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Parents Blamed as Child Trips Up Disney World Parade

There has been an epidemic of bad parenting at the Disney Parks in recent years, but putting both kids and Disney World Cast Members in danger is a sign of a complete loss of control. Something has got to be done.

The Mickey and Walt statue in front of Cinderella's Castle inside Disney's Magic Kingdom at Disney World
Credit: Disney

Dozens of reports of dangerous guest behavior have poured out of Disneyland and the Walt Disney World Resort in recent years, and it’s an unsettling factor that has many dedicated fans retreating from the parks. However, a recent incident might have the fingers all pointing at negligent parents as a child and cast member were both in danger during a parade at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

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Inside the Magic has shared several incidents of neglectful parents at the place where dreams come true, and there has unfortunately been very little in terms of improvement. From allowing kids to run rampant throughout the park with no supervision to outright physically abusing them, some parents are taking the magic out of a Disney trip with their neglect.

Child Nearly Trampled During Disney World Parade


#duet with @rebecalavourasPARENTS!!!!! HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING????? #disney #disney100 #disneyfail

♬ som original – rebecalavouras

@all__thingsdisney recently shared footage of a parade at Hollywood Studios’ Toy Story Land in the TikTok above, and all seems routine until a random kid bolts into the scene. In a misguided attempt to hug Woody’s leg, he nearly sends the character face first into the rest of the performers ahead of him, causing the character to practically trample over him to find his footing.

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From the footage, it doesn’t seem like the child suffered any major injury, but there are far too many ways this could have gone wrong. The young guest could have caused a major fall that would have injured both him and the cast member, or the character performer could have fell and toppled the rest of the parade. Regardless, it could have been a very dangerous accident.

Child wearing Mickey Mouse hat with parents in front of Cinderella Castle at Disney World
Credit: Disney

While it certainly seems like no drastic damage was done, the comment in the descriptor raises the same question most are probably thinking. “Parents, have you learned nothing!?”

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This isn’t the first time parents at Disney have let their children run wild through a theme park, nor is it the first time a parade has been interrupted by an overly excited guest. The cast members and ropes exist for precisely this reason, and yet somehow kids and parents alike are still disrupting the experience for other patrons.

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Incidents like the one reported above prove to be a consistent problem, and it’s only a matter of time before guest negligence or entitlement gets someone critically injured or worse. Disney’s legions of cast members and staff go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a fun and safe time is had by all, but only if visitors follow the rules and parents behave responsibly.

Do you think Disney will soon take action against further behavior like this? 

This post originally appeared on Inside the Magic

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Zach Gass is a writer from East Tennessee with a passion for all things under the Disney name. From Disney history to the careers of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, Zach tries to keep his finger on the pulse of the mouse. While he would certainly love to see the parks around the globe, his home park will always be the Magic Kingdom of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. When he's not rubbing elbows with Mickey, Zach enjoys reading fantasy novels, retro video games, theatre, puppetry, and the films of Tim Burton.

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