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Not a Fan of Thrills? Enjoy This at Disney Instead

Walt Disney World might surprise people with a handful of thrilling attractions. Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and Tron: Lightcyle Run are intense coasters that have taken thrills to a new level at Walt Disney World.

This is great if you are a thrill seeker, but what about those who don’t care for this more intense ride? Luckily Disney has a lot of fun things for Guests to do while the thrill seekers in the group enjoy the coasters.

Look at all these great options in the Walt Disney World Parks.

Disney Snacks, Walt Disney World
Credit: V Mills

Find a Snack

No matter where you are in Walt Disney World, you can find delicious snack options. While your group rides the thrilling rides, enjoy a snack all on your own. Pick a refreshing beverage, or spoil yourself with an ice cream.

Since you might be waiting for a while, this is the perfect time to treat yourself to something delicious. All around Walt Disney World, you will find great snack carts. Use the My Disney Experience app to see your options near your area.

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Nomad Lounge
Photo Credit: Disney

Find a Lounge

Another great way to wait out the thrill riders is the find a lounge to enjoy. At all the Parks but Magic Kingdom, Guests can find lounges that are perfect for relaxing. While your loved ones scream away on Expedition Everest, you can have a nice drink at Nomad Lounge.

Over in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, try out Baseline Tap House or the Brown Derby Lounge while others ride Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Rock n’ Roller Coaster. These both have great drink selections as well as excellent appetizers.

In EPCOT, you will find numerous options for a quick drink, especially around the World Showcase. Each country has hidden gems perfect for discovering on your own while others ride those intense rides.

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Credit: V Mills


Walt Disney World has so many unique shops throughout the Parks. So often, though, we rush right by them because we are heading to a ride, show, or a meal. While others are riding those thrill rides, take that time to enjoy slowly exploring some of the shops.

You could stick around near the rides, which typically have their gift shops, such as at Tower of Terror or Space Mountain, or explore and do some window shopping. If you are usually with people that don’t care to shop, this is the perfect time to enjoy the unique shops in the Parks.


Visit Other Attractions

Just because you aren’t riding the thrilling attractions doesn’t mean you can ride others. As the thrill seekers head off, look around to see other attractions in the area. Consider checking those out while you wait.

Not a fan of Space Mountain? Ride the PeopleMover or Carousel of Progress instead. In Disney’s Animal Kingdom, walk around the trails while people explore Dinosaur, Avatar Flight of Passage, or Expedition Everest.

There are always experiences nearby to enjoy. Don’t think twice about trying out something solo while the thrill seekers are riding their ride.

Swiss Family Treehouse

Take Photos

This is one of my favorite things to do on my own. I like to head to take photos around the Park. This might mean visiting a few of the PhotoPass photographers around the Park or snapping some pictures of my own.

There are so many beautiful spots for photos throughout Disney Parks that I enjoy exploring while I wait. Getting some unique pictures of the area or even some fun, silly solo pictures is a fun way to spend the time as you wait.

You could also use the time to review pictures you have already taken. We always end up with hundreds of pictures following a Disney trip. While we have downtime, it is nice to go through them and delete, organize, and share them.

Have some fun while you wait, making new photo memories or looking over those you have already made on your trip.

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My Disney Experience
My Disney Experience


While you wait is an excellent time to plan your next steps. Use this time to pull up the My Disney Experience app and consider what you will do next. Check on wait times so you know which rides could be following. Look at when shows will go on so you don’t miss out on them.

We also like to use this time to think about meals. If we are going to eat at a quick service location, we want to make sure we have our mobile order placed. This will save us time in line later.

Using that time to be productive is another excellent idea.

Crowd in front Cinderella Castle
Crowd in front Cinderella Castle

People Watch

Another great thing to do while you wait is to people-watch. With thousands of people in the Park, sitting back and watching for a while as the crowds go by can be entertaining. If you have little ones with you, make it into a game of eye-spy.

Have the kids look for specific Disney characters on clothing or find something with Minnie Ears on. You can have a lot of fun with this as you wait.

Casey Jr. Splash


Finally, if you are waiting with little ones, use this time to allow them to play. Often they are strapped into their stroller or rushed from ride to ride. Look for an area that would enable them to get out and stretch a little.

In Magic Kingdom, the hub grass is a nice, big area that would allow this. If you are brave, you could head back to Casey’s Splash area, where they could play in the water. EPCOT also has many play areas inside and outside the aquariums.

No matter how long you wait for the thrill riders to return, don’t think you just have to sit. There is a lot of fun to have while you are waiting. Take advantage of the time and experience some of Disney’s magic.





Jennifer Retzlaff

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