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Exceptional Quick Service Options in Magic Kingdom

Knowing where you want to eat during your Walt Disney World vacation is just as important as figuring out where you will stay. There are so many dining options throughout Walt Disney World that if you don’t take time to plan, you might find yourself frustrated.

When visiting Magic Kingdom, Guests can choose from table-service or quick-service locations for meals. Table service locations such as Cinderella’s Royal Table, Be Our Guest, Liberty Tree Tavern, and Skipper Canteen require reservations to eat at during your visit. These can be made on the My Disney Experience website or app starting 60 days before your vacation.

The other option for Guests is quick service locations. Here Guests order their food either through the My Disney Experience app or at a counter and then pick up their food once it is prepared. Most of these locations are giant dining hall atmospheres.

There are many quick service options throughout Magic Kingdom, but not all are created equal. We will look at more exceptional options for your upcoming Walt Disney World vacation.

Columbia Harbour House
Credit: Disney

Columbia Harbour House- Liberty Square

Our top choice for quick-service dining at Magic Kingdom is Columbia Harbour House. There is so much to love about this attractive location. First, the menu options are unique, giving Guests a variety of options they don’t typically find at other quick service locations in Magic Kingdom.

We enjoy ordering the trio platter that gives us chicken nuggets for the picky eaters but fish and shrimp for those that enjoy something different. Guests can also enjoy a lobster roll, grilled salmon, and shrimp boil. It isn’t just the main entrees that we enjoy here either. The sides, such as hushpuppies, green beans, and clam chowder, are a nice variety and change of pace from the Disney fries (which we love).

The other reason we love Columbia Harbour House is the often available upstairs dining area. Although there is a large downstairs seating area, Guests can often go upstairs, where they will find additional seating. This quiet area is perfect for stepping away from the crowds and heat of the Magic Kingdom.

We enjoy relaxing up in this area, where if you grab a window seat, you can people-watch as they head through Liberty Square. There are also a lot of incredible decorations throughout the ding area. They are fun to look at and see if you can catch all the hidden touches.

The combination of great food options and a large, comfortable seating area makes Columbia Harbour House in Liberty Square our top quick service option in Magic Kingdom.

Friar Nook Magic Kingdom
Credit: Disney

Friar’s Nook- Fantasyland

Friar’s Nook is our next pick for exceptional quick service in Magic Kingdom. This smaller quick-service location has limited seating, but the food is fantastic. One of the few areas in Magic Kingdom that offers breakfast, we enjoy the breakfast sandwiches, tots with sausage gravy, and the delicious cinnamon-sugar doughnuts.

During lunch, we enjoy the different loaded tots offered throughout the year. The creamy bacon macaroni and cheese tots are a delicious option. This is an entree you can find anywhere else in the Magic Kingdom, which is why Friar’s Nook is an exceptional choice.

This location does get busy, so make sure you use mobile order to snag your pick-up window. Having mobile orders will allow you to skip the long standby lines during those busy meal times. We also suggest looking for seats as you wait for your order to be ready. We like to sneak over towards Gaston’s Tavern or The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, where we can find quieter areas.

casey's corner on main street

Casey’s Corner- Main Street, U.S.A.

With a small and limited menu, Casey’s Corner is still an excellent quick-service option at Magic Kingdom. This iconic quick-service location is found at the end of Main Street, U.S.A., and provides fantastic views of Cinderella Castle with the outside tables.

Here Guests can choose from various hot dogs or precious corn dog nuggets. Make sure you add the cheese sauce to add a little extra to your meal. If you want to have dinner at Casey’s Corner, make sure you use mobile order as it gets hectic throughout the day. With limited seating, make sure you think about eating at an off time. Have an early or late meal to avoid those most popular dining times between 11 and 1 and 5 and 7.

If you plan it right, you can catch glimpses of one of the great cavalcades.

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe- Tomorrowland

Our final quick service option at Magic Kingdom is Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Tomorrowland. This dining location has a more traditional menu regarding entree options. You will see options such as chicken nuggets and burgers, but you can also find some salad and noodle bowls.

If you choose Cosmic Ray’s as your dining option, make sure you visit Sonny Eclipse, who will be playing stellar music for your entertainment.

spring roll cart
Credit DisneyDining

Adventureland Spring Roll Cart- Adventureland

Not an official quick service location, but one of our top dining choices at Magic Kingdom is the Adventureland Spring Roll Cart. All you can find here are spring rolls, but they are fantastic. We love the cheeseburger and pepperoni spring rolls; however, all the flavors have been delicious. Don’t skip out on this snack!

As you prepare for your Walt Disney World trip and your visit to Magic Kingdom, make sure you plan where you will eat. If you eat at one of the quick service locations, you will want to pick one of these exceptional quick service options. These provide both excellent food and location within the Magic Kingdom.



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