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10 Walt Disney World Tips Rookies Should Know

Those heading to Walt Disney World for the first time have a lot of decisions to make before their trip.  It starts with determining which of the amazing Walt Disney World Resorts they want to stay at during their Disney vacation.  From there it gets into what tickets they want, where they which to eat, and finally how to tour the Disney Parks.

With all of these decisions to make it is easy to miss something small or even big along the way.  To help those Walt Disney World rookies get prepared for an amazing vacation, we have ten tips that all rookies should know.

Rain Gear
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10.  Bring Rain Gear

The first tip that rookies should know when heading to Walt Disney World is to bring rain gear no matter what the weather app says.  Rainstorms pop up all the time in the Disney Parks.  Sometimes it is just a quick, light storm, and other times it can be a large, long-lasting downpour.

Making sure that you have rain gear with you in the Disney Parks can save the day.  By having a rain jacket, poncho, or umbrella you can keep moving and enjoy the rides, shows, and entertainment that keeps going even when it rains.

Portable charger
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9.  Pack a Portable Charger

A Walt Disney World vacation relies heavily on the My Disney Experience app now more than ever.  We have a lot of articles to help Guests navigate the app on How to Disney so make sure to check those out.  Since the app is so important to navigating the Disney Parks, ordering food, and even finding bathrooms make sure you have a portable charger ready to go.

We highly recommend bringing portable chargers for all Guests that are bringing a phone to Disney Park for the day.  Between taking lots of pictures, using the My Disney Experience app, and the Disney wifi phone batteries drain quickly.  Don’t get stuck with a dead phone and not be able to capture those magical moments.  Purchase those portable chargers and be ready to stay connected all day long.

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8.  Have Comfortable Shoes

You have probably heard how big Walt Disney World is, but you don’t really understand it until you are there.  Guests walk at least eight or more miles each day in the Disney Parks. As most of us don’t do this normally at home, it is so important to have the proper shoes.

Try out your shoes at home before heading to Walt Disney World.  Practice walking around the neighborhood to make sure they don’t rub or cause any pain.  Even if they are perfect, we also recommend bringing a backup pair.  These can be so helpful when a rainstorm soaks your shoes or they start to rub unexpectedly.

Take time to think through how to keep your feet and legs happy while enjoying the Disney Parks as it is so important.

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7.  Bring Snacks

It might surprise rookies to learn that Walt Disney World allows Guests to bring in food to all of their Parks.  Although there are some restrictions, overall Guests are able to bring in their favorite snacks.

Having snacks on hand is super helpful when those hunger pains hit.  Even though there are a lot of snacks throughout Walt Disney World, it is nice to save some money by having your own along.

This is super important if you are traveling with little ones.  Consider bringing their favorite snacks along with you as you won’t find cheerios or goldfish at Walt Disney World.

Even with older kids, we still have granola bars or gummies with us between meals when we are waiting in line and get a little hungry.

bottled water
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6.  Water

Right along with bringing snacks is to make sure you bring water into the Disney Parks as well.  As we mentioned earlier, you will be walking a lot.  This means that you need to stay hydrated.

You can bring in a refillable water bottle and use it throughout the day in the Parks.  If you prefer bottled water, think about having a case delivered to your Disney Resort to save some money along the way.

No matter how you want to get your water, make sure you have a plan to stay hydrated as it is so important.

Grand Floridian

5.  Go Early

We all know we would rather be sleeping in during our vacation; however, getting to the Disney Parks early is a game-changer.  If you are staying at a Walt Disney World Resort, make sure you take advantage of the early entry that is offered at all four Disney Parks.  This allows you to get into any of the Disney Parks thirty minutes prior to the listed opening time.

Even though you might not think thirty minutes is a huge deal, it really does put you ahead of the crowds.  Using this time, allows you to stay a step or two ahead of the crowds throughout the whole day which is great.

Mornings are also a great time because they are slightly cooler than in the middle of the day.  Although it might not seem that way in August, it does make a difference.

You might not like it, but set that alarm and get the crew out the door in the morning to take advantage of lower wait times.

Gran Destino Tower
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4. Explore Your Resort

The magic of Disney isn’t just in the four Disney Parks.  The Walt Disney World Resorts are truly magical as well.  Take some time during your Walt Disney World vacation to explore your Disney Resort.

Enjoy the pool and the pool activities that are provided by Cast Members.  Check the activities board to see if there is a scavenger hunt you could do or a craft that would be fun.

We also enjoy taking advantage of the movie under the stars.  Even if we have seen the movie a million times before, there is something extra special about watching it under the stars at Walt Disney World.

Don’t just rush to and from your Walt Disney World Resort.  Take time to enjoy all it has to offer.

mobile order
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3.  Have a Plan for Food

Eating is part of the fun when it comes to a Walt Disney World vacation.  Rookies should know that it is important to have a plan for food prior to the vacation.  It doesn’t matter if you want to eat at table service meals each day or use quick service for every meal, having a plan is key.

Dining fills up quickly and it is important when it comes to getting reservations and placing mobile orders to do so early on.  Table service meals can be booked at 60 days and mobile ordering can start to be placed when the Park opens.

Don’t wait until everyone is starving to start processing food.  Start a plan early on so you can avoid meltdowns and a lot of frustration.

My Disney Experience App

2.  Practice with My Disney Experience

As we mentioned earlier, My Disney Experience is key to a successful Walt Disney World vacation.  Since it is so important, we highly recommend taking time to navigate the app prior to getting to Walt Disney World.

Check out some of the posts at How to Disney and then use those to navigate to some of the important features of the app.  Doing this will make you more confident heading into the trip and less frustrated when you are there.

Get the app downloaded, sign in, and then take some time to play around with it.  You won’t be sorry.

Caribbean Beach Resort Pool
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1. Relax

This is a tough one even for veteran Disney goers.  Take time to relax after all it is a vacation.  It can and is super easy to get wrapped up in all the things that you feel must get done while at Walt Disney World.  Schedule some time though to just relax and take in the magic.

Spend time at your Disney Resort, visit other Disney Resorts, and enjoy some of the hidden gems in the Disney Parks.  No matter what you do, take time to relax.  If you don’t you will end up at home exhausted trying to remember everything you did.

There are our ten tips for rookies heading to Walt Disney World.  We hope that they will help you all have a magical experience.


Jennifer Retzlaff

Jennifer became a lifelong Disney fan during her first trip to Walt Disney World in 6th grade. From that moment, Disney became a big part of her life. She quickly started to introduce her love of Disney to her family with a Disney honeymoon and then family trips when her youngest was 18 months old. She loves the magic that Disney brings to people through theme parks, cruises, and adventures. As a teacher, she tries to bring Disney magic into her classroom to help kids believe that “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.” She is also part of the Magic Vacation Planner team as a personal travel advisor. With this team, she can now help others plan magical vacations. She loves bringing her love to Disney to readers with How to Disney.

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