Top 10 Tips For Having A Relaxing Trip to Walt Disney World

Have you seen comedian Jim Gaffigan’s set regarding a family trip to Disney? He’s hilarious – but he paints such a stressful picture! Take heart – it doesn’t have to be that way at all! Here are ten tips to help you relax and enjoy Disney every step of the way…

10. Pre-Plan – Nothing has the potential to overwhelm like entering Magic Kingdom (or any other park) without at least some sort of plan. Before you leave home, print out a map and make a route for your day. Once you know your top “to-do’s” you can make Fast Pass reservations and dining reservations if necessary. On the flip side, over-planning could stress you out too. So be sure to have a general idea of where you are going and when – but leave room for flexibility and spontaneity as well.

9. Pack Well – Stress comes when we’re unprepared. Pack with the worst-case scenario in mind, so if that happens, it’s not, well, the worst. What will you need if it rains? (Ponchos.) What if it’s unseasonably cold? (Layers. And at least one pair of pants) What if someone gets sick or injured? (Medication, bandaids, and comfort items.) What if my toddler melts down in line? (Snacks, stickers, interactive apps.) What if my phone dies while my party is separated? (Portable battery charger.) Organize it all well and relax. Oh, and your future self will thank you for packing comfortable shoes.

8. Utilize Park Transportation – The transportation infrastructure at Disney World is amazing and entirely tourist friendly. Use it! Not only will you save on parking fees, you’ll also save yourself the stress of navigating the roadways and parking lots. Search “transportation” on our site for loads of tips to zen the process.

7. Book a Spa Treatment – Nothing says relaxing like spa treatment! Leave time in your schedule to totally unwind with a massage or facial from any of the luxurious on-property spas. Ahhhh….

6. Ship Souvenirs – That thick coffee table book would be such a perfect keepsake… but the thought of carrying it around all day is less than magical. Don’t stress – ship! At the time of purchase you can choose to have your merchandise sent to a designated spot near the park entrance or back to your hotel if you’re staying on WDW property. Or if you’d like, you can have it shipped all the way home via UPS or FedEx.

5. Consider Photo Pass – If getting that perfect shot has you worried, consider just leaving it to the experts. There are photographers everywhere at Disney World. Take advantage of their experience (and their professional gear!) by utilizing photo pass or memory maker. Framable without the frantic.

4. Add Non-Park Days – Park days always contain a little bit of pressure to keep moving, even at a leisurely pace. But if you schedule in non-park days, your time feels a little more fluid and flexible. Sleep in or doze by your resort pool if you want. Or take advantage of unhurried adventures like boat rentals, horseback riding, resort hopping, or mini-golf. Non-park days help you feel more like you’re on vacation if you tend to get overwhelmed by the park crowds.

3. Take a Nap – Going non-stop from open to close will get you the most bang for your Disney buck…but you could end up paying extra from the stress bank. Relax – no Disney police will arrest you if you go back to your room for an afternoon nap. It could be just what you need to recharge your crew for late night fun. Plus you’ll avoid the hottest part of the day. Winning.

2. Ask for Assistance – Having trouble navigating? Need a recommendation? Wondering if a ride is too scary? Stressed about meals? Never fear, cast members are near! Most cast members are the friendliest most helpful people you’ll ever meet. And they are happy to answer all your questions (just remember to be kind – they’re real people, after all). If you’re stressed – they’re the best. They’ve usually got all the answers and info you need to relax, and if they don’t they help you find them.

1. Slow Down – Finally – just chill. Surfers say that vacation is a state of mind. That totally works for Disney too. Laugh. Skip. Sing. Enjoy. Don’t worry if you don’t “do it all”. Slow down and do what you want to do REALLY WELL. If nixing some things adds up to more smiles than stress, then you’re doing your vacation right.

Now you can relax knowing your Disney vacation will be the best! Enjoy the memories!

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