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What to Eat, and Not Eat, In Magic Kingdom

When experiencing the magic of Walt Disney World, it is important to stay fueled.  Walt Disney World has really stepped up the game when it comes to food in the Disney Parks over the years.  We have seen an increase in variety as well as healthy choices which is greatly appreciated.  Don’t get us wrong, we love french fries, but sometimes should probably eat a vegetable as well.

Magic Kingdom is the most visited Disney Park meaning it is the Disney Park that most Guests eat at during their Walt Disney World vacation.  Because of this factor, you would think that Magic kingdom would have fantastic food options.  Although there are some favorites, there are still some that we would suggest skipping.

We are going to look at what to and not to eat in Magic Kingdom when it comes to table service, quick service, and snacks.

spring roll cart
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Snacks To Try:

Luckily we have found some great snacks in Magic Kingdom during the last few years.  The top snack choice is the famous spring rolls.  These are found at a cart outside of Adventureland you can find the Spring Roll cart and there the outstanding and delicious spring rolls.  Typically they have both pepperoni or cheeseburger. Both are fantastic.  They are a little more expensive than we think necessary; however, they are worth it in our opinion.

A classic treat we can get behind is the dole whip from Aloha Isle.  This famous and fantastic ice cream treat is one that shouldn’t be skipped.  Although the classic pineapple is served here, you can also try the citrus swirl and other flavors at Sunshine Tree Terrace.  These are amazing during a hot and humid day in the Magic Kingdom.  Sweet and refreshing.

There are a lot of other great treats around Magic Kingdom especially when it comes to sweet treats.  Even with those sweet options, there are a few spots we would suggest skipping over.

Turkey Leg
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Snacks to Skip:

The turkey leg is the snack we are going to tell you to skip when in the Magic Kingdom.  There are many other options that are far better and way more filling than the turkey leg.

The next snack we are going to encourage you to skip is snacks from Starbucks.  This might make many people angry, but we would just like to suggest trying something different while in the Magic Kingdom.

There might be other snacks that aren’t fantastic, but it is the classic turkey leg is the main snack that we are going to have to suggest passing on.

Columbia Harbour House
Credit: Disney

Quick-Service to Try:

Magic Kingdom has a lot of different quick-service locations throughout the Park.  This is great as it not only gives Guests options but also can help spread out the crowd.

Columbia Harbour House is the top choice in Magic Kingdom when it comes to quick service meals.  Here Guests can try delicious items such as lobster rolls, shrimp, fish and so much more.  Located in Liberty Square, this location has a lot of seating and doesn’t get as busy as other places in the Magic Kingdom.  Food continues to be fresh and the options are different from typical amusement Park food.

Casey’s Corner however will provide you with classic theme Park food if you desire outstanding hot dogs and corn dog nuggets.  That is right folks- one of our top options in Magic Kingdom is the hot dog quick service.  We are thrilled that we can now get our corn dog nuggets once again and enjoy them at the hub of the Magic Kingdom- that is happiness.

Although these other options are terrible, they are just more traditional theme Park food and we feel like there are better options out there to choose from.

Quick Service to Skip:

Cosmic Rays in the Magic Kingdom is the classic theme Park dining location.  It is extremely large and offers a variety of food from hamburgers to chicken nuggets that most families can find something for everyone.  The problem is that because it is often mass-produced during busy times, the food isn’t anything outstanding.  You can expect your basic hamburgers, nuggets, and salads you can find anywhere.

Pinocchio Village Haus is another location that doesn’t have a lot of excitement when it comes to food choices.  Here is where you can find pizza, salads, soups, and pasta but once again they aren’t anything exciting.  We love being able to watch the boats from it’s a small world; however, that is the extent of the thrill.

No matter where you choose to eat, make sure that you use mobile ordering in your My Disney Experience app.  This will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Jungle Navigation Company Skipper Canteen
Photo Credit: Disney

Table Service to Try:

There are a handful of table service options within Magic Kingdom.  They offer a variety of options and styles.

If you are looking for an excellent sit-down meal, we highly recommend Jungle Navigation Co. Ltd. Skipper Canteen in Adventureland.  At this adventurous dining location, Guests can explore the bold, flavorful cuisine of Asia, South America, and Africa with the help of our daring riverboat pilots.

The idea behind this dining location is that the skippers that guide explorers down the river on the Jungle Cruise have opened a restaurant and are inviting friends and family to join them for a meal.  Guests can sit in one of three themed locations: the crew’s colonial-era Mess Hall; the Jungle Room, the former family parlor of Dr. Albert Falls himself; and the S.E.A. Room-a once-secret meeting place for the Society of Explorers and Adventurers.  Although the food is slightly unique here, it is a fantastic choice in the Magic Kingdom.

Liberty Tree Tavern is another excellent option when it comes to table-service meals in Magic Kingdom.  This Thanksgiving-style meal is one you have to be ready for as it is heavy and not always as enjoyable on a hot summer day.  Like Skipper Canteen, there are different themed rooms that Guests can sit in. Each of the six rooms commemorates a pivotal figure in U.S. history: Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Paul Jones, Paul Revere, Betsy Ross, and George Washington.

Having a sit-down meal scheduled at the Magic Kingdom can be a great way to relax without leaving the Park.  If this is something that would work well for your family, consider Liberty Tree Tavern or Skipper Canteen.

Be Our Guest
Credit: Disney

Table Service to Skip:

Most believe that they have to eat at the castle when in the Magic Kingdom, but we don’t feel this is the case.  Although Cinderella’s Royal Table is amazing and beautiful, it isn’t a necessity when it comes to dining in the Magic Kingdom.  Right now only Cinderella visits from afar and for the price point, the food options might feel slightly limiting.

Another extremely popular option in the Magic Kingdom is Be Our Guest.  There is no denying that this location is absolutely stunning and truly transforms you into the movie, but that doesn’t mean the food is always as fantastic.  The menu is now pre-fixe giving Guests fewer options when it comes to food choices.

Eating is a major part of a successful day in Magic Kingdom.  With this information, we hope that you are able to choose what snack, quick service, or table service meal will be the best for your family.



Jennifer Retzlaff

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