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Are Disney Deluxe Resorts Worth It?

One of the biggest decisions that Guests have to make when planning a Walt Disney World vacation is where to stay.  Walt Disney World offers three different Resort categories: value Resort, moderate Resort, and deluxe Resort.

Each of these categories offers a different price point along with different amenities.  It is no secret that the Disney Deluxe Resorts are expensive, but the question becomes is the upgrade worth it?

We are going to break down why a Disney Deluxe Resort might be worth it and when it might not be worth it for your family.  Our goal is to provide you with some things to think about so you can make the best decision for your family.

Disney Contemporary
Credit: Disney

Yes It Is Worth It

We are going to start with the reasons why a Disney World Deluxe Resort might be worth it for a Walt Disney World vacation.

Location, Location, Location

The first reason why many Guests choose to stay at one of Disney’s Deluxe Resorts is because of their location at the Disney Parks.  The Deluxe Resorts typically offer quick access to at least one of Disney’s Parks if not more.

Over around Seven Seas Lagoon, Disney’s Contemporary, Polynesian, and Grand Floridian Resorts all offer walking paths to Magic Kingdom along with the monorail and even boats.  If you have little ones that need naps in the middle of the day, being able to quickly walk back or jump on the monorail to get to your Resort in ten minutes can be a huge benefit.

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, along with Yacht and Beach Club Resorts offer walking paths to both EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.    For those wanting to visit a festival at EPCOT, these Deluxe Resorts are extremely convenient.  You can easily walk to and from the festival and your Resort throughout the day.

A huge benefit of staying at one of Disney’s Deluxe Resorts is the easy access to the Disney Parks.

Credit: Disney

Better Rooms

Even though Disney is working hard at upgrading all the rooms throughout the Walt Disney World Resort Property, there is no denying that the rooms at the Deluxe Resorts are just better.  To start off with, they are bigger than those at the value and moderate Resorts.  Although this might not seem like a big deal if you are spending a week at Disney the extra room can make a huge difference.

The beds, as well as the toiletries, are often better quality than those provided at the value and moderate Resorts.  The rooms often are quieter at a Deluxe Resort because of the interior rooms that many of them offer.  If you have little ones (or big ones) that need quiet to sleep these are well worth the upgrade.

Disney's Enchanted Rose
Credit: Disney

Amenities and Perks

When paying for a Deluxe room, you are also getting deluxe amenities.  Deluxe Resorts offer a variety of different dining options including both sit-down and quick-service locations.  Lounges are also found at deluxe Resorts providing Guests with a variety of different dining experiences to choose from.

Guests staying at a Deluxe Resort are also given the perk of extended evening hours are both EPCOT and Magic Kingdom.  On select evenings, Guests of these Resorts are able to spend extra time in the Parks after closing.  If you are able to take advantage of this perk, it can really make staying at a Deluxe Resort worth it.  The crowds are low, the Parks aren’t as hot, and Guests can really enjoy the Parks and all the magic during this extra time.

credit: Disney


The Deluxe Resorts have some of the best views in all of Walt Disney World.  There is something truly magical about being able to hang out in your Resort room and watch Disney Enchantment over Magic Kingdom.

If you really want to feel like you are in the magic, the deluxe Resorts provide that with the amazing views they offer.


Finally, a Disney Deluxe Resort can be worth it if you are planning a pool day.  The Deluxe Resorts have some amazing pools including the famous Stormalong Bay over Disney’s Beach and Yacht Club Resorts.  Guests can enjoy the volcano pool at Disney’s Polynesian Resort and the two fantastic pools at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge aren’t to be missed.

If you are going to be spending time at the pool throughout your Disney vacation, then a Deluxe Resort will be worth it.

Maybe It’s Not

There are a few reasons why staying at a Disney Deluxe Resort might not be worth it for some families.  We aren’t going to focus on the cost difference as that is one that we all know, but instead focus on some other reasons it might not be worth it to stay at a deluxe Resort.

Magic Kingdom At Night
Credit: Jennifer Retzlaff

Park Time

We hear this a lot and we don’t disagree.  If you are going to be at the Disney Parks from open to close, then spending the money on a Deluxe Resort might not be worth it.  Both the moderate and value resorts offer great accommodations that will allow you to stay rested and refreshed.

Pop Century Everything Pop Food Court
Credit: Disney

Solo Trip

Another reason why a deluxe Resort might not be worth it is if you are traveling solo or without a large family.  The value and moderate rooms are small, but if you don’t have four people in the room they actually provide great space.  With the new pull-down murphy beds at Disney’s Pop Century, solo travelers have a nice area without a second bed.

WaltDisneyWorld Bus
credit: Disney Tips


We did mention that the Deluxe Resorts offer quick access to one or two of the Disney Parks; however, that sometimes means that access to the other Disney Parks takes longer.  Sometimes we see Deluxe Resorts sharing buses making transportation time longer to and from the Parks.

Also, some of the Deluxe Resorts are large.  This means that you might be a ways off from the amenities such as the main pool or dining.  No matter what Disney Resort you choose, make sure you do some research to see where you might want to request during your stay.

We love the Deluxe Resorts at Walt Disney World.  They are beautifully themed Resorts with great accommodations, dining, and recreation.  Although we would love to stay at a Deluxe Resort each Disney vacation, we have to think about when it is worth it.  We hope this will help you determine if a Deluxe Resort is worth it for your family.

Jennifer Retzlaff

Jennifer became a lifelong Disney fan during her first trip to Walt Disney World in 6th grade. From that moment, Disney became a big part of her life. She quickly started to introduce her love of Disney to her family with a Disney honeymoon and then family trips when her youngest was 18 months old. She loves the magic that Disney brings to people through theme parks, cruises, and adventures. As a teacher, she tries to bring Disney magic into her classroom to help kids believe that “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.” She is also part of the Magic Vacation Planner team as a personal travel advisor. With this team, she can now help others plan magical vacations. She loves bringing her love to Disney to readers with How to Disney.

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