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Quick and Tasty Disney Meals for Busy Park-Goers

Food is an important part of a Walt Disney World vacation. There are hundreds of amazing restaurants throughout the Disney Parks, Disney Resorts, and Disney Springs. Although we love having a good sit down meal while on vacation, sometimes all we need is a quick snack.

While hanging out in the Parks, there are often times when we don’t want or need a large meal. This is when we go looking for those great snacks that can also be a quick meal. We are going to share some of our favorite snacks throughout the four Disney Parks that we like to turn into a meal.

spring roll cart
Credit DisneyDining

Spring Rolls- Adventureland, Magic Kingdom

Located right outside of Adventureland you will find the amazing spring roll cart. Here Guests can choose from two different styles of spring rolls. Typically, the cheeseburger spring roll is on the menu.

This spring roll is a delicious cheeseburger wrapped up in a perfectly crunchy shell. The second flavor often rotates. We have enjoyed the pepperoni spring roll here as well. They come in orders of two and they go quickly. No matter what flavors you choose, these small spring rolls are perfect for a quick meal.

Eight Spoon Cafe
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Baked Macaroni and Cheese- Eight Spoon Cafe, Disney’s Animal Kingdom

If you are a fan of cheesy goodness, make sure to stop by Eight Spoon Cafe in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Located on Discovery Island right next to the Tree of Life, this mac and cheese is full of flavor.

You can add pulled pork or shrimp a lot of times to make it into a great meal option for less.

Colossal Cinnamon Roll- Disney’s Animal Kingdom

If you are in need of a good breakfast item or sweet snack, check out the colossal cinnamon roll at Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery.

The combination of icing, syrup, sweet and cinnamon makes this large cinnamon roll worth the mess it will make.

When in the Magic Kingdom, consider getting a cinnamon roll from Gaston’s. Although this one isn’t Mickey shaped, it is also filled with gooey deliciousness and you can also get extra icing!

Sleepy Hollow Waffles
Credit: Pinterest/TripAdvisor

Sleepy Hollow- Magic Kingdom

One location that provides a variety of great snack ideas is Sleepy Hollow. Found on the way to Liberty Square from the hub, Sleepy Hollow has snacks for every occasion.

In the morning, you can get an iconic Mickey Waffle to enjoy. Try the fruit and Nutella waffle for a little extra magic in your morning.

Later in the day, the chicken waffle has a honey-sriracha glaze with a broccoli slaw that is the perfect combination. These two are delicious and offer the perfect sweet or spicy option depending on our mood and what Disney snack you are looking for that day.

We are thrilled that Sleepy Hollow joined the mobile ordering option as this extremely popular location had long lines throughout the day.

Pop Tart at Woody's Lunch Box
credit: Disneyl

Woody’s Lunchbox- Disney’s Hollywood Studios

A good location in Disney’s Hollywood Studios for a smaller meal is Woody’s Lunchbox back in Toy Story Land.

In the morning, grab a quick lunchbox tart for the perfect breakfast on the go. Find totchos and soup for quick options later in the day. The famous totchos are a fantastic combination of tots (potato barrels in Disney speak), beef, bean chili, shredded cheese, queso, fritos, sour cream and green onions.

Woody’s Lunchbox does get extremely busy so use mobile ordering to skip those long waits.

Chicken Fried Rice, Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes
Credit: Pinterest

Pork Egg Rolls and Chicken Fried Rice- Disney’s Animal Kingdom

For a more savory option, check out Yak & Yeti Local Food Cafes in Animal Kingdom. Here you can get two pork egg rolls or a pint of chicken fried rice. These are outstanding options if you want to turn a savory snack into lunch. The fried rice portion is huge, making it shareable, especially for kids.

Festival of the Holidays
Credit: Disney

EPCOT’s World Showcase

When you are visiting EPCOT, the festival booths are perfect for quick, on the go meals. These kitchens provide small plates that are great for sharing or enjoying solo.

Each booth provides a unique cuisine giving Guests the chance to sample a variety during their visit to EPCOT.

Funnel Cakes- Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We don’t think that normal funnel cakes are a shareable meal; however, the amazing ones found at Epic Eats in Disney’s Hollywood Studios are a game changer.

There are two flavors to choose from, and you can’t go wrong with either. One has strawberry topping and soft-serve vanilla ice cream, or if you are a chocolate fan, you can try the cookies n’ cream option.

Corn Dog Nuggets _ caseys Corner _ Disney World _ Disney Fanatic

Casey’s Corner- Magic Kingdom

When you are in need of a quick meal, look to Casey’s Corner. Order the corn dog nuggets for a quick, on the go snack that everyone can enjoy together.

The corn dog nuggets are a perfect snack while waiting for Happily Ever After or the Festival of Fantasy parade.

Baseline Tap House
Photo Credit: Disney

Baseline Tap House- Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Our last suggestion is going to be different in that this is at a lounge. When visiting Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we loving stopping in at Baseline Tap House for a cool beverage and the giant pretzel or charcuterie board.

This is a nice way to relax get some fuel before continuing on with our day.

There are many excellent restaurants we love at Walt Disney World; however, sometimes a smaller, quick meal is needed. These sweet and savory options are some of our favorite at Disney when we are looking for that meal on the go.


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