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Disney Packing Tips: Top Items You Are Forgetting to Pack

Your Disney packing list for Walt Disney World might be pages long. This is especially true if you have little ones to pack for. Even with your list, there are a few things that we see people need to remember to pack. Although these items won’t be the end of the world if you forget them, they make your trip much more manageable.

We have the top items you must pack for your Walt Disney World vacation. By sharing these items with you now, you can ensure they are tossed into your suitcase before you head out.

chaffing stick
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Chafing Sticks and Shorts

Over the years, we have learned that having chafing sticks with us at Walt Disney World is extremely important. The combination of heat, humidity, and walking can cause things to rub. By having a chafing stick on hand, you can easily apply the stick throughout the day to help prevent the chafing from becoming more of an issue.

Ladies, consider looking into chafing shorts. If you plan to wear skirts or dresses in Disney Park, consider investing in chafing shorts. Having these on hand can allow you to keep everything covered as you get in and out of rides and prevent chafing.

You don’t want to feel uncomfortable as you walk around a Disney Park, and I have learned throughout our trips that these two items can be beneficial. If you haven’t been to Disney or walked a lot in the heat and humidity, you might not think to have these items on hand. They will be a game changer!

portable fan
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Individual Fans

This might seem excessive, but packing individual fans is well worth it. While standing in line or outside waiting for the parade, fans can make a huge difference in your comfort. Having some air movement around you while you wait can be extremely helpful.

There are a variety of portable fans on Amazon, but we highly recommend looking at those fans that are rechargeable. This makes it easier than worrying about having extra batteries along with you. Just make sure you plug them in at the end of the day so they are ready the next morning.



Yes, you are reading that right. Bubbles are something that you probably didn’t know you were going to need in Walt Disney World. As you visit Disney Parks, you will see Cast Members with bubble wands. If you have little ones, be prepared for this to be their number one request.

We recommend getting it early because it will keep them entertained for hours. The downside of the wands, though, is that the bubbles run out quickly. Be prepared for this by having extra bubbles. Consider bringing some with you from the Dollar Store or having some delivered with your groceries to your Disney Resort.

Keeping that bubble wand full of magic will save you money and meltdowns throughout your vacation.

Ziplock Bags


As you are packing for your trip, toss a few different-sized Ziploc bags into your suitcase. These come in handy throughout a trip to Walt Disney World. You might need to pack up a snack that can’t be finished or toss in some extra clothes for the Park. We also use them when things get wet from splash areas in the Parks or after rain storms. From small snack sizes to larger gallon sizes, having a few Ziploc bags on hand is helpful. Toss them in your Park bag so you have them when needed.


If you enjoy your drinks with straws, you might consider purchasing a reusable one for your trip. Walt Disney World now only offers paper straws; while we appreciate their mission, we hate them. We find that paper straws are especially difficult for frozen drinks. Little ones also have difficulty with paper straws because they chew on them. Invest in a few reusable ones so everyone can enjoy their drinks without frustration.


Another item that you probably need to think about packing is silverware. If you are planning on enjoying the festivals at EPCOT, having your silverware can be extremely helpful. Disney’s plastic ones aren’t meant to cut or stab food well. By having your own on hand, you can easily share with others.

Silverware can also be helpful with little ones. If you need to cut up chicken nuggets into smaller pieces or grapes into bite-size pieces, having your silverware makes this a lot easier.

Disney Park Bag
Credit: Disney

Extra Bag

You will probably go home with more than you arrived at Walt Disney World. You have to consider souvenirs when packing, even before you leave home.

If you stuff your suitcases completely when leaving for Walt Disney World, there won’t be any room for souvenirs on the way home. To help with this, consider tossing in an extra small duffle bag to transport items home.

credit: Amazon

Glow Sticks

Another fun item to bring for kids is glow sticks. These are great to have during evening shows. From necklaces to bracelets and everything in between, stop by your dollar store to stock up and have a great time during those evening shows at Disney.

Packing for Walt Disney World can be stressful and overwhelming. Even with the perfect Walt Disney World packing list, you are bound to need to remember something. We hope that by sharing these top items you might be forgetting, you can get them tossed into your suitcase before you leave.

If you forget something for your Disney vacation, you can have items delivered to your Disney Resort. This can take a lot of the packing stress off of you.

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Jennifer Retzlaff

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