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Magic Kingdom Snacks You Simply Cannot Miss

Let’s talk about one of the most fundamental aspects of any Disney trip – the SNACKS! No matter if it is your first time to Disney or your 300th, the iconic snacks available in the parks are definitely something to look forward to. Here are some of the delightful treats with think you should prioritize the next time you are in Disney parks!

The great thing about Walt Disney World is that depending on the time of year you visit everything could change! There are so many seasonal options, especially in the snack department. But here are some of the staples we think no matter the season is worth the stomach space.

Ice Cream Bar

Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar

Imagine this – it is 95* outside, you just stood in a 70-minute line for Big Thunder Mountain. It has been a few hours since lunch and the whole family is getting cranky. You know what the perfect remedy for that is? An ice cold Mickey Premium Ice Cream Bar. Exit the ride and walk right over to the snack cart by the entrance of the attraction. (In reality – you can find this snack any where you see an outdoor food cart in any theme park).

This ice cream bar is vanilla ice cream on a stick. It is Mickey shaped (of course) and dipped in dark chocolate. I WILL WARN YOU THOUGH. It melts fast and is MESSY. Grab a handful of napkins from the dispenser by the register and you will be prepared. I have seen so many emotional melt-downs saved because of a simple sugar boost with this snack. You won’t regret it!

HINT! Target now sells these bars in their frozen section. If you are missing Disney a little bit, head to the store and grab a box of these! It will make you feel right at home.

spring roll cart
Credit DisneyDining

Spring Rolls – Magic Kingdom

Just outside of the Adventureland sign in Magic Kingdom sits probably my favorite snack cart of all. These spring rolls are just filling enough to get me through until my next dining reservation, but not too big of a serving. And MAN are they good. The flavors tend to change every once in a while so be aware of that. The menu has not changed since the start of the 50th anniversary celebration, so it may change again in March.

Currently, the cart sells a cheeseburger spring roll, which is basically just like a cheeseburger in spring roll form. This comes with a secret sauce – it is mayo based, almost like an aioli. There is also currently a 50th anniversary spring roll, which has pastrami and pepper jack cheese. That is served with a yummy mustard dipping sauce. There has also been a pizza spring roll in the past, and I honestly couldn’t tell you which one is my favorite. They are all amazing!

casey's corner on main street

Corn Dog Nuggets – Magic Kingdom

I don’t think I could ever get sick of these corn dog nuggets. Located at Casey’s Corner at the end of Main Street, these are a MUST try. Put these at the absolute top of your list. They are delicious, not messy, easy to eat, and easy to transport! If we are in a rush and need to get going, I will stick them in my bag and have them as snacks as we are waiting in line for rides.

Casey’s Corner does offer mobile ordering, but I will say that it takes a LONG time to prepare around fireworks time. This is the only quick service restaurant on Main Street, and everyone who is there might have the same idea as you. Give it about 30-45 minutes and you’ll be good to go! I like to order them long before I know I will need them, that way I am not wasting my time standing in the restaurant waiting.

TIP: Be sure to ask for some cheese sauce with them!

Cinnamon roll at Gaston's Tavern
credit: Disney

Warm Cinnamon Roll

One of my favorite traditions when I was a kid was being allowed to have a cinnamon roll bigger than my face when we went to Disney. These used to be served on Main Street at the Main Street Bakery. When that was switched over to serving Starbucks products (yay good coffee) I was DEVASTATED because I thought we had lost the cinnamon rolls forever. I was so delighted to discover they had just been moved to Gaston’s Tavern!

Back in the Enchanted Forest of Fantasyland sits Gaston’s Tavern. You know you have found it when you spot the Gaston fountain in the front. Grab one of these deliciously warm cinnamon rolls and take a seat. Don’t forget a fork and a knife because this thing is a sticky mess! Plus the great thing is that this snack is served ALL DAY. Not only is it a fantastic breakfast item, but it also makes one decadent dessert.

Waffle from Sleepy Hollow at Magic Kingdom
credit: Disney

Nutella Waffle Sandwich

This dish is only offered in the morning, so it is best to make this one of your first stops of the day. Over in Liberty Square you can find Sleepy Hollow Refreshments. They serve funnel cakes and a chicken waffle sandwich throughout the day. This amazing dish has a warm waffle topped with a generous spread of Nutella and fresh fruit. I love stopping here in the morning and grabbing a table with a beautiful view of Cinderella Castle! It is honestly one of the best ways to start a day at Magic Kingdom Park.

View of Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

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