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Hold On! You Forgot to Do What at Disney?

As you plan your upcoming Walt Disney World vacation, you might have learned that everyone has an opinion. People will want to share their views on where you should eat, which Disney Resort is the best, and everything in between. We want to help you organize all these suggestions while ensuring you get everything big while at Walt Disney World. When you return, you don’t want to face the constant- wait; you didn’t do that comment. Before heading to Walt Disney World, we have the significant experiences you will want to ensure you have on your must-do list.

TRON Lightcycle/Run, Magic Kingdom
Credit: V Mills

Top Rides

While visiting Walt Disney World, you want to take advantage of the big rides. These rides are the ones that bring new technology and thrills to guests in each of the four parks.

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, experience Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance. This is more than a ride it is an experience. It puts guests right into the action of the Star Wars universe. Guests join Rey and others to fight against the First Order. Years after opening, this ride remains one of the best in Walt Disney World.

In Magic Kingdom, Tron: Lightcycle Run is the newest coaster you want to take advantage of. A big update to Magic Kingdom: Tron is a fantastic coaster. The launch and amazing outdoor section are both breathtaking. Join the virtual queue or purchase an Individual Lightning Lane to avoid missing out.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in EPCOT is a high-speed, thrilling coaster not to miss. A race through the galaxy, this coaster brings the first reverse launch to Walt Disney World. If you love thrills, get a virtual queue and an Individual Lightning Lane for this ride.

As you head to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, you will want to experience Avatar: Flight of Passage. Fly on the back of a banshee as you experience the beauty of Pandora. This ride will appeal to all your senses. Like Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance, Avatar: Flight of Passage remains trendy years after opening.

Once back home, many will ask if you experienced these top rides while on your Walt Disney World vacation.

Mickey Mouse, Town Square Theater, Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Meet Characters

Another must-do while on a Disney vacation is to visit some Disney characters. Everyone will want to know if you met any characters while at Disney.

Even if you aren’t a huge fan of meeting characters, consider meeting Mickey Mouse. Luckily, Mickey Mouse makes his way to all four Disney parks, making it easy to stop by no matter which park you visit.

This is another fantastic meet and greet if you can find the stepsisters in Magic Kingdom around the castle. They are hilarious and great for a good laugh.

At least visit Mickey at some point during your trip so when people ask, you can show everyone your great pictures.

Happily Ever After from Main Street, Magic Kingdom
Credit: V Mills

See the Nighttime Shows

A considerable part of the Disney magic is the nighttime shows. Everyone will want to know if you could see the fireworks at Magic Kingdom, and you definitely should.

Happily Ever After is the magical nighttime show in Magic Kingdom. This show combines fireworks, projections, and a fantastic musical score. All these elements combine to make a moving and magical show that every Disney guest should see at least once.

Fantasmic is the other must-see nighttime show. Down Sunset Boulevard at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, guests can enjoy Fantasmic most nights. This show uses water projections, pyrotechnics, live-action characters, and, once again, magic. The newly updated show is fantastic, bringing in new scenes from beloved movies such as Frozen 2 (2019) and Moana (2016), which are excellent new addition to the show..

The nighttime shows are must-do experiences at Walt Disney World. Disney creates a truly unbelievable nighttime show that you won’t want to miss.

Pirates of the Caribbean
Credit: Disney

Do the Classics

It wouldn’t be a trip to Walt Disney World without riding on some of the classic attractions. Even though you might find some a little silly, these classic attractions made Disney special.

In Magic Kingdom, head to Fantasyland for a ride on it’s a small world and Peter Pan’s Flight. Once you are done, walk to The Haunted Mansion and wrap up with Pirates of the Caribbean. These classic rides are what make Disney magic for guests.

The same goes for Spaceship Earth and Living with the Land in EPCOT. These two rides are a part of Disney’s history. They show how EPCOT focused on edutainment. An excellent combination of entertainment and education is what these two rides bring to guests.

Although the thrilling coasters are must-dos, a Disney trip is also about experiencing the company’s history. These classic rides are a huge part of the magic and continue to be to this day.

Walt Disney World Monorail System
Credit: V Mills


This one might surprise some, but you will also want to experience the Disney transportation options during your trip. The Disney monorail and skyliner are two unique transportation options others will want to know about after your trip.

Even if you aren’t staying at a Disney resort with direct access to these two modes of transportation, take a ride on them at some point during your trip. Use the skyliner to explore Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort or to get between EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

We love taking the monorail around to the three Disney resorts on the monorail loop. It is fun to visit these resorts for a snack, a meal at one of the great restaurants, or just to walk around. They are all so different and so much fun to explore.

Put the skyliner or monorail on your list of experiences to do.

Don’t return from your Walt Disney World vacation to have others question what you did or didn’t do. These top experiences are on your radar before heading to Walt Disney World. Doing so will avoid anyone saying, “Hold On, you forgot to do what at Disney?”.

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