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Read This Before Going to Disney’s Animal Kingdom

A lot of time Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the forgotten Disney Park. If Guests need to skip one of the four Disney Parks, oftentimes it unfortunately is Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We think that this Disney Park has so much magic to offer.

If you are planning on heading to Disney’s Animal Kingdom during your Walt Disney World vacation or are trying to determine if it should be included in your vacation plans you’ll want to read these important things about Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Avatar Flight of Passage
Credit: Disney

Great Rides

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has some outstanding rides that are some of the best that Walt Disney World has to offer.

Avatar Flight of Passage: over in the land of Pandora, Guests can enjoy the stunning and breathtaking ride Avatar Flight of Passage. Guests are connected to their very own banshee and fly over and around the beautiful land. This ride has amazing visuals and is truly one of a kind.

Credit: Disney

Kilimanjaro Safaris: another ride that is unique to Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Kilimanjaro Safaris. This ride is a true safari that takes Guests through the Harambe Wildlife Reserve. This at least 18-minute ride gets Guests up close to some of the gorgeous animals that make Disney’s Animal Kingdom home. From giraffes to rhinos and elephants, this ride brings some of the world’s most amazing animals right to Disney.

Expedition Everest at Night
Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog

Expedition Everest and Dinosaur: for Guests seeking thrills, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has two rides that bring the thrill factor for Guests. Expedition Everest is an intense roller coaster that goes backwards, is partly in the dark, and has a big drop. Personally we think this is one of the most thrilling rides at any Disney Park. Dinosaur offers a different type of thrill. Guests are taken on a bumpy ride as they search for a dinosaur. Along the way they are greeted by many. This ride is dark and has a lot of jump scares. For Guests looking for thrills, these two rides have them.


Not only does Disney’s Animal Kingdom have some top rides for Guests, they also have two outstanding shows and many unique entertainment throughout the Park.

Festival of the Lion King
Credit: Disney

Festival of the Lion King is one of the best shows in all of Walt Disney World. The musical talent in this show is Broadway caliber and the stunt from the flying monkeys is fantastic.

Finding Nemo the Musical

Finding Nemo: the Big Blue and Beyond is the newly updated Finding Nemo show that opened mid June. This musical show takes Guests on an adventure with Nemo, Dory, and all their friends. We love the unique songs in this show and the emotions that come along with them.

Trails and Animals

Another reason we love Disney’s Animal Kingdom is that it offers some options that are more relaxing. The trails are some of our favorites.

Credit: Disney Tips

Discovery Island Trail: this trail is located around the Tree of Life. It is one of our favorites in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We love being able to explore not only the amazing Tree of Life but also the outstanding views. This trail is extremely relaxing and peaceful making it a great escape.

Gorilla Exploration Trail
Credit: Disney

Gorilla Falls Exploration: this trail is a great exploration of different animals. The main focus of this trail is the amazing gorillas that make Disney’s Animal Kingdom home. We could watch these magnificent animals for hours.

Maharaja Jungle Trek

Maharajah Jungle Trek: on this trail, Guests are able to see the beautiful tigers that make Disney’s Animal Kingdom home. They are absolutely stunning and even though they aren’t as active as the gorillas, we still enjoy seeing them.

Throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom there are many animals hidden in different locations. We enjoy taking time checking them out. The otters are always fun and the gibbons always seem to be up to something. It is fun to slow down and watch.

Flame Tree Barbecue


It is no secret that Disney’s Animal Kingdom has some of the best food in all of Walt Disney World.

Flame Tree Barbecue is a top quick service choice. Here Guests can enjoy a variety of meats with great barbecue and excellent sides. Portions are often large enough to share which is a nice bonus.

Sautil Canteen

Satu’li Canteen is another excellent quick service location. For Guests looking for something unique and fresh, this is an excellent option. Guests are able to build their own protein bowls choosing a base, protein, and sauce. We also enjoy the cheeseburger pods here.

Nomad Lounge
Photo Credit: Disney

Nomad Lounge is one of the top lounges in any Disney Park. This amazing location allows Guests to enjoy being inside or outside. Unique drinks and a menu that is taken from the signature restaurant next door Tiffins has some delicious options.

Mickey Tusker House

Tusker House offers a fun, energetic character meal for Guests without them having to leave the Park. Donald and friends are dressed and ready for a safari as Guests enjoy their meal.

There are so many amazing dining locations right in Disney’s Animal Kingdom that Guests will have a hard time choosing where to eat.

Disney Animal Kingdom
Credit: Jennifer Retzlaff

There is a lot to enjoy at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It not only offers some extremely unique and thrilling rides, but the entertainment and dining options are fantastic. Many Guests assume that Disney’s Animal Kingdom is just a zoo, but it is so much more than just a zoo. Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a truly outstanding experience that we hope you will enjoy during your next Walt Disney World vacation.



Jennifer Retzlaff

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