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Getting Physically Ready for Disney: What You Need To Know

At How to Disney, we spend a lot of time trying to help you prepare for your Walt Disney World vacation. We have a lot of information about finding a suitable Walt Disney World Resort for your family, suggestions on dining, and tips for using Genie+ throughout our trip. A part that we don’t spend as much time on but is equally as important is getting physically ready for your Walt Disney World vacation.

As you plan how many Mickey ice cream bars you will have or how many times you will ride Space Mountain, make sure you are also processing the physical requirements that all this fun will require.

A typical day at Walt Disney World can have Guests walking eight to ten miles daily. Most of us do not do this normally, so our bodies can take a lot to overcome. We have some ways that you can get prepared for your upcoming trip to Walt Disney World physically. Preparing physically is just as important as making those daily plans. Both will lead to a more magical and less stressful vacation.

Multigenerational Family on Main Street at Magic Kingdom
Family on Main Street

All Ages Should Prepare

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are; everyone must prepare for the physical requirements before Walt Disney World. Even if you work out daily, walking in the heat and humidity puts a different strain on your body.

If you are taking kids, they must also prepare for your vacation’s walking and physical demands. This is also an excellent time to mention that even if your little one no longer uses a stroller at home, consider bringing one for Walt Disney World. Even kids ages six to eight will appreciate being able to sit down at the end of a long day in the Parks.

Grand Floridian Walkway
Credit: DisneyDining

Start Walking

Now that we understand that everyone from littles to adults needs to prepare for Walt Disney World, it is time to jump into how to do that. The best thing to do is get out and start walking. Make family Disney walks part of the pre-trip fun.

Add some family walks as you have family meetings to discuss plans or movie nights to catch up on all the newest films. You are making family exercise a routine that everyone sticks to before the trip will make a massive difference once you arrive at Walt Disney World.

The earlier you begin walking before your trip, the easier those long days in the Disney Parks, where you walk ten miles daily, will be for everyone. Use the walks to discuss the trip, do Disney trivia, or catch up as a family. Those family walks aren’t just great for Walt Disney World preparation; they can also be a great way to bond as a family.

Shoes with good support

Get Good Shoes

As you prepare for your family walks, take time to make sure everyone has good walking shoes. Doing this before your trip can save you a lot of blisters and frustration during your vacation. Purchase shoes that are comfortable and breathable.

Once you have purchased them, make sure that you take the time to break them in. Take those new shoes out on walks before you leave for Disney to ensure they will work. This is extremely important for little ones as well. Even though you want your princess to look the part, her feet will appreciate having some nice, comfortable shoes over the heels that go with her dress. After all, princesses and pirates alike can all wear sneakers.

Head to the store before your trip and take some time to get some good, comfortable shoes for the whole family.

Family at EPCOT
Family at EPCOT

Pack Cool Clothes

Here we aren’t referring to clothes that are fashionable or in style, but instead, cool clothes mean those that are breathable. Tech gear type of clothing can keep you nice and cool during those hot and humid days in the Parks.

Skip the long dress, dark colors, and tight clothing. These should stay at home. Ladies, if you plan on wearing a dress or skirt, make sure you also bring chafing shorts underneath them. Not only will this help keep everything covered as you get in and out of rides, but it will also help prevent chaffing.

Thinking about what clothing will be the most comfortable in the Parks is extremely important before you head to Disney.

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Iced Water, Disney Parks
Credit: V Mills

Drink Water

Once you arrive at Walt Disney World, the way to keep your body happy is to stay hydrated. Bring those refillable water bottles into the Park to keep everyone drinking water throughout the day. During meal times, make sure that you do choose a Diet Coke as your beverage and that you also have water.

We also recommend bringing hydration packets. This can be a game changer if you start to feel dehydrated throughout the day. Toss them into your Park bag to easily add them to your water.

Hydration is vital to keeping your body physically able to tour the Parks successfully.

Credit: Disney


Finally, make sure that you allow yourself time to rest. Your body will need to rest more than you typically do at home during a Disney vacation. This can be hard to convince yourself to do when you want to see and do it all.

Take breaks throughout your trip to nap, sit at the pool at your Disney Resort, enjoy a meal, or watch a show. Getting off your feet and out of the sun will allow your body time to rest.

Those are some top ways to make sure you are physically ready for your Walt Disney World vacation. We spend a lot of time making our plans for being in the Parks, but it is just as essential to get our bodies ready as well.

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