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10 Ways Walt Disney World Resort Brainwashes Its Guests

Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL is the most popular vacation destination in all the world and it’s not hard to see why. There are so many activities and thrills to offer each and every guest and so many delightful places to eat, drink and be merry. However, there is a notion that some trickery is going on within this “Most Magical Place on Earth”. A little bit of brainwashing if you will. I, as a responsible Disney fanatic, did my own investigation into this claim and came up with some pretty interesting findings. The following are my 10 reasons Walt Disney World is in fact, BRAINWASHING ITS GUESTS!!!

10. Overloaded senses

All throughout Walt Disney World you will notice many different types of ways that they are attempting to overload our senses. We see the most amazing sights, we smell the most delectable scents, we feel the most unbelievable joy, and we hear the most tantalizing sounds. This can definitely cause ones senses to be taken over. This in turn causes us to want more and more, otherwise known as brainwashing.

9. Infectious happiness

When traveling to Walt Disney World be prepared to be overcome with infectious happiness. You will see and hear so many other people having such an amazing time that it can lead to uncontrollable smiling and laughing and even at times tears of joy. This creates an almost addictive need to experience this type of happiness over and over again.

8. You can let go of your cares and escape reality

One thing that Walt Disney World does as well if not better than any other resort on the planet is offers escapism. While on vacation at WDW you can get away from the cares of the world if only for a short time. It is one of the most amazing unique escapes. This causes Disney fans young and old to have a strong desire to return over and over again. A slight form of brainwashing indeed.

7. Sparks our imaginations

Walt Disney’s imagination helped to create some of the most amazing experiences that can be somewhat infectious. While vacationing in Walt Disney World guests can sometimes feel a little spark of imagination and sometimes want to run with it. This makes them believe that if they can dream it, they can do it. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I sense a slight bit of brain washing going on here for sure.

6. Adults can let out their inner child

While on vacation at Walt Disney World you’ll notice at any given time adult after adult acting very child like. Try not to be alarmed, this is a pretty typical occurrence all over WDW. I liken it to a famous Walt Disney quote, “Adults are only kids grown up, anyway”. This creates a sense that even though we are adults, it is ok to act like a child…….Brainwashing indeed…..

5. Eating becomes an experience

Walt Disney World takes all dining to a whole new level. There are no normal eating establishments here. You can go from eating some nachos in the wild west at Pecos Bill Tall Tale Cafe to grabbing a bratwurst and a beer at Sommerfest in Germany at Epcot. Then if you want to go all out you can eat inside Cinderella’s Castle and be treated like a prince or princess. This does not make it any easier to eat at a normal restaurant when you get home from your vacation. Brainwashing?? I think so……

4. There are no rides but amazing attractions

Walt Disney World is the only theme park in the world with absolutely no rides. However there are a bountiful amount of attractions all throughout. This is how it has been since Walt Disney first conceived Disneyland. He did not want to just build rides he wanted to build experiences that would make guests keep coming back for more. This is apparent even with every new attraction built today. From the beginning of the queue to the exit, each and every attraction tells a story. It really makes it hard to go to other theme parks that only have “rides”. Brainwashing. mmmm hmm.

3. Fantasy comes alive

Where else in the world can you go to one place and see an enormous castle, visit 11 different countries in an afternoon, interact with many different characters from beloved movies, travel back in time and to the future that never was, all in the same day. These as well as so many other fantastic experiences that guests have while at Walt Disney World allow us to believe that fantasy is alive and well. This could be considered brainwashing, but in a good way!

2. Causes us to forget the meaning of the word “budget”

In my many travels to Walt Disney World one thing is certain, my wallet will be a little thinner upon returning. I usually set a budget prior to leaving however upon entering that first gift shop the budget is thrown out the window. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what causes this lack of control. Disney knows what they are doing by teasing us with new clothing designs and so may different pins and collectibles. I can never leave with just 1 or 2. Brain and bank account washing for sure.

1. They take the holidays to the extreme.

Disney is know as a company that spares no expense when it comes to creating an experience for guests. This is shown epically during any holiday throughout the year. Walt Disney World takes Christmas, Halloween, 4th of July, New Years Eve and many other holidays to the extreme. It creates a bit of disappointment when experiencing these holidays away from WDW. Thus making us want to spend as many holidays as possible at Disney. Although this method seems more subtle than others; it is still another form of…you guessed it…brainwashing!

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