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Move Over Mickey! Where to Find Minnie Mouse at Disney

Meeting Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World is essential to each Disney vacation. Even though this is a must-do, we also visit Minnie Mouse. Meeting Minnie Mouse is a sweet interaction. She is so kind and adorable that we love to take the time to see her at one of her many locations throughout Walt Disney World.

The next time you visit Walt Disney World, see the adorable Minnie Mouse. Here are some of the top places you can find her throughout Walt Disney World.

Minnie Mouse in Epcot
Minnie Mouse in Epcot

EPCOT- Classic Minnie Mouse

If you want to get pictures with Minnie Mouse in her iconic Minnie dots, you will want to head to EPCOT. Lately, her location has been at the front of the Park, off to the right. This is an outdoor location, so keep that in mind. If the weather isn’t ideal, Minnie Mouse might not be there.

You can find PhotoPass photographers here to capture your magical moments with Minnie.

Minnie Red Carpet
Credit: Disney

Disney’s Hollywood Studios- Glamorous Minnie Mouse

In Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Guests can meet Minnie Mouse in her glamorous pink dress. She is found at Mickey and Minnie, Starring in Red Carpet Dreams on Commissary Lane. Typically you can meet Minnie between 9 and 7 each day.

This is an indoor location with a photographer. You have an outdoor queue, but the weather shouldn’t impact the meet and greet like in EPCOT. We love this meet and greet as Minnie is so fancy in her dress, perfect for Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Hollywood and Vine
Credit: Disney

Disney’s Hollywood Studios- Seasonal Minnie

For a fun, seasonal-themed meet and greet, make a reservation for lunch or dinner at Hollywood and Vine at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Minnie is joined by her friends Mickey, Goofy, Donald, and Daisy at this dining location.

Throughout the year, Minnie themes this dining location to represent the season or holiday. Guests will enjoy spring, summer, Halloween, and Christmas. The costumes are fantastic and highly well-themed. Enjoy a great meal while having fun with Minnie and her friends.

Magic Kingdom- Minnie Magnifique

Hidden back in Storybook Circus, find Minnie Mouse at Pete’s Silly Sideshow. In a stunning pink poodle trainer dress, Minnie Magnifique is waiting to greet Guests alongside her best friend, Daisy Duck. These two meet Guests throughout the day between 10 to 7 each day at Magic Kingdom.

This is an all-indoor experience making it perfect when it gets hot in the middle of the day or if rain is in the area. Take some fun photos with Minnie and Daisy in their fantastic costumes. PhotoPass Cast Members are available for pictures.

Adventurers Outpost, Disney's Animal Kingdom
Credit: V Mills

Disney’s Animal Kingdom- Adventurer Minnie

Find Minnie and Mickey together in their adventurer clothes at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. These two cuties meet together at Adventurers Outpost on Discovery Island.

This is the only place at Walt Disney World where Mickey and Minnie can be found together. Because of this, lines get long. You can use Genie+ to skip the long lines that form throughout the day. This will give you faster access to this adorable couple.

An indoor queue and meet and greet area provide excellent relief from the hot atmosphere at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You will get many great photos as the PhotoPass service is available here.

Minnie Mouse isn’t just found in Disney Parks. You can also enjoy seeing her at a few of the Disney Resorts. You don’t always need a Disney Theme Park ticket to hang out with Minnie Mouse.

Minnie and Little Girl at Chef Mickey's
Minnie and Little Girl at Chef Mickey’s

Disney’s Contemporary Resort- Chef Minnie

Head over to Disney’s Contemporary Resort to visit with Chef Minnie in her adorable ride and white polka dot dress with a cute apron. Chef Minnie is joined by Mickey, Pluto, Donald, Goofy, and Daisy for both breakfast and dinner.

This buffet contains beloved Disney classics such as Mickey waffles for breakfast, corn dog nuggets, and ice cream for dinner. Make those reservations 60 days before your trip to ensure you get to enjoy this meal.

Topolinos Terrace
Credit: Disney

Disney’s Riviera Resort- Writer Minnie

One of the most popular places to meet Minnie outside of Disney Parks is Topolino’s Terrace in Disney’s Riviera Resort. During breakfast, Guests are visited by Writer Minnie. She is in an adorable dress that has written all over it. Along with writer Minnie, Guests will be seen by Painter Mickey, Dancer Daisy, and Sculptor Donald.

This is a hard-to-get dining reservation, so be ready at 60 days to make yours. Take time during your visit to enjoy the rooftop to see a fantastic view of Walt Disney World. You can see the skyliner, Disney’s Caribbean Beach, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and part of EPCOT from the top of Disney’s Riviera Resort.

credit: Disney

Bonus: Distant Ways to See Minnie Mouse

Although we highly recommend going to at least meet and greet with Minnie Mouse during your Walt Disney World vacation, there are other ways to see Minnie during your trip.

At Magic Kingdom, there are a few ways that you can see Minnie Mouse from a distance.

Watch the opening ceremonies at Magic Kingdom called Let the Magic Begin to start your day. This five-minute show features Mickey, Minnie, and the whole gang. This is a magical way to start the day at Magic Kingdom.

See Minnie Mouse high above on her float with Mickey during the Festival of Fantasy Parade. She helps wraps up the parade with Mickey. Get ready to wave!

Finally, you can see Minnie Mouse during Mickey’s Magical Friendship Faire, the castle stage show that takes place throughout the day in front of Cinderella Castle. Not only will you be able to see Minnie, but she is joined by beloved characters from The Princess and the Frog, Tangled, and Frozen. This is a fun, entertaining way to see Minnie and all her friends.

The next time you visit Walt Disney World, say hello to Minnie Mouse. She is full of grace and magic that you won’t want to miss.


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