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Have You Had These 10 Magical Character Experiences At Walt Disney World?

Chip and Dale

The Walt Disney World Resort has a multitude of character meet and greets just waiting for you to discover. While each character displays a brilliant uniqueness to your vacation experience, there are several that are absolutely unforgettable. Here are ten character experiences you must make your utmost priority during your visit!

10. Chewbacca

Located within the Launch Bay at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Han Solo’s furry friend would love nothing more than to meet you. Chewbacca towers over most guests, and utters his iconic growl for all to hear. This walking carpet is really just a huge sweetheart, as long as you are not an Imperial Stormtrooper. Chewie is one furry buddy you just have to meet during your Disney experience. You can also have fun guessing whatever it is he is trying to tell you.

9. Darth Vader

Imperial walls line the area right next to Chewbacca’s section. Within the confines of this metal fortress, you can come face to face with Darth Vader himself. The dark lord of the Sith stands tall, his signature breathing echoing through his mask. Vader will do his best to persuade you to join the Empire. Seeing his powerful prowess is certainly a must do experience.

8. Jawas

If you have not traded with a Jawa yet, you are missing out on an exciting experience. The little scavengers have taken up residence in the Launch Bay, wandering and searching for anything they can get their hands on. Trading is fun and easy considering that Jawas take almost anything excluding money. They will drop it into their bag, and trade you a completely random item for it. Don’t forget to greet them with an energetic “Utinni!”

7. Drizella and Anastasia

Cinderella’s snobbish stepsisters can be found strutting behind her castle in Magic Kingdom. These two are a must see for their incessant bickering. Woe to you if you call one of them more beautiful. Everyone’s in trouble if their mother, Lady Tremaine, shows up.

6. Rapunzel and Cinderella

How will you find out when your life will begin? What will you wear to the ball? These are questions you can ask Rapunzel and Cinderella. These characters are amazing role models, and give some of the best advice to guests. Rapunzel is also extremely playful and adventurous! You can meet these elegant beauties in the Magic Kingdom’s Princess Fairytale Hall.

5. Chip and Dale

These are two chipmunks you absolutely have to meet. Chip and Dale have been considered one of the most joyous and comedic meet and greets on Disney property. Chip is rather charming, while Dale is completely on the zany side. These chipmunks love to have fun, and our an absolute treat for the entire family. They can be found near the Epcot Character Spot and in the Magic Kingdom’s Frontierland.

4. Anna and Elsa

The Arendelle sisters will surely warm your heart, no matter how frozen they may seem. Princess Anna is as awkwardly hilarious as characters get. She has plenty to say to you if she can compose herself, just do not take her dating advice too seriously. As for Queen Elsa, this beautiful woman of ice and snow remains poised and elegant. No matter how cold she seems, she gives the warmest hugs and should certainly be visited. You can meet them both at Princess Fairytale Hall.

3. Magician Mickey

Located just passed the entrance to the Magic Kingdom is Town Square, where you can meet the big cheese himself. Mickey Mouse is suited up in his magician attire, and would love to show you his tricks. He loves talking to guests and learning all about where they are visiting from.

2. Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell can be found right next to Mickey Mouse’s location in Town Square. This feisty fairy is always a treat to meet. Her wittiness and sassy attitude makes for an entertaining experience. She loves aspiring little fairies and will not resist bossing would-be pirates around. Tinkerbell is fun for the whole family, just don’t stick your tongue out at her.

1. Gaston

Thanks to rising internet popularity, Gaston has become one of the most engaging and entertaining meet and greets on property. You smile because you think he is a perfect specimen. He smiles, because you’re absolutely right. Gaston delights in making women swoon for him while cracking jokes at their men. This hulking Frenchman cannot resist a good wisecrack about his nemesis, Beast, and will always boast of how he plans to marry Belle.

Whether they’re with frozen sisters, comedic chipmunks, or Sith lords, these character experiences are must dos for anyone venturing to Walt Disney World. Check out “7 Tips For Finding Elusive Characters At Epcot.”

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Michael J.

Michael is a former Disney cast member, online novelist, and aspiring author. He hopes to return to Walt Disney World and become an Imagineer on the writing team. He currently resides in Naples, Florida.

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