5 Awesome Guest Services Most People Don’t Know About At Walt Disney World

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Walt Disney World offers many guest services that some people don’t know about, such as having a first aid building in each park, or being able to order special gifts to be sent to your room. There are even more services, however, that are provided to Disney guests that are even less well known. These include many services provided to our international friends, and also useful services for those of us who want to add a little something extra to our vacations. Here is a list of five awesome guest services most people don’t know about.

5. Reservations

Guest services is able to help out guests with many things, one of which is reservations! If you need help booking dining reservations, or perhaps tea time at the Floridian, or a massage at the spa at Saratoga Springs Resort, guest services has you covered. Not only that, but they are able to answer any questions you might have about particular restaurants or get you in touch with people better able to help you. This certainly comes in handy, especially if you make a spontaneous trip or would like to change your plans while you are there.

4. Currency exchange

Many of the guests at Disney are international, so a useful service that guest services provides is currency exchange! How great is it that international guests don’t have to take the trouble of finding a bank, but can actually just head straight for guest services at any of the parks or Disney Springs and do it there. This service is a stress free way for our international guests to have one less thing to worry about on such a big trip.

3. Maps in different languages

Guest services can not only exchange foreign currency, but they can also provide maps in different languages as well. International guests do not have to feel intimidated about venturing off in a park without knowing where they are. The maps are provided in several different languages which help to encompass all sorts of guests at the resort. This is another way that Disney helps make their guests feel welcome and invited when they come to the resort.

2. Translation devices

Another excellent service provided by guest services are complimentary translation devices for all international visitors. Known as Ears to the World, these devices can translate up to 25 different languages for guests during one of the many shows in Disney World and are available at all guest relations areas inside each of the parks. This allows guests to fully enjoy and understand all of the magic that Disney has to offer.

1. Special tours

There are so many different tours that are available throughout the Disney World resort, such as Keys to the Kingdom, Behind the Seeds, Wild Africa Trek and many more! If you decide you would like to do one of these tours during your stay and are unable to call ahead, head over to guest services and see what might be available and what you have to do to be included in the next tour! They can answer questions you have on what might be involved, if there are age limits or other restrictions and how much each tour costs. Don’t hesitate to utilize these and more special services on your next trip to Disney World! Check out The Keys to The Kingdom Tour Review – 10 Reasons You’ll Love This Behind The Scenes Tour

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