EPCOT “Makes Guests Sad” with Potentially Dangerous Conditions

As EPCOT ages, some guests claim dangerous conditions are prevalent within the famous park.

Guests to Walt Disney World can take a lot of work to please. Often, they’re entitled and picky, finding just about anything wrong they can to gripe and complain about. Loyal Disney World fans of parks like EPCOT often find themselves wishing for the “good old days” when considering what the continuously evolving parks offer.

figment, epcot's spaceship earth in the background
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Although EPCOT remains one of the premiere park destinations in the United States, loyal fans of the park recall a simpler time when attractions like Horizons and World of Motion were the creme of the crop. Many of those same fans have no issue voicing their displeasure over what EPCOT has become in the last decade.

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Although EPCOT, the Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, was originally Walt Disney’s idea, it wouldn’t come to fruition until after his death. Instead of a living, working, and thriving community dedicated to technological advancement, it became a theme park instead.

epcot's spaceship earth struck by lihgtning
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Opening in 1982, the second of Walt Disney World’s four main theme parks would treat guests to now-outdated features of futuristic ideas and innovation and serve as an educational offering to Disney World visitors.

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Although EPCOT has changed much over the last few decades, the park still features many vibes that encompass its original purpose. Guests can visit the second-largest aquarium in the United States at World Nature, blast off on Mission Space (motion sickness and all) at World Discovery, and, of course, “drink around the world” at the World Showcase.

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Despite seeing the death or replacement of popular attractions like Maelstrom, which is now Frozen Ever After, Body Wars, and Innoventions, EPCOT, with its cultural significance surrounding food and beverage, combined with its very own festival circuit, remains a high priority for guests visiting Walt Disney World.

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Although Disney has gone to great lengths to create new and exciting attractions offerings to guests, including Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, many who remember EPCOT in her “glory days” struggle regarding the current state of changes that the popular park is undertaking.

EPCOT in Walt Disney World Resort
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Spaceship Earth is still there, welcoming guests to Disney World with its giant “golfball” like structure; Test Track still allows guests to build their own futuristic car model, and Figment is still promoting imaginative play at the Imagination Building, but the inclusion of Moana and Journey of Water, as well as other plans to finish their World Celebration project, have guests impatient with change at EPCOT.

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In addition, some guests feel that Disney World isn’t doing enough to salvage the remnants of EPCOT’s heyday in the 80s and 90s. Although you’ll find well-manicured landscapes and beautifully designed pavilions around the World Showcase, some guests have pointed out that older attractions at EPCOT are starting to look their age.

United Kingdom Wedding EPCOT Night
Credit: Disney Weddings

One user to Reddit, u/ VoltyMcVolt, didn’t hold back when discussing their recent visit to EPCOT and how the park and Cast Members failed to meet their expectations and live up to Disney World’s famed customer service and satisfaction standard.

Citing that the current state of EPCOT makes them “sad now,” the original poster to the r/WaltDisneyWorld thread brought a laundry list of issues to the table. Claiming that all of the “old stuff” at EPCOT is practically “falling apart,” the user voiced their displeasure with their EPCOT experience loudly for all social media users to hear.

Epcot makes me sad now
byu/VoltyMcVolt inWaltDisneyWorld

What makes this post credible are personal accounts. We’ve written plenty of material regarding the upkeep of Disney World parks, including EPCOT. I’ve noticed similar issues with the current state of things at EPCOT as well. Things are falling apart, they’re dirty, or they don’t work correctly, a problem, which sadly, has become the norm at Walt Disney World.

Most interestingly, among the claims of chipping paint, dirt, and scuffs was the claim of exposed wiring from a light fixture near Future World West. Assuming the claim is correct, it is highly concerning that there would be any type of electrical exposure at EPCOT that could potentially put guests at risk of shock.

EPCOT Spaceship Earth
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Even more concerning, among worries of being bullied by loyal Disney World fans, the poster went on to explain that there were extreme difficulties in resolving these issues when discussing them with Cast Members. In fact, it seems that the CM had trouble understanding the terminology “Imagination Pavilion,” which we all know houses Figment.

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Other issues of note were flicking issues at Spaceship Earth, “replace bulb” warnings on interactive screens in the same attraction, and a general “who cares” attitude reported from Cast Members regarding the failing park systems and attractions.

EPCOT Morocco Pavilion
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Respondents were surprisingly supported of the post. Many cited their own experiences and issues regarding EPCOT and its current state, while others encouraged the author of the post to submit their displeasure in the form of formal complaints and survey responses, as they hope to affect change within.

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Another common theme among the answers to the Reddit posting was the nostalgic longing for EPCOT of old. Many stated that they “miss the days” when EPCOT cared. Other recent guests seconded the validity of the complaints, citing that Disney World as a whole has “gone down hill” in terms of their standards and expectations. Many commented regarding the condition of attractions, ride vehicles, sets, and so on, with one guest even recalling that due to deteriorating conditions, they may just “skip Disney next year” for Universal Studios instead.

Thunderbirds EPCOT
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So, what have your recent experiences at Walt Disney World been like? have you noticed simliar issues at parks like EPCOT? Do you think Disney has relaxed their personal standards of cleanliness and efficiency?

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