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10 Totally Treatable Walt Disney World Obsessions


What are you obsessing over? Take a trip to Walt Disney World for an instant fix to what consumes you…

10. Speed Obsession – Do you have a need for speed? Disney is here to please. With rides like Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, Rockin’ Roller Coaster, and (my personal fave) Test Track, Walt Disney World knows how to pack a punch for thrill seekers. And since park ticket prices are less than speeding ticket prices, you’d be wise to choose these coasters as your cure.

9. Collectible Obsession – Just. One. More. What are you collecting…Pins? Pennies? Crystals? Popcorn Buckets? There’s no doubt that Disney merchandise is absolutely adorable and worth your feverish obsession. And true collectors realize that no website order satisfies the way that an in-park addition ever could.

8. Food Obsession – Do you have a highly refined palate? Do you identify with Anton Ego? “I don’t like food. I LOVE it.” A trip to Disney World can totally feed your obsession – literally. With fine dining like Victoria and Alberts or The Hollywood Brown Derby, you will never want for flavor and style at Disney World. Eating your way around World Showcase might just be akin to heaven for an avid foodie.

7. Sweet Obsession – Some may argue this is a repeat point to #8. Oh, no. Those of us with sweet obsessions know the difference. I couldn’t care less about meals. But desserts? Yes, please. Always. And Disney World has my back every time. I mean, have you tried the waffle sandwich? Read this and drool, my sweet-obsessed friends.

6. Tech Obsession – I have a friend who grew up on everything Disney. She was bred as a fanatic…but her husband was not. It didn’t take long to convert him though. Why? Tech obsession. His engineering mind loves going to Disney to figure out how everything works. And with new imagineering always happening, he and other tech-obsessed individuals will never be lacking for entertainment.

5. Thespian Obsession – Can’t get enough live theater? If the world is a stage, then Disney World is a stage-lover’s stage. The productions in WDW are top notch in every way. And if theater performances weren’t enough, there are numerous street performances that make you feel like you’re constantly living your thespian dream. Don’t just play the Disney guest; you must BE the Disney guest.

4. Photography Obsession – Photographers must get giddy when they walk into Disney World. There’s literally a new and amazing photo op with every step. Disney World is art. Obsess no longer, artists – come capture it!

3. Water Obsession – Do you long to live in your swimsuit? Do you use recorded ocean sounds to lull you to sleep? If you can’t get enough H2O, then Disney World beckons you. Not only does WDW boast two uniquely themed water parks, but you can also enjoy pretty much any water sport you desire on one of the lakes: tubing, jet skiing, parasailing, boating, or fishing to name a few. Or perhaps floating in a refreshing pool is more your style. All of the resorts will fit the bill for one-of-a-kind aquatic atmospheres.

2. Travel Obsession – If you crave cultural experiences, look no further than Epcot’s World Showcase. For travel buffs, it’s a one-stop shop! A trip around the world has never been easier. Enjoy the arts, tastes, and traditions of eleven countries. And since cast members in each of the pavilions are actual country natives, authenticity is second only to a literal trip across the ocean.

1. Disney Obsession – The final obsession can ONLY be fulfilled on Disney property. If you daydream about parades and doodle princesses on napkins, if you own more character shirts than jeans and read more Disney blogs than newspapers – then you definitely have a Disney obsession. If you craft Disney, cook Disney, watch Disney, wear Disney, breathe Disney, sleep Disney…then it only makes sense to DO Disney as often as you possibly can. I know I do! 🙂

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Photo courtesy of Disney Photo Snapper

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