10 Things You Should Never Do At Walt Disney World


Walt Disney World is truly a magical place on earth, yet people will still find ways to turn that magic into something tragic. Here are ten things you should never do at the Walt Disney World Resort.

10. PDA

It is understandable to adore someone you are adventuring in the parks with, but keep the affection to an acceptable level. No one wants to see a couple having an all-out makeout session on the line for Space Mountain. Also keep in mind that all attractions have cameras.

9. Profanity

Walt Disney World is a family friendly environment. Keep your profanity low or to a minimum. With so many young ears listening, it is best to avoid bad language altogether. However, words slip. Especially under the frustrating pressures of a crowded park. If you must use profanity, try to curve your words to a Disney setting. Examples include: What the Frozen? / Son of a Beast!

8. Not waiting behind the yellow line

No matter what attraction you go on, the safety line is there for a reason. The majority if not all of the attractions at Disney have a cast member at a merge position. Like an officer conducting traffic, they will separate standby lines from those of fastpass. The brave souls at Mission Space have an extra line to manage due to the ride’s more or less intense feature. A quick turn of the head can be the difference between three orderly lines, and an all-out, Black Friday-esque stampede. Be courteous to cast members, as they are only ensuring everyone’s safety. Please wait behind the yellow line until you are instructed to move forward.

7. Vaulting over chains

We have all seen it time and time again. Guests have a terrible habit of vaulting over chains. Not only is this vaulting much harder to do, it is also a safety hazard. Far too many guests trip over this chain instead of using the most logical answer possible. These chains all have a latch that lets you easily unhook them. Do not make life difficult. Unlatch, walk, latch, move on.

6. Climbing

Whether it is the nearest statue, a garbage can, or the pyramid at the Epcot Mexico pavilion, climbing is prohibited. Cast members are under regulations that require them to ask and get you down as soon as possible.

5. Litter

Walt Disney World parks are littered (pun intended) with trash cans. There is a can every several feet, yet still people drop their garbage all over the floor. Some even leave it on rides as if it is just going to disappear. Cinderella and Snow White are princesses now, so they have no time to be cleaning up after you.

4. Smoke outside of designated areas

The areas are marked for a reason. Secondhand smoke can be just as irritable towards respiration. Smoking outside of designated areas is also a safety hazard. Rides have been emergency stopped because a guest has ignited a cigarette while onboard.

3. Going backstage

Cast members and characters only! While these doors are marked, guests still find themselves wandering into these backstage areas.

2. Flash photography

Flash photography: The bane of every Walt Disney World attraction and show’s existence. Cast members and endless spiels can prohibit all they want, yet someone will still be snapping away with their camera. Nothing ruins a ride like The Sea With Nemo and Friends or Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid like enormous flashes of life. Perhaps you are watching a stellar show like Finding Nemo: The Musical. Nothing will kill the show faster than someone basically having a strobe light rave on his or her camera.

1. Degrade Cast Members

Ladies and gentlemen, cast members go through plenty of etiquette training before they get to start working. They are basically, yet expertly trained to provide the best service for you. Whether they are interns, part-timers, or full-timers, cast members are all one big family. They are doing the best that they can. Contradictory to the beliefs of some guests, cast members do not actually want to ruin your vacation and or child’s birthday. They are people just like you and I, and while you may meet one resembling a Disney villain, the majority are amazing. You do not know the lives of each cast member until you get to know them. They put up with so much and seldom receive the credit they deserve. Treating them right will make both of your days, and help promote the true magic of Disney.

Disney can be absolutely beyond magical if you remain courteous and respectful. Avoid these things and enjoy your vacation!

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Michael J.

Michael is a former Disney cast member, online novelist, and aspiring author. He hopes to return to Walt Disney World and become an Imagineer on the writing team. He currently resides in Naples, Florida.

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