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Ugh- The Hardest Restaurants to Eat In at Disney

Part of the magic and fun of Walt Disney World is the well-themed, exciting restaurants throughout the Resorts and Parks. If you want to eat at some of these top restaurants, you must know these reservations are tough. Starting 60 days before your arrival day (yes, two whole months), Guests can begin making reservations on the app or online.

For these top restaurants, it is essential to be ready at that 60-day mark. Although we will sometimes see spots open the day of, if you want to ensure you get to experience these restaurants, you will want to be ready bright and early.

What restaurants fall into this category? We will share the most demanding restaurants to get into right now at Walt Disney World. From new and exciting restaurants everyone wants to experience to old favorites, these restaurants continue booking quickly.

Roundup Rodeo BBQ
Credit: Disney

Roundup Rodeo BBQ- Disney’s Hollywood Studios

The newest and hottest restaurant is found in Andy’s backyard. Located in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Roundup Rodeo BBQ is extremely hard to experience. A family-style meal and barbecue are the focus of this dining location.

The restaurant is exceptionally well-themed to look like Guests are Andy’s toys experiencing a fun creation by Andy himself. The food has also been receiving solid reviews as Guests enjoy the variety of food options. From ribs and chicken to plant-based alternatives, the whole family can find something to enjoy at the newest restaurants in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

If experiencing Andy’s creation is essential, ensure you are ready to book those reservations early. For those just wanting bbq, consider Flame Tree Barbecue at Disney’s Animal Kingdom or Regal Eagle at EPCOT. These two quick-service locations have great barbecue options and are quick service making it easier to dine.

Minnie and Little Girl at Chef Mickey's
Minnie and Little Girl at Chef Mickey’s

Chef Mickey’s- Disney’s Contemporary Resort

From new to iconic, Chef Mckey’s remains a Guest favorite at Walt Disney World. Here Guests can enjoy a buffet while visiting with many of the Fab Five. Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Pluto, and Donald are around for Guests to enjoy hugs, autographs, and pictures.

This meal is upbeat and exciting for all you care to enjoy a meal. Guests can enjoy breakfast full of Mickey waffles or dinner with carved meats and sides. No matter which meal you enjoy here, it will take a lot of work to get into.

Chef Mickey’s is a great option when enjoying a day at Magic Kingdom. It is a quick walk to Disney’s Contemporary Resort, where Chef Mickey’s is. Chef Mickey’s is one of the most popular character meals at Walt Disney World.

batuu at night DT
batuu at night DT

Oga’s Cantina- Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Not a restaurant but a lounge, Oga’s Cantina is still one of the most complex reservations to get at Walt Disney World. Located in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Guests can step into this highly well-themed cantina.

Music is provided by R-3X (DJ REX); Oga’s is a hopping place to be throughout the day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is so busy that Guests are limited to two drinks or 45 minutes. Well-themed beverages, such as the Fuzzy Tauntaun or Jei Mind Trick, are all premade, meaning you won’t be able to order a Jack and Coke here.

Remember that many spots are standing only, or you might even share a booth with another party. If this isn’t your jam, then Oga’s Cantina might not be the lounge for you. If you’d love to hang out with other Star Wars fans, make sure you make your reservation fast.

Space 220, EPCOT
Credit: Travel + Leisure

Space 220-EPCOT

Another new and extremely popular restaurant is Space 220 in EPCOT. Space 220 is more than just a meal; it is an experience. Guests board an elevator 220 miles above Earth to dine among the stars.

Guests can enjoy a prix fixe meal with outstanding appetizers, entrees, and desserts. While enjoying this fantastic meal, Guests can enjoy the amazing views of space. Astronauts, space stations, and other exciting surprises will float during their meal.

When their meal is over, Guests will continue their excitement as they take the elevator back to Earth. This is an out-of-this-world dining experience and might be the hardest reservation to get at Disney. Space 220 also has a lounge that Guests can choose to try as well. Here you can order small bites or order from the more extensive menu. No matter which dining experience you prefer, Space 220 and the Space 220 Lounge reservations are complicated. Be flexible in your plans for the best chances to dine here.

Cinderella's Royal Table
Credit: Disney

Cinderella’s Royal Table- Magic Kingdom

Like Chef Mickey’s, this iconic dining experience remains a top reservation at Magic Kingdom, Cinderella’s Royal Table is the only way that Guests can experience the inside of the castle. Not only are Geusts welcomed by Cinderella, but throughout the meal, other Disney princesses such as Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Ariel, or even Snow White stop by to visit Guests.

Cinderella’s Royal Table is a prix fixe menu all day. Guests can choose from various entree options while enjoying the beautiful setting. This isn’t a cheap meal, but it continues to book up quickly each day. If you can’t get into this castle to eat, consider visiting Akershus in Norway.

Be Our Guest
Credit: Disney

Be Our Guest- Magic Kingdom

Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom is another dining experience that takes a lot of work to book in this Disney Park. Guests enjoy a meal in one of the three rooms: the Grand Ballroom, Castle Gallery, or the West Wing. Each room is beautifully themed, transporting Guests right into this movie.

The food here has a French focus at lunch and dinner. There are three courses in this prix fixe meal. With only two meal times a day, Be Our Guest is challenging to get into for a good dinner. Make this a priority on your reservation day if it is essential.

Walt Disney World has many great restaurants, but these are some of the most popular options. Reservations for these restaurants are difficult to get and must be prioritized. Remember, you can begin making reservations 60 days before the check-in day.

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