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Teen Faces $25,000 Bill After Suffering Stroke During Disney Park Visit

In a tragic turn of events, a UK teenager suffered a stroke while visiting Disneyland Paris to celebrate his 18th birthday.

Most of the time, visiting any Disney Park, whether it’s a well-known destination like Walt Disney World in the United States or an enchanting international location such as Hong Kong Disneyland or the magical Disneyland Paris, creates lasting memories filled with joy and wonder. Each park offers its own unique charm and attractions, making it a dream destination for visitors of all ages.

However, sometimes tragedy does strike, and cast a dark shadow on one’s Disney vacation. That is precisely what happened in the case of this young teenager visiting the Parisian Disney Park.

Disneyland Paris Sleeping beauty Castle Lights up At Dusk
Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland Park, Disneyland Paris / Credit: Disney

As reported by The Connexion, young 18-year-old Leo Tomkinson had planned to celebrate this milestone birthday at the Parisian Disney Park with his mother, Jodie Ankrett, and his sister and grandmother.

Regrettably, the much-anticipated trip to Disneyland Paris for the teenager took an unexpected and tragic turn when he experienced a sudden and severe stroke. The family’s Disney Park vacation was abruptly overshadowed by the urgent need for medical attention due to the teenager’s health crisis.

As family friend Angela Martin explained in the GoFundMe campaign,

Leo’s behaviour changed and fell asleep in the afternoon which was originally thought to be exhaustion from a fun packed holiday, which actually turned out to be a stroke and when Jodie (his mum) came to wake him in the morning she couldn’t wake him.”

Martin also explained that the family was only able to afford this holiday by scrimping and scrounging, i.e., diligent saving and budgeting efforts. The trip was a testament to their perseverance in making the celebration happen despite notable financial constraints.

Upon discovering her son had fallen ill, his mother, Jodie Ankrett, acted swiftly and decisively by promptly taking him to a nearby hospital for urgent medical attention. Now, while Leo Tomkinson is making progress steadily—albeit slowly—the family is facing another crisis: that of the cost of his medical bills.

Martin explained that since Tomkinson’s condition is “pre-existing,” the travel insurance the family paid for is refusing to cover the medical bills. In addition, they are unable to bring their son home because just the cost of a private ambulance and a nurse is £5000 or around $6,300.

The money is becoming an added stressor to the family already going through a difficult time.

disneyland paris walt disney studios park
Tower of Terror, Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris / Credit: Disney

Martin has undertaken the task of fundraising to help cover the significant medical expenses of her close friend. The financial goal she set stands at the sum of £20,000, equating to roughly $25,000. Martin hopes to alleviate the financial burden on her friend and contribute towards ensuring that Leo Tomkinson receives the necessary care and treatment without added stress or worry.

If you would like to help the family fund their medical bills, you can contribute to the GoFundMe. We at Disney Fanatic wish the young teenager a speedy recovery.

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