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Snacking through Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom!

Last up in our snack tour of Walt Disney World this week are Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park! Both of these parks are amazing and have so much to offer, but are a little lacking in their snack department. So I thought I would just do a 2-for-1 deal here.

First up – the land of the movies – Disney’s Hollywood Studios!

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
Credit: Disney

Ronto Wraps

In the back of the park in Galaxy’s Edge, head to Ronto Roasters. This quick service spot is probably one of the quickest of them all. They do offer mobile ordering, and from the time you select “I’m Here – Prepare My Food” on My Disney Experience to when your food is ready is on average 90 seconds. A MINUTE AND A HALF. So if you are really hungry and can’t stand to wait to satisfy the growl, this is the place to go.

There is not much seating around the area, and it is an outdoor location, so expect to be walking / standing while you eat this deliciousness.

There are a few options of Ronto Wraps. The classic Ronto Wrap includes roasted pork, grilled pork sausage, and a delicious peppercorn sauce. The breakfast Ronto Wrap is an AMAZING breakfast option at this park. My favorite wrap is the veggie wrap! I honestly would recommend finding a seat for this one and eating it with a knife and fork. It can be extremely messy.

TIP: this location is only open until 3 p.m. so make sure you get the meal ordered before then.

Toy Story land at Disney's Hollywood Studios


The best combination of two amazing things – tater tots and nachos. This is a crowd favorite over in Toy Story Land at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at a quick service restaurant called Woody’s Lunchbox. It is essentially a plate of tater tots covered in cheese and other nacho fixin’s. If you want to follow it with something sweet, grab a pop-tart from the same place! There are seasonal flavors and they are homemade.

TIP: Order food from Woody’s Lunchbox MUCH earlier than you would like it. The kitchen is small and it takes a long time to prepare the food.This is also in the hottest land of the park and there is hardly any seating in the shade. It’s best to grab this food and go find shade elsewhere. (This whole side of the park is really lacking in picnic seating, just FYI).

Backlot Express restaurant
credit: Disney


I am not a huge fan of oatmeal pies so I did not think I was going to enjoy this snack. But BOY was I wrong! Head over to the Backlot Express to grab one of these delicious snacks. This treat is basically two oatmeal cookies filled with vanilla cream and it is DELICIOUS. The great thing is that you can Mobile Order this and Backlot Express is pretty efficient!

It is truly the perfect way to celebrate your love for anything and everything Star Wars. A cookie made to look like our favorite Wookiee. Chomp on one of these right after you take a spin through Star Tours nextdoor!


Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom

Corn on the Cob

Back toward Kilimanjaro Safaris sits one of the best smelling food kiosks in all of Walt Disney World. The Harambe Fruit Market. It looks like an authentic food cart out in the wild. They do sell hot dogs (probably one of my most eaten foods in all of Disney) but the amazing smell you get while you pass by is the corn on the cob. And it is MOUTHWATERING.

There are “African Spices” included on the corn if you would like those. But there is also the option of getting it without the spices. What spices does it include? I honestly could not tell you. But it is one of the most amazing combination of spices I have ever tasted. Try it!

Pandora Avatar land

“Teylu” Wrapped Hot dog

Over in the back corner of Pandora: World of Avatar you will find one of the best quick service restaurants on property – Satu’li Canteen. Their bowls are a fantastic choice for a full meal, but if you are looking for just a snack look at the kids’ menu. Yes, this is a hot dog, but it’s not JUST a hot dog. It is an all-beef hot dog wrapped in dough. Almost like crescent dough. It is just enough to satisfy that hunger and get your energy up.

TIP: Get a double side of the chips. They are ADDICTIVE.

Mr. Kamal’s French Fries

I had passed this little hut hundreds of times before I learned about this little secret at Animal Kingdom. Finally, a year ago, Hayley Hebert changed my life when she introduced them to me. Mr. Kamal’s fries are DANGEROUS. The fries are delicious on their own, but they come with a few different dipping options. Saffron aioli, honey kimchi ketchup, or Tandoori honey mustard.

If you are looking for a little more sustenance, order some chicken dumplings to go along with it. Neither dish will disappoint!

Nomad Lounge
Photo Credit: Disney

Nomad Lounge

A great place to stop for some small dishes and AMAZING drinks is Nomad Lounge. Over toward the entrance of Pandora is this fantastic spot, connected to Tiffins. I would highly recommend the Honey-Chili Glazed Pork Belly and the churros! In terms of cocktails, I personally love Jenn’s Tattoo. This is a great spot to get away from the busy crowds, kick your feet up, and take a break!

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