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The Attractions We Always Avoid in Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is arguably the most beautiful of all Disney Parks. The lush vegetation found throughout the theme park provides a sense of peace and tranquility amongst the crowds. While it’s the largest of the Disney Parks, in terms of the land that it covers, it’s the Disney Park that has the fewest rides. As such, Disney’s Animal Kingdom often doesn’t need a full day to explore.

The Walt Disney World Resort theme park is a great place to spend a morning, afternoon, or evening. Some Guests may refer to it as a half-day Park. We love to begin the day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, experiencing the attractions, meeting the Disney characters, and seeing all the animals. Early Theme Park Entry helps to maximize the attractions you can experience in the morning. Evenings are also a beautiful time to visit, when the sun is setting, and the crowds may be lower due to other Guests leaving to see Disney fireworks in another Disney Park.

Tree of Life
Credit: V Mills

It’s easy to experience everything in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in one day, even with lengthy lines for Expedition Everest, Kilimanjaro Safaris, and Avatar Flight of Passage. However, if you only plan to spend part of the day in the Disney Park, you may be required to skip some attractions. Please keep reading to learn about the attractions we always avoid in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Kali River Rapids

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is known to be the hottest Disney Park in the Walt Disney World Resort. Therefore, it is the ideal place for a water ride that can drench you. Kali River Rapids in Asia is a thrilling whitewater adventure with a dark story. It explains the damage humans are doing to parts of our beautiful world and the devastation they are causing. Prepare to plummet down a 20-foot drop after passing through raging waterfalls. You won’t stay dry at this Disney attraction.

However, we can’t help but skip Kali River Rapids. If we need to escape the heat, you’ll find us at The Festival of the Lion King or Finding Nemo: the Big Blue World… and Beyond! We prefer to stay dry while cooling off in the AC.

Kali River Rapids
Credit: WDW Magazine

Fossil Fun Games

Fossil Fun Games is ideal if you’re looking to have the opportunity to win a prize while having fun. DinoLand U.S.A. has several carnival-style games that are themed around dinosaurs. Compete against one another to see who is the best gamer. Alternatively, aim to be the best and win a dino-inspired prize. To join in the fun, you must purchase vouchers from the souvenir stand in the games area of Chester and Hester’s Dinosaur Treasure.

While we love the idea of Fossil Fun Games, we generally find ourselves walking by. We don’t need a prize to carry around for the rest of our day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We also prefer to spend the money on something other than the vouchers required to play.

Fossil Fun Games
Credit: Flickr

It’s Tough to be a Bug!

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a bug? It’s Tough to be a Bug! in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park allows you to find out. Guests venture down into the roots of the Tree of Life before witnessing a 3D film and live show inspired by the Disney Pixar film, A Bug’s Life (1998). It sounds great until you realize some surprises await you inside the theatre!

We love the idea, but we prefer to pass on this attraction. We don’t like the suspense as you are waiting for the next sensory surprise that is waiting for you. You either love or hate this attraction! Let’s say you’ll always find us passing on it.

It's Tough to be a Bug!
Credit: Inside The Magic

TriceraTop Spin

You’ll TriceraTop Spin in DinoLand U.S.A. Guests sit in their own TriceraTop and rotate around the central arm. They can use the controls to raise, lower, and tilt their dinosaur forwards and backward while in flight. You may be thinking that it sounds familiar. Well, you’re right! TriceraTop Spin resembles Magic Kingdom attractions, including The Magic Carpets of Aladdin, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, and AstroOrbiter. For this reason, you’ll find us avoiding the attraction. We prefer the magical experience of one of the Magic Kingdom attractions instead. 

TriceraTop Spin
Credit: Disney

Wilderness Explorers

If you’ve ever wanted to become a Wilderness Explorer like Russel from Up! (2009), Disney’s Animal Kingdom makes it possible. Throughout the Disney Park, Wilderness Explorer stations are found. Guests can stop at each one and participate in fun, nature-themed challenges. Upon completion of each challenge, they will receive a Wilderness Explorer badge. With over twenty-five badges to collect, you have quite a mission to pursue. While you can join in the fun at any station, it is recommended that you begin at the Wilderness Explorers Headquarters, located on the bridge that connects Oasis to Discovery Island. 

We love the idea of the Wilderness Explorers in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park. Collecting badges in your handbook is a great souvenir to take home. It’s also free. However, the activity is best suited for the little ones in your party. Stopping by each station can also take up time within your day. So, if you’re short on time when visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we recommend skipping this attraction.

Wilderness Explorers
Credit: Disney

Do you agree with our choices? Which attractions in Disney’s Animal Kingdom do you generally avoid? Are these on your list to experience or avoid during your next Walt Disney World vacation?

Are you wondering about the attractions to avoid in other Disney Parks? We’ve shared the ones we avoid when visiting EPCOT and Magic Kingdom.

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