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The Ultimate runDisney Packing List

With Walt Disney World’s marathon weekend just around the corner, we know many runners are getting that suitcase ready. Packing for Walt Disney World is a lot of work overall, but add in a runDisney race, and packing stress can get extreme.

We will help you ease that stress with a quick and easy packing list for those runDisney weekends. Use this list to help you pack and be ready to run those magical miles.

Shoes with good support


Let’s start with the basics, and that is clothing. When packing for a runDisney race, you must go through everything you need from head to toe. Doing this can help ensure you don’t forget something essential to running.

Start with your shoes. First and foremost, make sure you have your running shoes packed and ready. These should be shoes you have done a handful of trial runs with before the race. We recommend packing these in your carry-on if you are flying. This eliminates some stress knowing they are with you.

After running shoes, consider what shoes will keep your feet happy following the races. Are there sandals that will allow them to breathe, or do you need other tennis shoes to help with comfort? We also recommend having a few pairs of shoes for a Disney trip; this becomes even more important when doing runDisney events.

Run Disney Event Disney World


Think through what you will wear for each race you plan to run. If you plan to do a costume, make sure you do at least one practice run to allow time for adjustments. You don’t want something that will rub or be uncomfortable.

Since you will be standing outside for a while before the race, consider investing in cheap throw-away layers. Purchase sweatshirts or sweatpants that you can easily toss to the side of the race as you begin to warm up. Disney does collect these and donates them.

Compression socks are an excellent item to have along the following races. These can help keep your legs happy following extended miles.

As with every Disney vacation, layers are essential for runDisney events. Think through how you can layer what you are running in. Since the races start in the early mornings, they will be cooler. But as the sun rises, Florida’s heat can quickly increase the temperatures. Layers are a great way to battle those elements.


Weather Items

Don’t forget to pack for the weather. runDisney races have seen extreme cold to wet to hot and humid temperatures. Think about what you need to navigate these elements during a run. Often runners will have throw-away ponchos or even garbage sacks if it is rainy before the races. This can keep you dry and warmer as you wait.

If you are looking at warmer temperatures, think about cooling rags that can help keep your body temperature down as you run.

When it is cold, runners often invest in Mylar blankets. These are small but keep your body warm. Hand warmers, gloves, hats, and lots of layers can be extremely helpful in staying warm before and after a runDisney event.

Also, think about your shoes when it comes to rain. Do you have a good backup pair of running shoes you can bring? No one wants to consider the worst-case scenario, but doing so can help you be more prepared.

chaffing stick
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Disney is great at having medical personnel throughout the race, but consider having some medicine with you. You can keep these items at your Resort for post-race recovery or toss them in your running belt.

The number one item we recommend along with you is an anti-chaffing stick. Having one of these with you can help prevent chaffing from becoming extremely painful during a race. You can use it to be proactive before the race in those common problem areas and have it with you to battle those areas that sneak up on you during the race.

We also always bring Aquaphor with us. This helps recovery when areas have chaffed or are uncomfortable. Don’t forget bandaids and blister medicine as well. Again, Disney will have medicine tents; however, having these items in your Disney Resort hotel room will be a huge help.

Finally, don’t forget the typical medicine you would always travel with. Ibuprofen, Tylenol, stomach medicine, allergy medicine, and any other over-the-counter medications you might typically have with you; toss those in as well. Your body will be put through a lot during these runDisney weekends, and having essential medicine along will be helpful for recovery.

Amazon Headphones
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Make sure that you have your running gear ready to go. Have headphones charged, portable chargers ready, and sunglasses prepared. Bib clips that you prefer are also good to toss into your suitcase. We are over-packers, so that we would have double these critical items, but that is just us.

Think about what items you run with at home and make sure that those are packed and ready. Do you always use a running pouch? Do you bring chapstick and kleenex along? Going over what you usually run with will help you gather your gear and ensure you don’t forget anything important.

bottled water
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Finally, don’t forget that you need to refuel. Water, hydration, electronics, and snacks are so important during a runDisney weekend. You are up super early, meaning many food options aren’t opened at Disney.

Make sure you have items to fuel before and after the race to help your body prepare and recover.

A lot goes into preparing for a runDisney race, and it isn’t just all the training miles. We hope this packing list will help you prepare for your next Walt Disney World runDisney race. Haven’t you signed up yet? See why you should HERE. What to know where to stay at Walt Disney World during a runDisney event? Check that out HERE.




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