How To Do A Disney Trip For 2 Costing Only $2,200

Is it time for a Disney getaway? Enjoying a Disney vacation with your special someone can be romantic and fun, and it definitely doesn’t have to break the bank.

Before we begin, there are two things you should know. First, to make the most of your time and money, you should try to go during the off-season when rates are lower, lines are shorter, and weather is cooler. February is my favorite time of year for Disney, so that is what my pricing is based on. Plus – Valentine’s Day – perfect! Other great times include May, September, and early November. Second, this budget obviously does not include transportation to Walt Disney World, so be sure to take that into account when planning. Now let’s get started…

Step One: Choose a Resort

If it’s a getaway you’re after, then I’d go for a moderate or even a deluxe resort. With prices around $370 a night for Old Key West and Saratoga Springs, you can get some great amenities without entirely busting your budget. (Bonus: If there’s a deluxe resort undergoing modifications, you can get a room for less than moderate. Right now, Wilderness Lodge is in the low $300’s!) At that price, let’s plan to stay for three nights/four days putting the cost a little over $1100.

Step Two: Choose Tickets

If you’re staying for three nights, I would say that a two day pass is your best bet. Then you have two days to enjoy your hotel and other Disney sites. Going through the Disney site directly (or through an Authorized Disney Representative) you can package your room and tickets together. Using the suggested resorts above, you can get a room and two days in the parks for less than $1600. Because you’re only doing two days, you may want to consider adding the hopper option so you can go to more than one park a day. Theoretically you could see all four parks that way, though you’d really have to be on your toes. Let’s add the hopper for our planning purposes, putting our total so far around $1700.

Step Three: Choose Your Dining Plan

If it’s just the two of you, getting reservations for some pretty great restaurants during off-season shouldn’t be too stressful. Depending on your getaway desires, you should weigh the option of getting a dining plan through Disney. I’d recommend thinking through how many fancy sit-down dinners you’d like, verses how many quick meals you’ll need. If you look through menus and estimate your costs, you may find that you’d end up doing better by just paying for each meal individually, especially since the regular dining plan does not include alcoholic beverages. However, for our planning purposes, lets add on a regular Dining Plan, which will afford you 1 table service credit, 1 counter service credit, 1 snack, and 1 refillable drink mug for each night of your stay. Adding that to our package puts our grand total around $2000.

Step Four: Other Choices

With $200 left in the budget to play with, there are a variety of other options you could add to your Disney getaway. How about a massage at one of the on-property spas? A round of golf or a trip to one of the water parks may be a great way to spend one of your non-park days. Adding a special event like a behind-the-scenes tour or the Wishes Dessert Party could add extra magic. Or tickets to La Nouba could make a great non-park date night. Oh the choices! Of course, you could always just use that extra cash for cute souvenirs too!

There you go – a four day getaway for two for $2200 or LESS! Obviously, you could choose to stay longer at a lower-priced resort or stay fewer nights with deluxe accommodations. Put your own spin on this plan to make it the best it can be for you and your special someone. May all your dreams come true!

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