children completely.

There are also adult-exclusive dining options available. On the Disney Magic there is a restaurant called Palo. It is an Italian-themed restaurant with a dress code, providing a high-end dining experience. You must be 18+ in order to dine here, so there are no children in sight!

This is at the top of the ship on Deck 10, so you get beautiful views of the water while enjoying an amazing multi-course meal. We love eating here for brunch!

o'gills pub on the Disney Magic ship
credit: Disney

After Hours lounges

On each ship there is an area that is adult only in the evenings. Here’s what I have experienced on the Disney Magic –

Fathoms – This bar has great dance parties (including silent discos!)
Keys – There is usually an amazing pianist entertaining everyone here
O’Gills – An Irish-themed sports bar

In each area there is karaoke, trivia, or just an opportunity to hang out! I love how clean each area is, plus the theming is so much fun. If you are on a cruise in the Mediterranean there is a good chance you will even get an amazing Irish band in O’Gills!

Pink bar inside Disney Dream
credit: Disney

I also have to give a shout out to the Disney Dream. There is a lounge on that ship that is called Pink. It is themed to look like the inside of a champagne bottle with bubbles everywhere! So posh and adorable.

Oh – and don’t even get me started on all that the Star Wars: Hyperspace Lounge has to offer on the Disney Wish!

Mixology class on a Disney Cruise ship
credit: Disney

Mixology Classes

On every cruise I have been on, Disney has offered Mixology classes. You can learn about whisky, rum, tequila, and so much more! These classes are GREAT and they are free of the children. It’s a great opportunity to get a good amount of alcohol for a good price, and to get to know some other cruisers.

Book your next girls’ trip on a Disney cruise! You won’t regret it!

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