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The Secret Transportation & Ticket Center Trick No One Talks About

Headed to “The Most Magical Place On Earth”? Check out this Transportation and Ticket Center trick you’ll want to know before you go.

If at all possible, it’s a grand experience to stay at a Walt Disney World Resort Hotel. From buses to boats, walking paths, the Monorail, and the Disney Skyliner… Disney has transportation covered. Even better, Disney’s Guest transportation to and from the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts (including Disney Springs) is complimentary.

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But, if staying at a Disney Resort isn’t in the budget this time, or if you are a local planning a day at the Parks, then driving is the way to go. If driving to Magic Kingdom Park, you’ll visit Disney’s Transportation and Ticket Center (also known as the “TTC”).

The TTC (Magic Kingdom’s parking lot) is 1.5 miles from the Magic Kingdom entrance. Guests Park their cars, take a tram to the hub of the TTC, and can catch transportation from there to the Magic Kingdom entrance.

It’s a hassle, to say the least! The TTC can be skipped by making dining reservations for one of the Monorail Resorts including Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, or Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. But, sometimes, the TTC experience is simply inevitable.

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The TTC offers two forms of regular transportation for Park Guests including the Monorail and the Ferryboat.

One Monorail line takes Guests directly to the Park entrance while the other line is an EPCOT track. The Monorail is a fun way to travel but the line does get rather lengthy.

It’s no surprise that typically Cast Members will recommend the Ferryboat over the Seven Seas Lagoon as the best way to go from the TTC to the Magic Kingdom entrance, simply because of the large volume of Guests the boats can hold. Whether you decide on Monorail or Ferryboat, our personal experiences are very similar in timing.

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BUT – the trick that we’ve learned that many of our family and friends never think to look for is the Disney bus service. Did you know that when the Monorail or the Ferryboat is down, Disney will offer bus transportation for TTC Guests to arrive quickly at Magic Kingdom’s gate?

Not only is bus service offered at the TTC during Monorail or Ferryboat downtime, but Disney has also been known to roll out the buses when large crowds are visiting the Disney Park to help alleviate people traffic.

When you enter the Transportation Ticket Center hub, you can either go straight to the Monorail or left to the Ferryboat. But WAIT! Stop for a moment and look to the right. Just past the TTC restrooms, there is a bus loading zone. If the buses are up and running, a Cast Member is usually standing nearby.

Credit: Disney

Our experience is that if you have a chance to ride a TTC bus to Magic Kingdom, the service is MUCH faster than dealing with the Monorail or Ferryboat. The drive is quick and easy and Guests are dropped off right in front of Magic Kingdom.

Next time you drive to Magic Kingdom, look right before making a bee-line directly to the Monorail or Ferry boat. If buses are in the loading zone, this is the fastest and easiest option we’ve personally experienced to get to the Park where all the magic is at!

Heading back to your vehicle after a long day at Magic Kingdom? Don’t forget the Resort Monorail trick. Happy planning your Disney experience!

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