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Top 10 Attractions for Little Ones at Walt Disney World

They might not yet be old enough for school, but your child is a Disney Pro in the making. She’s memorized the theme songs to Sophia the First and Doc McStuffins His favorite shows are Jake & The Neverland Pirates and PJ Masks. She dreams of meeting Elsa, he wants to be like Buzz. The only reason they aren’t glued to Disney Jr. right now is because they want to know when are you taking them to Disney World? With so many attractions to choose from its a good idea to know which are great options to keep your little one engaged in the fun. Of course there are many, many more attractions, and we couldn’t possibly list them all. Little ones enjoy pint sized thrills but with less dramatics. So this list is to help you steer clear of the too fast, loud noises, scary drops and even ones that might be just a little too dark. Continue reading for our top 10 list for the 3 foot and under.

10. Jungle Cruise – Magic Kingdom

This water safari style ride takes guest on a 10-minute exotic river journey through Africa, Asia and South America. Your funny skipper tells quirky jokes and tales while visiting some of the world’s most mysterious locations. Little one’s squeal with delight as you cruise past giant butterflies and behind rushing waterfalls. Although elementary in concept, this ride his a hit for younger guest due to its life like animatronic animals. You won’t get wet on this ride, so there’s no need for a poncho. Just keep an eye out for that headhunter; he’s poking around somewhere.

9. Journey Into Imagination With Figment – EPCOT

Just because they are on vacation doesn’t mean they can’t continue to learn; and in this attraction, just a spoonful of imagination goes a long way. Get set for a ton of surprises as you travel through Dr. Channing’s sensory labs. Your little ones will laugh as they learn about sound, sight, smell, touch and taste on this musical trip with Figment, your playful, purple dragon guide. He’s a little mischievous so keep your eye on him as your little one discovers imagination really works best when set free!

8. Dumbo The Flying Elephant – Magic Kingdom

Based on Disney’s 1941 animated classic this attraction invites the whole family to join Dumbo when discovers his unique ability to fly. During the expansion of Fantasyland, this attraction underwent a major re-Imagineering and the new version features 2 sets of rotating elephants moving in opposite directions as they soar through the air. Little fliers love going up and down as they steer with the handle inside their elephant. Another amazing addition is the circus-themed play area that keeps the little ones having fun before taking flight. Parents relax in ample seating inside the air-conditioned playground while waiting for your reservation to be called. This is another great way to take a break while allowing your kids keep going.

7. The Sea’s with Nemo & Friends – EPCOT

Nemo isn’t lost this time, he’s just kidding around, and your little ones will love pointing him out as he plays hide and seek in this ride. Hop aboard your “clamobile” and descend below the surface into the Big Blue World. Cruise along with Marlin, Dory and friends as you explore colorful reefs and jellyfish. Disney animation rises to a new level when the animated characters from the film swim alongside real fish of the Living Seas aquarium! So go on, jump in.. just keep swimming!!

6. Disney Junior – Live On State! – Hollywood Studios

Pre-schoolers will dance and play in this toddler sized puppet show featuring all of their favorite Disney, Jr. characters. Little eyes glow with wonder as Mickey, Minnie, Sophia the First, Doc McStuffins, Jake and more frolic in this lively show. Little guest learn the importance of teamwork and friendship as Casey, the super energetic Disney Junior host leads the fun. This attraction is a great way to take a break, but keep in mind it is geared towards your little ones.. so that means floor seating only. Remember, criss-cross applesauce.

5. Finding Nemo – The Musical – Animal Kingdom

Yes, there he is again, everyone’s favorite little clownfish; and for good reason too! The likelihood that your little one will want to sit still during a theatrical production is almost slim to none, unless, we are talking about this show. This must-“sea” adventure is a hit with little ones. Original music created just for the show and stunning theatrical puppetry brings Nemo’s world to life and plunges you right into the depths of the “Big Blue World”. Youngsters will be amazed as they look upon a Crush – who is the size of a car! This show is extremely popular and seats fill up quickly. Be sure to check show times and line up early. During the busier months, this show is a great selections for FastPass+. There’s no need to be afraid of the sharks in this production.. fish are still friends, and people too!

4. Turtle Talk with Crush – EPCOT

In speaking of Crush; what kid doesn’t want to meet the coolest turtle ever in person? This interactive show allows Crush to communicate directly with little dudes and dudettes about literally anything that’s on their minds. Kids love watching him swim in his tank as he addresses them by name. Ask him about sea life, tell him your favorite games and of course, you can ask him about his buddies from Finding Nemo. Because of the uniqueness of the show, no two viewings are alike. Show times are every 15 minutes, but be sure to check the show times guide and plan accordingly

3. Peter Pan’s Flight – Magic Kingdom

Take flight towards the moon as you board your very own pirate ship and sail away with Peter Pan. Based on the 1953 film this attractions is a favorite for all ages. Your little darlings with delight as you travel into the nursery of Wendy, Michael and John where they first encounter Peter Pan. After flying past Big Ben and seeing the glittering lights of London you head to Neverland to behold Mermaid Lagoon, Skull Rock and other famous scenes from the movie. Peter Pan’s flight is a very popular ride so it is suggested that you utilize FastPass+ to avoid the lengthy wait time.

2. Prince Charming’s Regal Carousel – Magic Kingdom

There is something magically nostalgic about a ride on a carousel. The merry-go-round at Disney World is no exception. Inspired by Disney’s Cinderella, this ride invites you to gallop through a whirling backdrop of color and sound. Enter the vibrant medieval tent in the courtyard of Cinderella’s castle and board your choice of 90 wood-carved horses—or one chariot. Decorated with flower garlands, feathers, decorative shields and golden helmets each regal steed is unique. Your little one will test his or hers horsemanship as they ride up and down while viewing a menagerie of classic Fantasyland attractions. You might even see Prince Charming on his way to see Her Majesty.

1. Walt Disney World Railroad – Magic Kingdom

The hands down number one attraction for little ones is the Walt Disney World Railroad. Every boy and girl dreams of riding on a choo-choo train one day, and here that dream comes true with extraordinary vision. Embark on a relaxing 20-minute scenic tour of Magic Kingdom on-board an authentic steam-powered train. Adults will celebrate classic Americana as tiny guest squeal at the clamor of the engine, chug of the wheels and the call of the whistle! With stops at Main Street, U.S.A., Frontierland and Fantasyland, it’s the perfect way to preview the magic and get around the park. There are 4 trains running daily, and with scheduled service to arrive at each station every 4 to 10 minutes you never have to worry about waiting a long time to ride.

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