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Dangerous Disney Decisions To Make

As you are planning and preparing for your Walt Disney World vacation do you feel like every decision you make will make or break your trip?  These dangerous decisions can be extremely stressful as you are planning what is supposed to be a magical vacation.

We want you to put the stress aside.  We will break down some of the top decisions you have to make when planning a Disney vacation and why they aren’t going to be so dangerous after all.

Caribbean Beach Resort
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Where To Stay

One of the first and biggest decisions that you have to make when planning a Walt Disney World Resort vacation is where to stay.  This might seem dangerous as there are so many Resorts to choose from you don’t want to pick the wrong one.  We are here to tell you, that no matter what you pick, it will be great.

Disney has so many Resorts because they know that not everyone coming to Walt Disney World is the same.  We all have different needs and different priorities when it comes to our Disney vacation.  Because of this, Disney provides Guests with three different Resort categories.  Value, moderate, and deluxe are the three categories to choose from in Disney.  Each provides different Guests with a different price point and different amenities.

Make this dangerous decision easier but think about what you want out of your Disney Resort.  We even have some suggestions HERE to help walk you through this process.  Take time to think through big factors such as room size, pools, location, and dining.  When you think about those things and what is important to you, it will make choosing a Resort a lot less scary.

Disney Animal Kingdom
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Hopping or Not Hopping

You probably didn’t even know that Park Hopping was a thing until you started to research for your Disney vacation.  This is an additional feature that Guests can add to their Walt Disney World ticket for a flat fee.  Trying to determine if you want to add this feature can seem like a major decision, but we assure you it isn’t.

Like with choosing a Resort, determining if Park Hopping should be added is all about what works for your family.  If you like to take your time and smell the roses, then a Park Hopper might not make sense.  Those of us that like to complete as many rides as possible in a day need a Park Hopper to get everywhere we want.

Think about when you will be up in the morning, how late you will be staying at the Resort, and if you are planning on taking breaks or not.  Doing this will help you think through if a Park Hopper is worth the additional cost or not.  Worst-case scenario, you can add the feature once you are in Disney.

Caseys Corner Magic Kingdom
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All the Food

Most of us don’t know what is for dinner until a few hours before, but Disney asks Guests to think about their plans two months ahead of time. This can seem like dangerous territory as you try to figure out what your family will want to do sixty days ahead of time.

First of all, know that there are a lot of great quick service meals throughout Walt Disney World Parks and the Walt Disney World Resorts.  If you don’t get dining reservations made or you choose not to make dining reservations, that is completely fine.  No need to panic.

If having a few sit-down meals sounds like a good plan, do some research on the different dining options available to you.  There are character meals, buffets, family-style, and pre-fixe options  Knowing what will work the best for your family will help narrow down your choices making it a lot easier.

Don’t let food stress you out when planning a Disney vacation.  There will be tons of it and everyone will be fine.

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A new major decision that Guests have to make when planning a Disney trip is if they are going to use the new Genie+ feature of My Disney Experience.  At $15 per person per day, this isn’t a cheap feature for many families traveling to Walt Disney World.  It might feel like if you make the wrong decision your whole trip will be ruined.  That isn’t the case.

We definitely think there are pros and cons to Genie+, but keep in mind that you need to know how to use it to make it worth it.  Do some research on How to Disney to learn about Genie+.  Doing this will help you not only understand the system but also be able to make a better-informed decision about if you want to use it.

Don’t get stressed over Genie+.  Take time to learn about it and then determine if it will be worth the extra cost for your family or not.

Wishes Dessert Party

Adding Extras

Once you have determined where to stay, bought those tickets, and determined dining, then there is all this extra stuff you can pay for.  This is a dangerous area because if you get wrapped up in all the extras, you can really blow your budget.

Remember that Disney itself is the experience and you don’t always need to add all the extra in order to have a magical time.  We have a few suggestions HERE on where it might be a good place to spend extra money during your Disney vacation.  Keep in mind once again that everyone is different.  Really look into the experience to determine if you will really enjoy the additional experience or if are you doing it just because.

Planning a Walt Disney World vacation might seem super dangerous and scary, but we hope that breaking down some of the overwhelming steps will help you as you plan.  As always, head to How to Disney for more planning tips and tricks.

Jennifer Retzlaff

Jennifer became a lifelong Disney fan during her first trip to Walt Disney World in 6th grade. From that moment, Disney became a big part of her life. She quickly started to introduce her love of Disney to her family with a Disney honeymoon and then family trips when her youngest was 18 months old. She loves the magic that Disney brings to people through theme parks, cruises, and adventures. As a teacher, she tries to bring Disney magic into her classroom to help kids believe that “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.” She is also part of the Magic Vacation Planner team as a personal travel advisor. With this team, she can now help others plan magical vacations. She loves bringing her love to Disney to readers with How to Disney.

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