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Super Secret Tips For the Having the Best Food at Disney

Delicious meals at Walt Disney World are all a part of the magic. Suppose you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World. You will want to take some time to think about what you will eat and where.

Theme Parks often get a bad reputation for having burgers, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets. Although you can find these throughout Walt Disney World if that is what you want, there are so many other unique options.

We have some super secret tips so you can have the best food at Walt Disney World.

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More Than Burger and Nuggets

Let’s start with the big tip for eating at Walt Disney World. Do not just eat burgers, fries, hot dogs, and nuggets the whole time you are on vacation. There are so many amazing dining options throughout the Disney Parks, Resorts, and Disney Springs that you can truly find something unique and delicious every day of your trip.

EPCOT is a perfect example of all the different cuisines at Walt Disney World. Throughout the World Showcase, Guests can find anything from fish and chips in the UK Pavilion to calamari in the Morocco Pavilion. Check out all the options by looking at the menus beforehand. This can give you a great idea of all the different cuisines you can choose from throughout your trip.

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Portions Are LARGE

Before you dive into where you want to eat, be aware that Disney’s proportions are enormous. Even if you typically order a separate meal for everyone in your family, you might want to rethink this at Walt Disney World.

Consider sharing some entrees to save money and prevent throwing away unnecessary food.

The combination of walking, heat, and being tired often makes you want to eat less. Because of this, sharing is a good option.

Totcho's, Woody's Lunch Box
Credit: Disney

Snacks Can Be Meals

Not only are the portions large at Walt Disney World, but many unique and delicious snacks can also be a light meal. This can be the same for sides at many locations.

You don’t always have to order a whole meal. Consider having a snack instead of a whole meal or order a side of fries, not the entire meal. As a snack, we enjoy having baked macaroni and cheese at Flame Tree Barbecue in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The tots at Friar’s Nook are also beautiful options for a meal.

Doing this can help save you money and prevent you from wasting food.

Satuli Canteen Kids Meal

Order a Kid’s Meal

When ordering from a quick service location at Walt Disney World, you can order from the kid’s meal, even as an adult. Not only do these have some great options, but they often also have smaller portions.

One of our favorite examples of this is Sat’uli Canteen in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. We love the cheeseburger pods, but the adult portion is too much. Ordering the kid’s meal gives us one cheeseburger pod, a side of fruit, and even something to drink. This is the perfect lunch proportion.

We also love Disney chicken nuggets (don’t judge us). Often the regular order comes with too much for us in one sitting. Instead, we order the kid’s meal and get a light meal: four nuggets, fries, fruit, and a drink.

Before ordering something from the menu, look at what is offered for kids. You might find a smaller option that will be perfect for the day.

Get the Popcorn Bucket

If you are a fan of popcorn, don’t skip out on the refillable popcorn buckets. These are great investments during a Disney vacation. Once you purchase the bucket, you can refill it for $2 (currently) throughout your trip.

We love having this so munch on throughout the Park and something for back at our Disney Resort during our breaks or at night.

You can get the regular popcorn bucket, or you can choose to purchase one of the themed ones.  Both are great snacks for the trip.

Grand Floridian Cafe
Credit: Disney

Eat at the Resorts

Another major tip for getting the best food at Disney is to visit Disney Resorts. It is often surprising to many Guests that the best dining at Walt Disney World is usually found at a Disney Resort.

When visiting one of the four Disney Parks, consider heading to a nearby Resort for a meal. Steakhouse 71 at Disney’s Contemporary Resort and the Grand Floridian Cafe at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort are two of our favorite dining locations at Magic Kingdom.

While at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge is well worth a meal. Sanna, Boma, and Jiko are all fantastic dining experiences that bring the flavor of Africa to the dishes.

EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios have a lot of Resorts nearby. You can take the skyliner to the beautiful Disney Riviera for a magical breakfast at Topolino’s. A quick walk from either Park can have you at Beaches and Cream, Al and Compass, or Yatchman’s Steakhouse.

Don’t discount a meal at a Disney Resort. These are great options as they provide delicious food and great atmospheres and get you away from the crowds.

mobile order
Credit: Disney

Use Mobile Order

Our final time to get the best food at Walt Disney World is to use mobile order. This might seem silly, but waiting in line for food will save you time.

This feature, found in the My Disney Experience app, can save time when eating at Disney’s quick service locations.

Guests can select their dining location and return times and place their orders, all while waiting in line for a ride or show. This allows everyone to think about what they want without the pressure that builds when ordering directly from a Cast Member.

Don’t skip out on this feature. It is a great time saver and makes navigating the quick service locations so much easier.

Those are some super secret tips for having the best food at Walt Disney World during your vacation. What are you excited to try?


Jennifer Retzlaff

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