The Ultimate WDW Epcot Checklist: 16 Things You Must Do

It’s not easy to prioritize during a Walt Disney World vacation. We all, of course, want to experience every meal, ride, and show that the place has to offer! However, this is not always possible, particularly in the parks. Here are sixteen highlights from Epcot and Epcot’s World Showcase, to help you Disney-goers along!

16) The American Adventure.

It’s wonderful when a vacation offers some extra educational value, and this show offers exactly that! While “The American Adventure” might not be a particularly high-octane attraction, its historical information and overall presentation make it a must in the World Showcase’s America. The building alone is enough motivation!

15) Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros.

This slow-moving ride is located in the World Showcase’s Mexico, providing visitors with a beautiful, colorful, and vibrant setting—not to mention some wonderful company in the form of the Caballeros themselves!

14) Ride the FriendShip Boat.

This ferry may be slow, but with shade and serenity to offer, it is one of the most relaxing—and refreshing—ways to cross the World Showcase.

13) O Canada!

You may think that seeing China’s Circle-Vision film will be enough, but Canada’s film in the World Showcase has its own unique entertainment value. Immerse yourself in Canada’s mountains—and in Martin Short’s jokes!—and allow yourself to leave with a greater appreciation for our neighbor!

12) Marrakesh.

If ever there was a place to eat constantly, the World Showcase is probably it, and this restaurant in Morocco provides visitors with an amazing experience! Whether it’s the flavorful cuisine or the belly dancers, you’ll find yourself truly entertained.

11) Biergarten Restaurant and/or Sommerfest.

There’s just something about the World Showcase’s Germany that makes you want to eat—so have at it! Whether you’re springing for a sit-down meal at the Biergarten Restaurant or getting a quicker snack at Sommerfest’s counter, Germany can offer you plenty of delicious and memorable foods (along with a wonderful miniature replica of a German village)!

10) Reflections of China.

There are many beautiful parts of China, and not all of them can be built into the World Showcase; this Circle-Vision film offers the solution. Prepare yourself for a completely stunning and all-encompassing view of China’s gorgeous landscapes—and for a nice break from the afternoon sun!

9) Spaceship Earth.

This ride is an Epcot signature (after all, it is right inside Epcot’s iconic sphere!) that introduces visitors to the history of technological advances. You may not be a science or technology expert, but this ride is a must for every Disney-goer nonetheless.

8) Serveur Amusant.

Street performances are always worth some extra time at Walt Disney World, and this is very true in the World Showcase. This French acrobatic performance is just as entertaining as its Chinese counterpart—but the two are still very different, so try to see both!

7) Soarin’.

This ride often comes with a long wait—but the wait is indoors, and the ride is worth it! You will literally find yourself soaring over all manner of landscapes—and keep your nose open for the amazing smells that accompany them!

6) SeaBase.

Nature and animals are two gifts that we should always appreciate, and Disney is certainly an enormous proponent of conservation, so SeaBase is indeed a must for any Epcot visitor. Whether you’re admiring fish on your own or developing your child’s interest in aquatic wildlife, this attraction can interest Disney-goers of every age!

5) Ellen’s Energy Adventure.

This unique ride manages to combine film and animatronics, taking the viewer on a journey with Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye the Science Guy. With a wonderful movie cast, a stunning set for the ride portion, and Ellen’s trademark humor, this attraction is the definition of a crowd-pleaser!

4) Chefs de France.

France is known for its food, and Disney once again proves its commitment to authenticity by bringing that same signature French cuisine to Disney’s visitors in the World Showcase. Duck, cheese, wine—indulge in whatever you like while you are at this restaurant! Just make some reservations in advance.

3) Living With The Land.

In a time where climate change and conservation are such crucial issues, it really is important to experience this educational and intriguing boat ride. The boat ride is indoors for the most part, and Disney-goers are exposed not only to Disney’s eco-friendly practices but also to sustainability techniques overall.

2) Jeweled Dragon Acrobats.

These acrobats are as impressive in action as they are in appearance, and the amazing setting in China makes their feats all the more awe-inspiring! Feel free to leave some extra space in your schedule, so that you can stop and enjoy the entire performance on your walk around the World.

1) IllumiNations:

Reflections of Earth. One of the best things about the World Showcase is its circular shape; there are countless viewing spots for this mesmerizing fireworks spectacle! If you do not come back to Epcot at night just for this show, you should still come back after dark anyway; the World Showcase is a particularly thrilling place in the evening.

Picking just sixteen “must-do” experiences for the average Epcot visitor is certainly not easy, especially since Disney continues to work on improving itself with additions like Frozen Ever After. This new Norwegian ride will replace the enchantingly dark Maelstrom and is not going to be open until late June, but if the movie’s success has been any indication, then this ride will probably be number seventeen!

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