10 Rules For Managing Your Time Wisely At Walt Disney World

Pizza Via Napoli

2. Make Dining Reservations

Did you know that you can make your dining reservations up to 180 days in advance?  That’s right, half a year prior to your trip, you can actually reserve your spot at the restaurants you have had your eye on.  While you may be in a hurry to make those dining reservations, one way to save time is by looking at the menu prior to arriving.  There are many times where guests hear so many great reviews about a specific restaurant and when they arrive, they are not too fond of the menu or didn’t realize the prices are out of their budget.  This can be a waste of time because you’ll end up wandering the park trying to find another restaurant to eat at, and chances are, you’ll hear those dreaded words, “sorry, we’re full” at another restaurant.  Make sure you do your research with pricing and menu options to validate that your party will enjoy what each restaurant has to offer before you make the reservation.  Making reservations at the wrong restaurants will also waste your time looking for other options later if you have to change them out.



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