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What My Teens Loved During Our Disney Trip

Walt Disney World is known to be where parents and kids can enjoy the magic together. If you haven’t been to Walt Disney World, you might get wrapped up in the idea that it is just for little kids. After our most recent visit to Walt Disney World, I wanted to share why Disney is a great teen destination. My kids had a fantastic time during our trip, and I hope by sharing what they enjoyed, you will also consider taking your teens to Walt Disney World.

Dig Site Pool Coronado Springs Resort
Credit: Disney


It doesn’t matter how young or old my kids are when we visit Walt Disney World; swimming is a favorite. The Walt Disney World Resorts pools are so well-themed that my kids love them. We spent time at the feature pool at Disney’s Coronado Springs on a few afternoons. The kids loved going down the jaguar slide, participating in the activities, and playing ping-pong.

On days we didn’t want to walk over to the feature pool or it was closed, we had a fantastic time at the quiet pool right next to our Resort room. This pool didn’t have any slides or a theme, but with a depth of five feet, the teens had a great time swimming, playing games, and competing against one another in different activities.

Teens love having time to swim in the pools while staying at a Walt Disney World Resort. Make sure you schedule time into your plans for swimming, even when traveling with teens. They will be excited that you did.

Town Center Disney Springs
Credit: V Mills

Disney Springs

Another area of Walt Disney World that my teens enjoyed more on this trip than on previous trips to Disney was time at Disney Springs. Now that they have money and can shop independently, they enjoy walking around Disney Springs.

They could head out with their friends to visit some of the stores we don’t have back home. This was fun for them as they had some independent time and saw the unique Disney Springs shops.

Even as teenagers, they had a great time visiting the World of Disney. Walking through the vast Disney store to see everything they had in stock was fun.

Take time during your Disney trip to head to Disney Springs. Your teens will enjoy the atmosphere and the chance to walk through some stores.

Typhoon Lagoon Surf Pool
Credit: V Mills

Water Park

A new favorite during our Disney trips is visiting a Disney waterpark. As our kids have gotten older, the water parks at Disney have quickly become a must-do during our travels. On this trip, we visited Typhoon Lagoon.

Here they loved being able to experience the thrills of the wave pool. They spent hours enjoying all the different waves, from the baby waves to the extreme. Taking time to float around the lazy river or ride on one of the sides was also a huge success.

Going to Typhoon Lagoon during our Disney vacation was a great way to spend an afternoon. The teens had a great time exploring and being able to make their own decisions when it came to what they wanted to do during our visit.

You can easily purchase a one-day ticket to Typhoon Lagoon or consider adding it to your Disney Parks Ticket. Either way, check into visiting a Disney water park during your next vacation to Disney. Your teens will thank you.

TRON Entrance
TRON Entrance

Thrill Rides

My teens loved our Walt Disney World trip because Disney continues adding thrill rides to Disney Parks. Although they love the classic rides such as Peter Pan’s Flight, The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, and even it’s a small world, the thrill rides continue to make Disney a massive hit in their minds.

During this most recent trip, they were able to experience both Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in EPCOT and Tron: Lightcycle Run in Magic Kingdom. These rides bring thrills and excitement to the riders like never before.

Space Mountain, Expedition Everest, Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, and Big Thunder Mountain are fun, thrilling attractions throughout Disney Parks. They bring speed, loops, and excitement to Guests. My kids continue to love these thrill rides; however, the newest rides at Disney took the thrill to a whole new level.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in EPCOT quickly became their favorite attraction during this trip. They love the thrill of the start and how the ride vehicles moved throughout the ride as they raced through the galaxy.

On Tron: Lightcycle Run, they found the ride style and the speedy launch fantastic. Despite knowing much about Tron, they had a great time as they raced.

Don’t let your teens think Disney rides are just for little kids. Walt Disney World has numerous thrilling passages perfect for teens seeking excitement during their trip.

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Mickey Pretzel, Disney's Animal Kingdom
Credit: V Mills


Finally, my teenagers love Disney because of the food. They love getting Mickey waffles, pretzels, and ice cream bars throughout the trip. Trying new foods, such as the Spring Rolls in Magic Kingdom or a new entree option at Sat’uli Canteen, is fun.


Even though they love corn dog nuggets, Disney fries, and chicken tenders, they also appreciate trying new restaurants and experiences throughout the trip. Since we visited during the start of EPCOT’s Food and Wine Festival, they could also try small plates of unique options. This is an excellent way for them to try something they might not at home.


Food has become a big part of why my teens enjoy our trips to Walt Disney World.


Don’t get wrapped up in the idea that Walt Disney World is only for little kids. I hope by sharing what my teens enjoyed at Disney during our most recent trip; you will consider a trip to the magic with your teens.


Jennifer Retzlaff

Jennifer became a lifelong Disney fan during her first trip to Walt Disney World in 6th grade. From that moment, Disney became a big part of her life. She quickly started to introduce her love of Disney to her family with a Disney honeymoon and then family trips when her youngest was 18 months old. She loves the magic that Disney brings to people through theme parks, cruises, and adventures. As a teacher, she tries to bring Disney magic into her classroom to help kids believe that “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.” She is also part of the Magic Vacation Planner team as a personal travel advisor. With this team, she can now help others plan magical vacations. She loves bringing her love to Disney to readers with How to Disney.

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