Top 11 Reasons Why You Should Visit Disney World Resort In The Fall

Most people visit Disney World during the summer, winter break, or spring break. This makes sense based on school schedules, but that might be the only real reason to visit during those times of year. The truth of the matter is that fall is quite possibly the best time to visit, and considering how much time, planning, and money all go into a Disney World vacation, taking a week off of school is totally worth ensuring you have an awesome time.

Why are we so convinced fall is the ideal time to be in the most magical place on earth? There are actually a number of reasons to choose to visit during the post-summer season. Consider the 11 reasons below to get an idea of what we’re talking about.

1. Room Discounts

Let’s begin with one of the very best things about the fall in Disney. Fall is actually one of the slowest times of the year for the parks. Therefore, you can expect to see some discounts—including some pretty sweet room discounts—that can take a trip from completely unaffordable to wonderfully and magically possible. That right there is reason enough to schedule a fall getaway.

2. Free Dining

Room discounts not your thing? You could choose to take advantage of free dining instead. While the two can’t be combined, both are pretty awesome deals, and the free Dining Plan is perfect for those budget-conscious foodies who normally wouldn’t pay for lots of meals and snacks at Disney (even if they want to). Go ahead, schedule that fall trip and snack away! We certainly won’t judge.

3.  Lower Crowds

Of course, the very fact that fall is slow season means that fewer people in the parks. This is absolutely lovely, as it means shorter waits, fewer traffic jams, and an altogether pleasant and less stressful time. In fact, you may even be able to sleep in a bit and skip rope drop, because these lower crowd levels mean “morning-length” lines all day long.

4. Great Weather

Florida is beyond hot during the summer. Heck, the weather alone makes summer the worst month to visit Disney. However, once fall rolls around the weather begins to cool down, and by the time Halloween arrives, everything is feeling mighty pleasant down in the Sunshine State.

5. Holiday Decorations

When it comes to decorations, Disney goes all out. That means that viewing the Halloween decorations in September/October and/or the Christmas decorations in November/December are whole events in and of themselves. Obviously, Disney World holiday decoration viewing is an activity everyone should experience at least once, and fall is the time to do it.

6. Holiday Parties

Not only are the parks decked out in holiday decor during the holiday season, but there are also some pretty great special events happening. For instance, Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party will be in full swing during the months of September and October, meaning you can celebrate the creepiest of holidays with the friendliest of friends.

Prefer Christmas? Wait around until November and you can experience Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas party, an event that is tons of fun for the entire family and will be remembered for years to come.

Castle Night Float Merry Christmas Disney World

7. Food and Wine Festival

Another fantastic event that happens during the fall is Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival. This event is quite drawn out and includes temporary food carts that are set up throughout the World Showcase to serve amazing dishes from around the world. Of course, the park is decorated to reflect the theme of the festival, and the whole place looks, feels, and tastes absolutely amazing.

8. Epcot Concert Series

Along with the Food and Wine Festival, Epcot hosts a super fun concert series called Eat the Beat. This series features a variety of well known performers, and every concert is free with park admission. Clearly you will want to take advantage of this. Where else can you attend a concert for free?

9. Holiday Merchandise

Returning to the subject of holidays, we simply must mention the awesome selection of holiday merchandise that is always available in the Disney World gift shops during the fall season. Visit in the early fall months for Halloween-themed items or postpone until November to pick up thanksgiving and Christmas souvenirs. Either way, you’ll likely go home with some truly unique items.

10. Holiday Snacks

Merchandise is great, of course, but we mustn’t forget the prospect of holiday snacks. During the holiday celebrations, many of the Disney snack stops will serve special holiday-themed treats. Spooky caramel apples can be found during Halloween time, and cheery cupcakes are served just before Christmas. Keep an eye out for these snacks and be sure to try one or two for us!


11. More Animal Sightings

A little-known benefit of visiting Disney World during the fall is the fact that you might just get to see more animals while in Animal Kingdom. The cooler weather means the park’s many creatures are more active, and that means significantly more sightings on the Kilimanjaro Safaris ride, as well as along the park’s various walking trails.

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Chelsea is a lifelong Disney fanatic who lives and travels full time in an RV with her son and husband. Their family takes full advantage of their unique living situation by visiting Disney parks on both sides of the country as often as possible. In doing so, this family gathers loads of great tips and info about the parks, which Chelsea is thrilled to share with readers here. Visit Chelsea's blog: Wonder Wherever We Wander! Here you’ll find a wealth of valuable information as well as a variety of reviews and resources to help you navigate the often uncharted territory of roadschooling.

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