10 Epic Snack Foods at Walt Disney World


For some of us, the best meal of the day isn’t actually a meal – it’s snacking. Regardless of if you love to snack or just need a quick bite after lunch or dinner, Walt Disney World has some of the best snack foods to offer! Here are ten of our favorites.

10. Turkey leg – People either love ‘em or hate ‘em! Turkey legs can always been seen at places like Liberty Square or the World Showcase’s America Pavilion and are undoubtedly one way to get your protein intake in for the day! There aren’t too many places where unashamedly tackling a turkey leg is socially acceptable, so be sure to have at it while you’re at Disney – you can even get a t-shirt or magnet of these famous snacks!

9. Chip and Dale Snack Co. & Goofy Candy Co. treats – Need something quick to go? Maybe something that will be portable for a long car or plane ride home? Then look no further – most merchandise stores sell items from Chip and Dale Snack Co. or Goofy Candy Co.! Both are treats packaged on the go – Chip and Dale’s tend to be things more like trail mix, pretzels, cheddar crackers, etc., whereas Goofy is best for a sweet tooth – that offer something for everyone if you need something quick and packaged.

8. Candy apples – The candy apples are Disney World seriously set the candy apple bar super high. Honestly, they should be called “edible pieces of art” instead. Disney offers candy apples in the shapes of Mickey and Minnie Mouse as well as other characters – Baymax, Mike Wazowski, Jack Skellington, Olaf, and more have made appearances on candy apples at Disney, and depending on the time of year you go, you could find a different one for the season or holiday!

7. Mickey ice cream bar – Usually referred to by many guests as a Mickey bar, this vanilla ice cream coated in chocolate in the shape of Mickey Mouse is a Disney staple! Getting a Mickey bar during your Walt Disney World stay is a must and they can be found throughout the parks at ice cream stands. Not to mention it makes for an adorable photo op!

6. Churros – A favorite of the lovable ducks at Walt Disney World (although we don’t recommend you feed churros to them, since carbs aren’t good for ducks!), churros are a great way to get a snack in that’s sweet and easy to eat! While we do love our cupcakes and cinnamon buns and funnel cakes, they can be super large and messy, so if you need some fried dough that’s rolled up into a stick and covered in cinnamon and sugar, then a churro is the best way to go!

5. Popcorn – Popcorn at Walt Disney World has two different ways you can get it: normally, or in a souvenir bucket! Souvenir buckets vary from park to park – you can find Cinderella’s coach ones at Magic Kingdom or Star Wars themes at Hollywood Studios near the Launch Bay, and these popcorn buckets act as not only a really cute way to get your popcorn but as a great collectible or souvenir!

4. Mickey soft pretzel – Everything tastes better when it’s shaped like Mickey – it must have something to do with Disney magic! Mickey soft pretzels are large and even a snack you can share with someone if you’re not super hungry but just need a few quick nibbles. You can get Mickey soft pretzels at many snack stands throughout the parks.

3. Citrus Swirl – If you’ve ever seen the cute little Orange Bird at Walt Disney World and wondered what it was from, now you know! Citrus Swirl is an ice cream treat in Adventureland that’s perfect for anyone who is a fan of oranges or creamsicles! But if orange isn’t your thing, be sure to try this icy treat right next door…

2. Dole Whip – Ah, the long feud between Citrus Swirl and Dole Whip. Both snacks are tasty, refreshing ice cream treats that have fruity bases. The Dole Whip’s fruit, though, is the Dole pineapple! You can get a Dole Whip in a cup by itself or as a float with pineapple juice underneath the ice cream. There’s nothing better on a hot day in Adventureland or at the Polynesian Resort!

1. The entirety of the Food and Wine Festival – Food and Wine Festival happens at Epcot every fall from October through November and it is the best for any snack-fan or foodie. There are so many different options of food to choose from, whether it be sushi or cheese platters or ravioli or whatever dish your heart desires! The portions are small enough for you to be able to snack your way around the world (and drink around it, too, if you’re twenty-one) and is an awesome way to try new things from around the world and to get your grub on!

Chip and Dale snacks or Goofy candy? Dole Whip or Citrus Swirl? Mickey pretzels or ice cream bars? Regardless of your personal preference, there’s no denying that the snacks at Walt Disney World will make your foodie dreams come true.

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