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Boy Decides to Get Out of Splash Mountain Boat

It’s a beautiful day at Disney and the magic is in full force! Of course, sometimes the magic is put on pause when a ride breaks down… and well, in this case, when a boy decides to get out of the boat.

Splash mountain
Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom Park

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Splash Mountain is currently closed for refurbishment at Walt Disney World Resort through February 10, 2022, for “routine maintenance”. While Disney has yet to announce when Splash Mountain will officially drop Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox and be rethemed to a Princess and the Frog theme, we do know it’s coming. But, currently, Splash Mountain at Disneyland Resort is trending for a different reason, as a young Guest decided to get out of the Splash Mountain ride vehicle.

Splash Mountain
Splash Mountain

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If there is one “How To Disney” advice we can share, it’s NOT to get out of the Disney attraction vehicles. It’s not safe and definitely not allowed. We’ve seen an incident where a lady visiting EPCOT’s Living With the Land attraction decided to jump out of the boat to grab a cucumber. Not a wise move by any means.

And in this video, this little guy seems to have had enough of waiting in his seat. The video was posted by @magicallytanna via TikTok. With currently 3.4 million views, it’s gone viral as Disney fans comment on the incident. The video notes, “We got stuck on Splash Mountain and this kid got out and refuses to get back in his boat. Can you hear his parents yelling at him behind us?”

Check out the video below or you’ll find it here:

While the person that posted the video didn’t follow up with what happened as a result in Splash Mountain’s Critter Country, other comments said yes, the child did get back in the boat and everyone was escorted off the attraction once the ride vehicle began moving once again.

Have you ever seen an odd incident like this at the Disney Parks? Let us know in the comments!

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