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Disney Hotel Introduces Extravagant New Prices, Replaces Menu Items With Caviar and Lobster

Disneyland Hotel just introduced its new menus ahead of its opening in January – and let’s just say, they’re a little bit more expensive than you’d usually expect, even from a Disney hotel (and that’s saying something).

Fresh off a multi-year refurbishment, Disneyland Hotel will reopen to guests in a few weeks with a new princess theme. Guests will quite literally be treated like royalty, complete with rooms inspired by iconic Disney Princesses such as Rapunzel, Elsa, and Tiana, as well as exclusive meet-and-greets throughout the hotel.

Tangled room at the new Disneyland Hotel
Credit: Disney

When it comes to dining, their meals will be just as extravagant. Disneyland Hotel has replaced its existing restaurants and bars during its thorough refurbishment and just dropped the new menus and price lists, which come complete with $110 caviar, $10 Coca-Cola, and $30 cocktails.

Its bar, Fleur de Lys, offers royal cocktails inspired by flowers. Bar snacks include caviar and blinis, as well as a $25 charcuterie board and $38 lobster rolls. Its predecessor, Café Fantasia, served pastries, ice cream, and cookies.

Belle at the new restaurant in Disneyland Hotel
Credit: Disney

Meanwhile, its premium restaurant La Table de Lumière – which is inspired by the sumptuous world of Beauty and the Beast (1991) – will offer a set menu priced at $132 per person with options such as lobster and seared sea bass. Princesses such as Belle will be available for meet and greets throughout dinner, which is currently reserved for Disneyland Hotel guests.

Its character dining restaurant The Royal Banquet will host an all-you-can-eat buffet, complete with dishes such as seafood platters, jambalaya, pearl tartlet, and thinly-sliced grilled meats for $110 per adult and $55 per child. Guests will be able to meet classic Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse in their most regal garments.

Disneyland Hotel's new Royal Banquet restaurant with Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Credit: Disney

The new top-tier food aligns with the rest of Disneyland Hotel’s new identity as the Disney resort’s most luxurious hotel to date. Nights at the hotel start at roughly $1,100 per night when it reopens on January 25. Disneyland Hotel can be booked now on the Disneyland Paris website.

Do you plan on staying at Disneyland Hotel when it reopens at Disneyland Paris? Let us know in the comments!

This post is originally appeared on Inside the Magic.


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