The Top 7 Things We (And You Should) Do a Week Before a Disney Trip

This writer is headed to Disney World later this week to celebrate his birthday. As the countdown clock nears zero, we are focusing on checking off the last-minute items on our to-do list, but as any Disney trip nears, here are the top seven things that you need to do a week before a Disney trip!

7 – Check the Weather Forecast – weather at Walt Disney World can fluctuate, so you’ll want to consult the weather forecast before any trip to make sure you are packing appropriately. During the summer, you’ll want to make sure you throw some disposable ponchos and plenty of sunscreen in your bag. During winter trips, you will want to see if you are going to need an extra pair of pants or a sweatshirt or jacket so you aren’t cold and faced with having to buy a $60 sweatshirt.

6 – Double Check You Pack Your MagicBands – since MagicBands are multi-purpose at Disney World, you do not want to forget them! If you are taking Disney’s Magical Express, make sure you pack them in a carry-on bag since you won’t be gaining access to your checked baggage until you are inside your room! Don’t worry – if you do forget your MagicBand, the front desk can replace them, but they won’t be customized with your name or color selection.

5 – Finalize FastPass Selections – even though you can begin making FastPass selections 60 days before your arrival, we like taking a final opportunity to review our choices in case we decide to re-arrange some of our plans or just to see if a more convenient time window has opened. We also re-evaluate the need for FastPasses for particular attractions based on Extra Magic Hours and anticipated crowd levels.

4 – Charge Your Electronics – between My Disney Experience, photos, videos, and myriad other uses, our electronics take a beating in the power department when we are visiting Walt Disney World. We always make sure that all of our devices are fully charged AND make sure that we take at least one power stick so we can charge on the go when we are in the parks!

3 – Re-Think Your Entire Touring Plan – it isn’t unusual for us to re-think our entire plan based on availability of entertainment options (we’ve re-scheduled this weekend’s trip to be able to experience the new nighttime shows at Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios), as well our ability to snag a coveted dining reservations (on short trips, we don’t usually make it to Disney Springs, but being able to get a dinner reservation for our party at the Boathouse changed our minds)! The task is certainly made easier with the My Disney Experience app since we can make all of the changes on the go!

2 – Check Available Dining Reservations – since Disney requires dining reservations to be confirmed with a credit card and will charge a $10/person no-show fee, sometimes the best time to search for a dining reservation is shortly before a trip as groups make their final decisions as to where to eat and where to not – we’ve been able to get last-minute reservations at ‘Ohana and Chef Mickey’s at the last minute by being persistent and checking every few hours for openings.

1 – Figure Out What You’re Going To Do First – do we want to check in and change our clothes or do we want to head right to a park? Or maybe grab a drink at our favorite lounge? Figuring out what comes first on a magical vacation is certainly a difficult decision, but we know that there is no wrong answer since we know we are going to have an amazing time!

With all the planning that goes into a vacation, the last week should be when everything is done, but it can be a frenzied time as your trip nears, but be sure to do these seven things to help make your vacation even better! What is your last-minute Disney checklist?

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