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The Secret Exit Most Guests Don’t Know About on Pirates of the Caribbean

Magic Kingdom Park contains some of the best-hidden details at Walt Disney World. From classic attractions to immersive dining experiences, Disney World’s flagship Park has it all if you know where to look.

One classic attraction is Pirates of the Caribbean. This iconic Adventureland attraction brings Guests into the setting of sunken ships, battles, and ransacked island town overrun by mischievous pirates, including one rather famous pirate with Captain Jack Sparrow.

When the ride comes to an end, and Guests are asked to “gather their treasures,” as they leave the boats to move toward the exit, there is actually a secret way out back to Adventureland that most Guests do not know about.


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The hidden exit at the end of the ride at Pirates of the Caribbean is actually the accessible exit. Many Guests do not tend to look for the accessible exit back up to Adventureland since the regular exit is a moving ramp rather than steps, but the accessible exit can still be helpful for those who need it.

To find the alternative exit, stay to the left and turn where you see the wheelchair symbol on the wall prior to getting on the moving walkway. There, you will find an elevator you can take if that is the best alternative for you or anyone in your party to the moving walkway, or a set of stairs, if you are looking to get away from the crowd.

The stairs can be useful for Guests who have service dogs with them or who feel claustrophobic or have difficulty moving along in crowds.

Still not sure where the other exit is? Take a look at this video by @magicbandsandtrashcans:


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The second exit at Pirates of the Caribbean does not lead right into the gift shop. Rather it brings Guests back out into Adventureland. If you are looking for the gift shop, though, it is only a short walk away, and you will be able to shop without being caught in the crowded bottleneck of Guests leaving the ride.

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the most popular attractions for families visiting Magic Kingdom Park as there is no height requirement, and with the exception of the one small drop the ride is free of movement-based thrills and appropriate for all types of riders. And, the alternative exit can make navigating this attraction based on your specific needs even easier.

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