10 Things We Love About Victoria & Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Victoria and Albert's

Did you know that Walt Disney World is home to the only AAA 5 diamond restaurant in central Florida? Introducing Victoria & Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. If you haven’t yet had the pleasure to experience a meal here, be sure to put it on your bucket list. If you are still unsure if it’s worth the splurge, then here are 10 reasons to sway you in the right direction.

10. Atmosphere & Ambiance

Victoria & Alberts’s is a world unto itself. Just inside the white french doors awaits an oasis of opulence and luxury. Your Maitre d escorts you to your table which you will notice is clothed in double white linen. As you wait to meet your personal staff service for the evening you can’t help but to take in your surroundings. You have been transported back in time, back to a time where elegance and the pursuit of perfection was the standard. Tabletop candlelight and a harpist set the tone for the most romantic and exquisite dinner service you will ever experience.

9. Seating Options

Here is where things start to get really fancy. Victoria & Albert’s is the only restaurant on property that offers three seating options for you to choose; there is the main dining room, The Queen Victoria Room and the Chef’s Table. What’s the difference? Price, exclusivity and courses. The main dining room allows for six to ten tables depending on how many reservations are made for the evening. Here you have your choice of a 7 course tasting menu or 10 course prix fixe meal. The Queen Victoria room offers more privacy, with only 4 tables and a customized menu based on your dining preferences given at the time of reservation. You also have the option of adding wine pairings. The creme dela creme is the Chef’s Table where you and up to 9 guest can be seated just outside the kitchen and watch in awe as your chef de cuisine works up your customized 10 course menu. Here the evening kicks off with a champagne toast that promises you will be delighted with an experience unlike any other on property (or in the world, in my opinion).

8. It’s a Dining Experience

When you go out to eat, do you ever leave the restaurant feeling like you just took part in something extraordinary? Would you classify your dinner as magical? Usually not, right? I mean, lets face it, we’ve all eaten at some really nice restaurants, but how often do you leave that place, go home and think, “WOW that was more than dinner, that was an experience”? Well, I can promise that after a meal at Victoria & Albert’s you will. The finest cuts of meats, the freshest seafood, the best tasting and aged wine combined with top tier white glove service — your personal wait staff and a Maitre d who’s dedicated to serving your every need makes for a pretty impressive night. Your silver, flatware and wine glasses are changed after every course. Bread crumbs on the linen?, not here; they are instantly swept away. Accidentally drop a bit of soup on the table cloth? It’s changed right away. If you need to excuse yourself for a moment your wait staff is there to pull out your chair. You won’t even have to open the door to the restroom yourself. Now that’s what you call service!

7. Dress Code

Ladies, you know that lavish cocktail dress or evening gown you’ve been eyeing for months just dying to get; but you keep wondering to yourself “but where would I wear it to?” Here is your answer. Victoria & Albert’s adhere’s to a strict dress code found no where else on property. Other signature restaurants allow for sneakers, jeans, shorts and other casual attire but these are a “no-no” here. While ties are optional, dinner jackets and dress pants with dress shoes are a must for men. Everyone is royalty here, dress for the part!

6. Location

For me a visit to Walt Disney World includes finding an excuse to make a stop at The Grand Floridian resort. Disney veterans know that a stay at the Grand Floridian is considered the epitome of accommodations. If you haven’t quite been able to check it off on the goal list just yet a reservation at Victoria & Albert’s allows you to taste and preview what you are in store for. Its located on the 2nd floor of the main building which allows for a stroll through the beautiful lobby. Walk up the grand staircase or take a ride in the glass covered birdcage elevator. Arriving by monorail puts you right in sight of an array of high end boutiques. After your meal walk the well lit gardens of the resort and be swept away by its Victorian charm. An evening at Victoria & Albert’s and it’s host The Grand Floridian is one you won’t soon forget.

5. There’s never a wait for your table – ever

You know how you make a reservation and they tell you to get there at least 20 minutes before your reservation and then you do that and you sometimes aren’t seated until 10 to 15 minutes after your actual reservation time? Ok, that NEVER happens at Victoria & Albert’s. Like, never.. ever.. ever. Why? Primarily because Victoria & Albert’s is an elite experience. The fact is, not everyone knows about it and for those who do, unfortunately not everyone can afford it. Most of the other signature restaurants on property are reasonably priced and will accept the Disney Dining Plan. Victoria & Albert’s is without a doubt a very expensive upgrade and will only accept the Platinum Dining Plan. This means that reservations are generally available if you book well in advance of your stay, and since the majority of guest aren’t able to experience it, well, there’s never a line. You can walk right up, check in and be escorted to your table.

4. There is a minimum age limit

Wait, what? You read that correctly. Victoria & Albert’s does not allow any tiny diners. All patrons must be at least 10 years old to enter the dining room. I’m a mom of six and I totally get it. That table that has the fussy kid who doesn’t want to eat macaroni and cheese because now said kid wants french fries; yeah I’ve been that mom. So I can just imagine my own displeasure at not being able to enjoy a quiet dinner evening that I’ve spent buku bucks on because PB&J is not on the menu. So, fellow moms and dads consider Victoria & Albert’s a valid reason to take a trip to Walt Disney World without the kids; or uh, use the in-room babysitter service for a few hours.

3. You get to take home your menu

Imagine this: you get back home and you’re telling all of your family and friends about your night at Victoria & Albert’s but you can’t remember the name of half the courses; and the ones you do remember you are most certainly pronouncing them incorrectly. Believe me, unless you are a chef, this will happen. No worries, Victoria & Albert’s gives you a souvenir menu to commemorate and remember your night. It also has the date on it so you can keep track of how many years have passed between your last visit and your next.

2. EVERYTHING is Delicious

Usually, no matter where you eat, you can for certain pick out one item on the menu that you might not particularly care for. I don’t know how they do it, but each and every time I’ve dined at Victoria & Albert’s there has never been a single item on the menu that didn’t leave my taste buds screaming for more. From the Soft Poached Quail Egg with German caviar to Porcini Mushroom Cappuccino (its a soup).. to Maine Lobster with Herb Aioli and Miniature Greens to Australian Kobe-Style Beef Tenderloin with Smoked Garlic-Potato Puree.. direct to Peruvian Chocolate Cylinder with Elder Flower Sauce; you will love each and every course your meal provides.

1. Kiss the Chef!

Well, not really, but you do get to meet him. After your night is complete the master mind behind the meal comes to your table to personally meet, greet and thank you for dining at Victoria & Albert’s. If you happen to be seated at the Chef’s Table you’ve already met him, so he’ll close the night with a final toast of wine and present your menus as he takes his bows to an evening most worthy of a standing ovation.

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