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8 Things You Should Know When It Rains At Magic Kingdom

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You’ve been anticipating, planning, and dreaming of the perfect Magic Kingdom day. Then the clouds start to roll in and threaten the magic…or do they? Here’s what you need to know about rainy days in the Magic Kingdom…

8. It’s Short – Afternoon showers in central Florida are common, but usually short-lived. It’s pretty typical to have a sunny morning, a little drizzle in the afternoon, and a cloudless evening. The exception might be hurricane season (late summer/early fall), where downpours can be heavier and last longer even if there’s not an official hurricane. Of course it’s always best to check your weather app for the latest forecast.

7. Ponchos For Sale – Rather than pack a bulky rain jacket, most people opt for a lightweight poncho. It’s most cost efficient to purchase a poncho at your local dollar store and bring it in your park bag – just in case. An unused poncho is hardly bigger than a pack of travel tissues, so it’s not a hassle to bring along. (You may want to bring a quart-sized ziplock bag though; after a rain you will need a way to carry the poncho, and folding it up to original size is nearly impossible.) If you get caught without a poncho, the Magic Kingdom has them for sale – at a premium though, of course.

6. Shutdowns Possible – If lightning strikes within ten miles of the park, it is Disney policy for all outdoor rides to be shut down. In the Magic Kingdom this includes Thunder Mountain, Splash Mountain, Jungle Cruise, Seven Dwarves Mine Train, Dumbo, Barnstormer, Tomorrowland Speedway, etc. Basically, if any part of the ride is exposed to the elements it will be shut down until the lightning passes. In addition, outdoor shows, parades, and fireworks will be postponed or cancelled. Use the My Disney Experience app if you are wondering which rides are temporarily closed.

5. Rain or Shine Rides – However, don’t let lightning scare you away! There are plenty of indoor options at the Magic Kingdom. Haunted Mansion, its a Small World, Pirates of the Caribbean, Space Mountain, Under the Sea, Peter Pan’s Flight, Winnie the Pooh, etc. will all remain operable. Again, the app – and/or cast members – can be your guide to what is available.

4. Shows in the Dry – Rain can be a perfect time to enjoy an indoor show that may not be tippy-top of your list, since it gives the storm a chance to blow over. Check out Enchanted Tales with Belle, Philharmagic, The Tiki Room, The Carousel of Progress, Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor or the Hall of Presidents.

3. Shop and Eat – If lightning strikes or rain pours, it might be a great chance to take a break in one of the many shops or restaurants. There have been many times when my family has taken a cue from the weather that an early lunch or a mid-afternoon snack is in order. If you can make it to Main Street U.S.A. you won’t have any lack of options. The stores are interconnected making browsing a breeze and snacking a snap.

2. Soggy Fun – If there’s no lightning and you’ve got your ponchos, the Magic Kingdom can actually be really fun in the rain. The park tends to thin out making wait times decrease. The sun is not so hot. And if you get super wet, well, just go with the flow. Live it up in Casey Jr’s or ride Splash Mountain again and again…you’re wet anyways, right? 😉

1. Ask and Watch – If you’ve been experiencing lightning induced shutdowns and you sense that the storm is lifting, you may want to head towards a popular ride. Watch the entrance for signs of re-opening and ask your friendly cast member for any updates. If you time it right, you could walk right on – no Fast Pass needed!

With a few minor rain adjustments, the magic can certainly continue at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

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